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2 Giunti International Division CONTACTS: LeeAnn Bortolussi International Foreign Rights Manager Cristina Zangrandi Foreign Rights, Children s titles Valentina Mazza Foreign Rights, Adult titles Tiziana Geminiani Contracts & Licenses, Children s titles Brunella Tiso Contracts & Licenses, Adult titles Mailing Address: Giunti Editore - International Division Via G.B. Pirelli, Milano Tel

3 CREATIVE IDEAS 3 li bene: sono fatti all uncinetto rendenti, coloratissimi dolcetti tutte le occasioni e tutti i gusti! pitos, macarons, zuccotti, ccolato, lollipops, biscottini decorati, iwi e alla fragola, muffin, cannoli, na, crostata alla crema e frutta, i di bosco, minipanettoni, uova decorate, npepato, torta della Foresta Nera, piani, wedding cake e wonky cake. etto grafico di copertina di Cinzia Chiari : Archivio Giunti/Andrea Fantauzzo CAKE DESIGN Modern Creativity all uncinetto Fili di tutti i colori, un po di pazienza, tanta allegria e un tocco di fantasia: ecco gli ingredienti dei dolcetti all uncinetto belli e invitanti... come quelli veri! Softcover with flaps cm 18 x 18 pp. 108 / N e 9,90 Graziana Materassi BABY DESIGN all uncinetto NEW! BABY DESIGN Wilma Strabello all uncinetto Graziana Materassi Crochet Baby Design Tutte le indicazioni per realizzare Wool giro dopo Baby giro cakes Hats all uncinetto & Shoes tanto perfetti da sembrare veri. Baby Design all uncinetto Cappellini Gli approfondimenti con e scarpette le spiegazioni di lana illustrate dei punti più difficili, per sapere sempre cosa fare. 20 models in colorful wool to brighten up the winter days. From the classics (strawberry, frog, knight, lion) to more Se vi viene voglia di dolcetti veri, unconventional una selezione di ricette subjects like penguin, panda, pumpkin, per prepararli a casa! blackberry, owl, little pig. Beautiful hats, shoes, legwarmers and neck warmers to warm your children! 63147W Come and discover a universe of fantastic ideas and new projects, as modern creativity knows no limits. Graziana Materassi Crochet Baby Design Cotton Baby Hats & Shoes Baby design all uncinetto All of the instructions to make crochet hats and booties in soft cotton for babies. Caps, shoes, sandals and flipflops with different designs: strawberry, frog, cat, mimosa, mouse, bee, pineapple, elf owl, eggplant, duck, pig, apple, cockerel, thrush, ladybug and many elegant flowers. With a handy table to extend sizes and obtain the perfect fit B / Wilma Strabello Crochet Cupcakes Cake design all uncinetto Cake design leaves the kitchen and takes over art and craft! With the help of this book, you ll become expert at crochet and create many delightful and amusing containers in the shape of cupcakes and other delicious desserts, which in turn will make precious gifts for you and your friends. If all these cotton and woollen cakes have whetted your appetite, you can always down your crochet needle and turn to the back of the book, where you ll find terrific recipes to bake real cupcakes, macaroons and other sweet treats N / NEW! Wilma Strabello Crochet Bijoux Design Design bijoux all uncinetto Your favourite sweets and freshest fruits are transformed into real jewels! Elegant, original, fun, surprising, and really colourful: must-have accessories for every wardrobe! Crocheted jewels are always perfect! 61813Y / UPCOMING Graziana Materassi Vesitini per cani MARCHIO B Graziana Materassi Crochet design for Dogs Vestitini per cani 10 beautiful dress designs: rainbow coloured for the most informal; padded against the cold; sober for feeling comfortable at the most important occasions; with a comfortable ring collar or pretty decorations that can be personalised with initials and a wonderful Christmas design. The volume is completed with an alphabet of knitting stitches, instructions to make a coordinated plastic bag carrier and a neck warmer for breeds like the Great Dane. Each pattern can be adapted to all sizes thanks to a practical size scale for altering the length and circumference to suit the dog s body, for female and male dogs P

4 4 CREATIVE IDEAS DonnaRita s World Softcover cm 18,5x24,5 Maria Rita Machiavelli created about 20 years ago the Italian style of art & crafts manuals, intercepting international trends and the needs of the public. Today she has become Donnarita, a real brand from the web, to books and TV, too. The creations have a unique style, the DonnaRita style, that picks up international trends, reinterpreting them through classic techniques with a sensitivity for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. NEW! Maria Rita Macchiavelli IDEE PER DECORARE LA CASA LE IDEE DI DOnnA RItA > > < Maria Rita Macchiavelli Ideas from DonnaRita. Decorating the house with fresh flowers Le idee di DonnaRita. Decorare la casa con i fiori freschi Suggestions from Donnarita for 30 original projects for fresh flower compositions to brighten up the house making it unique for every occasion: whether these by special or family, formal or informal; also for different kind of dinner evenings - ethnic, romantic and business. For every occasion Donnarita proposes original compositions, entirely made by hand; original pot decorations and flower containers using everyday objects, making them a part of the creation itself R / pp. 128 / 12,90 Maria Rita Macchiavelli Ideas for decorating the house Idee per decorare la casa Lots of projects and different techniques to make every corner of the house unique. Coloured frames, decorated plates, printed fabrics and suggestions about how to use washi tape to decorate trays, walls and various surfaces in over 30 exciting creations. pp. 140 / 14,90 Maria Rita Machiavelli has over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry specializing in decor and DIY. A prolif ic author of books, manuals and part-works, she directed the famous art & crafts collection of Fabbri. Maria Rita Macchiavelli IDEE PER LE feste E IL GUARDAROBA LE IDEE DI DOnnA RItA > > < Maria Rita Macchiavelli Ideas for your wardrobe and parties Idee per il guardaroba e le feste Refreshing the items in your wardrobe you are most attached to is gratifying and great fun. Here you ll find 18 irresistible proposals for changing look and being fashionable, accompanied by 10 ideas for dressing for parties and special occasions with fresh and original ideas. pp. 100 / 10,90 My Jewellery Marisa Lupato My Ethnic Jewels I miei gioielli etnici Various formats Spiral bound editions / cm 13.5 x 19 pp. 128 / 92245S / With their clear step-by-step instructions and handy tips, these practical manuals teach readers how to create the most unusual pieces of jewellery: from ethnic bangles to ancient jewellery, from oriental art to Swarovski crystals and Venetian glass beads. Marisa Lupato All About Jewellery Tutto gioielli Softcover editions with flaps cm 19.5 x 19.5 / 89925R / / 16.50

5 CREATIVE IDEAS 5 Mission Beauty Lucia Bacciottini Beauty Planner 10 Well Balanced and Personalized Diets Beauty Planner 10 diete al femminile efficaci ed equilibrate Spiral Hardcover / cm 17x24, collecting the many requests coming from her clients to get back into shape, has identified 10 diet types for all year round. This handbook is a sort of healthy diary where every day one will find tips, recipes and useful information about health and food. Dedicated to women who would like to lose weight and feel better about themselves. pp. 118 / 60932W / / Nail Box Nail Box Nail art is the trend of the moment. An innovative packaging that you can carry in your bag, with everything you need for a perfect creative manicure. In the kit: a booklet with 15 original designs explained step-by-step, an essential guide to the tools and techniques and many tips for the natural care of your hands. Plus 6 colorful nail files and over 40 nail tattoos. Box with softcover book + 3 sheets of nail tattoos and 6 nail files cm 11 x 8 / pp. 48 / 61147A / / 9.90 Monica ed Eva Balli Wedding Planner A Dream of a Wedding Il tuo matrimonio da sogno! Learn how to organise a fabulous wedding yourself without wasting time, energy or money, simply by referring to this precious manual. This comprehensive guide features handy advice, clear examples, step-by-step instructions and spreadsheets for you to fill in to keep tabs of every aspect of the planning, from preparation, to the ceremony and reception. You ll also find business card holders, detachable note sheets, PVC envelopes and pocket dividers to keep everything in order and to make you the perfect wedding planner! pp. 128 / 57910V / / 19.90

6 6 CREATIVE IDEAS Letizia Cafasso, Sandro Russo Make Your Life Easier: 91 Great Ideas for Every Day Il libro che ti semplifica la vita The book that makes your life easier contains 91 brilliant ideas, rigorously tested and verified, for which one needs a few, cheap and often recycled, materials and no special manual dexterity. Each solution is presented in an absolutely comprehensible chart: clear and simple explanations with step by step directions and fullpage photos. Hardcover with Jacket / cm 15 x 21,5 / 61377F / / pp. 160 / 12,90 All About Tips and Secrets for Your House 101 consigli e segreti per la casa 88227V / / pp. 384 All About Christmas Ideas, Ambience, Recipes Tutto Natale Idee, atmosfere, ricette 93876S / Patrizia Rognoni All About Your Home 1000 Tips for Survival Tutto casa 1000 consigli di sopravvivenza Dutch binding cm 12 x 16.5 / 55649N / pp. 512 / Marisa Lupato All About Découpage Materials, Tools, Models, Basic and Advanced Techniques Tutto découpage Materiali, strumenti, modelli, tecniche di base e avanzate cm 19.5 x 19.5 / 80670E / pp. 336 / 18.50

7 SPARE TIME 7 NEW! Calligraphy Softcover / 14.5 x 19.5 cm / pp C / 19,90 (in boxed set) Barbara Calzolari, Alessandro Salice Calligraphy From Pencil to Brush: a Journey by Fine Point Calligrafia Dalla matita al pennello. Un viaggio in punta sottile A complete course for studying calligraphy and using it with examples on a scale of 1:1 and indications that are both original and easy to follow. Barbara Calzolari is one of the foremost authors and artists who practices calligraphy. She is known in many countries and has recently held workshops in the United States, and in the UK. Her new title is the first volume to propose all examples and steps in 1:1 scale; in this way, the reader sees exactly how the results should be. Guitar Softcover with spiral binding / cm 21 x C / pp. 128 / 9,90 F. BIGNOTTO CORSO DI CHITARRA NEW! Franco Bignotto CORSO DI CHITARRA fondamenti tecnica accordi facili melodie Franco Bignotto Guitar Course Rudiments - technique - chords easy melodies Corso di chitarra Fondamenti - tecnica - accordi - facili melodie A synthetic manual for the beginner guitar player; rules and progressive exercises that enable you to quickly acquire familiarity with the instrument. The example and advice mark out a learning pathway that is straightforward to follow and consolidate. Lesson by lesson, the student will feel satisfied with his progress and encouraged to continue, and is also supported by a CD. Franco Bignotto, a very well-known name in his field, over decades of teaching experience he has matured an efficient self-study method of basic skills playing the principal instruments. He is the author of popular publications for the most important music publishing houses. con CD audio

8 ISBN J manua le o raulic dell id obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono Nozioni di base Attrezzatura e materiali Elementi di un impianto Piccole riparazioni Nozioni di base Problemi, guasti e soluzioni Controlli periodici e riparazioni ISBN ,90 The Bricklayer Manual A Foto di copertina: Archivio Giunti 9, D Foto di copertina: oehm2007/fotolia (grande); electriceye/fotolia (piccola) An extremely useful series of titles for all those men and indeed women who like to have a go at tackling all those little, and not so little, DIY projects in the home. Keep those useful reference manuals to hand and plumbing, electrics, masonry and carpentry will hold no secrets for you. le ista lettric dell e ISBN Foto di copertina: irin-k/veer manua obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono Nozioni di base Attrezzatura e materiali Progetti e realizzazioni Rifniture Manuale dell idraulico Manuale dell elettricista Manuale del muratore le 09:38 The Plumber Manual 58115D / A / :37 Manuale dell elettricista 58114J / The Electrician Manual Manuale del muratore 9,90 09:38 Manuale dell idraulico etta bicicl i della vuole per ch no e nuale nte e a me ziona Un ma rio far nte fun ò prop altrui. ttame non pu mani perfe re da nerla enti ara qu nte rip fre ma farla asti più ndo di davvero lli, i gu evita le cessori i mode gli ac uno sti I divers ni, in : he arazio egni, riodic e le rip da dis oni pe o isi hit lte rev arricc racco utili, le tetico ecco i elle, o e sin sabil chiar e tab ispen i ind schemi nare ion ag o, az fot orm e guad le inf avrà naro tutte a non iare de iclett parm la bic per ris ione: az isf in sodd greti! più se manua le me legna del fa obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono Nozioni di base Attrezzatura e materiali Piccole riparazioni Realizzazioni ISBN W Foto di copertina: Helen King/Corbis q lle, mo piastre Nozioni di base Attrezzatura e materiali Progetti e realizzazioni MARCHIO A MARCHIO B Rifiniture ISBN , J Foto di copertina: Olga Popova/Fotolia 9,90 How to Repair Your Bike The Carpenter Manual Fai da te 86842F / / 8.90 te i e tan, schem uire gliate costr i detta are e e azion bello progett Spieg i per dere azion ò ren verde, illustr che pu golo le. o an li ciò bienta vostr da so am il rio ti, nale quilib pergola funzio dell e ti, a ret vi gn mu gnati all inse riere, impe lavori ne, fio n, un Fonta anche ino ze o giard ue, ma un ec pa rb ca nn ba come i, un ficanti nque gioch alu ea e grati qu ar are te, tto, un sform glien laghe a tra o, acco. ranno relax azio viv riusci nto di uno sp in me ino mo davvero giard r ogni i sarà tto pe i sogn perfe i vostr zzare zi! ali az Re rag co da un gio obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono The Complete Do-ItYourself Encyclopedia Enciclopedia completa del fai da te Foto di copertina: courtesy Tartaruga di Pircher pp. 448 / 58105F / / gnato bile se un mo in un arlo ivere sform far riv Come me tra Come nale?? po? Co e origi dotta dal tem malri derno sedia con tto mo iega cchia ogge ve sp a re un step, che vi ripara p by nuale ste ma, di un ezza ricco Ecco chiar tauro: ità e res lic niche l semp eti de i, le tec per terial i segr ssari tutti sui ma ti nece i utili zioni imen era rg consigl co op ac i e le are, se, gli difficil ernici di ba ni più.. rà a sv arazio egne ccare. le rip, vi ins re, stu licate i per teggia più de lire, tin sorpres ente re, pu à! lucida cevolm abilit rete pia la vostra ste Re per ati e i risult ge rdino in gia Attrezzature e materiali MARCHIO A MARCHIO B Nozioni di base Vialetti, fioriere e pergolati Interventi e progetti obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono ISBN B 9,90 Tiles, Carpets and Wooden Flooring Pavimenti piastrelle, moquette e parquet 57031J / W / bricola 11:43 Floors Manutenzione della bicicletta Manuale del falegname ttricità, idraulica, ele meria muratura, ura, falegna iat gg te tin entuiet rq pauveittm e e pa 13/11/12 11:27 pleta del Nozioni di base Problemi, guasti MARCHIO A e soluzioni Controlli periodici e riparazioni obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono ,90 1 dia com Enciclope ne enzio manut a t t e icicl della b MARCHIO B ISBN P ra. ll ope tà de e è a me ografi ncia di fot e n comi ricco per fas Chi be nuale fase per un ma stra arie Ecco e illu necess ni ch, in eg ni rte e dis erazio ola d a le op tante o a reg or do tutte lav ren lici ere un ino, off semp otten giard più in lle sità. come li, da casa mples igina rta co re i ioni or a ce posa soluz e a di un elle parar senza a qu che im entazione ande rirete vim gr op Sc di pa è una i tipi nico iente! tec en divers nv a un ero co rere davv ricor ione isfaz sodd obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono Foto di copertina: Silvano Rebai/Fotolia Pavimenti, piastrelle... o, mplet ale co te manu cinan i un affas per vo sono ato all Ecco dedic. Quali no, meria mente egna di leg i intera fal tip vari o della torio, e dei mond labora istich un ter uni a rte alc le carat anizz ola d a si org tutti a reg come casa: zare gli per la realiz li re me uti ita co lto per ev p by etti mo ssari e ste prog ce ed ne igli con sch trucioli e i cons muni nsili, ni più co i e ute proprie ma errori color le n Fra ante, co atific step. vita rà gr a, dar no sa segatur in leg ente! getti a og divert e omico econ Manutenzione della bicicletta Manuale del falegname interamnete a ato all dedic leto, e della comp razion nuale ni di a deco Un ma a e all erazio i i op giatur ne de mplic tinteg zio se i lizza dalle matic a rea casa, ra all ti cro e ncatu rati contras imbia da pa ticati per carta sofis cchi più sa di i e e tru a po tod all ich cn fino rte, me re a. Te zzeri ita ola d a ev reg r tappe a igli pe te ncare i, cons e a tan imbia ur iem ci e sic ni ins ranno effica comu guide più vi i p or elli: penn gli err by ste lori e step rà lli, co sa sa schede di ru di ca ndo reti ente! nel mo le pa divert ico e rmare onom trasfo ec te, fican grati re restaura e li mobi riparare Nozioni di base Materiali e tecniche MARCHIO A MARCHIO B Lucidare, pulire e verniciare Cura e riparazioni obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono 9,90 Garden DIY Bricolage in giardino 57030B / ino ianch b m i ll de MARCHIO B Stili e tecniche Rifiniture MARCHIO A Imbiancare e decorare le pareti, le porte e gli infissi A le manua ISBN ISBN Foto di copertina: Corbis (grande) Paul Maguire/Veer (piccola) Manuale dell imbianchino a li manua e i, foto, schem ino gliate da vic i detta scere azion arare cono Spieg i per ngo, rip zza azion casali sicure illustr aulico ia e la nto idr om o pia ton l im megli a au re al mplet e degli ettua in co menti ti, eቷ, guas cordi gli ele vari ne de i ai rac ori, tenzio lat Dai tub manu estici. ai misce om tti, ciò od ine tutto elettr ai rub rete re tore, trove ettua al conta iglie, ter eቷ astov ni di per po zio ere alla lav ripara da sap e e lico! che c è ttatur idrau vero re, ቸle me un giuntu za, co en emerg re urato del m obby a! é gli h Perch na cosa seri u sono Softcover editions cm 17 x 24 pp. 96 / 9.90 ori li lav i picco nto rti de l impia cupa rdano ce oc co di Ti pia e rigua nuale ric ghi ch fase un ma stra casalin e illu? Ecco ch ico pere egni elettr da sa e dis raቸe che c è ico della og ciò fot to ttr di e tut nto ele zioni per fas re l impia no : ni ezza sti a sicur ecauzio per ge lut pr, so re e in as cessari getta casa zi ne r pro ianto, attrez igli pe base ll imp, cons nti de. ottare na me ad ter ele da es vari a ed lare i intern instal ne zio mina di illu Restaurare e riparare mobili r a hobbies and diy Bricolage in giardino n a, ni? matto rete di? Come una pa lizza gesso si rea me si carton Come a? Co ara il strell ale si rip a pia manu Come sce un o un lta Ecc stitui mo so si ento? ità e ti il cem mplic i segre n se tratta tutti a co step, spieg base, che ni di p by zio ste, no he : ezza tecnic ratura chiar in mu iali e ori ter tele dei lav su ma ti e cau e imen i utili ate igl org lic ns acc de co ione, utili e struz i più di co uzion costr per le ancora. ro alt tanto Fai da te e li Bricolage and DIY Enciclopedia completa del l 8 Foto di copertina: Helen King/Corbis 57032N 9,90 Restoring and The Decorator Repairing Furniture Manual Restaurare e riparare mobili Manuale dell imbianchino 57032N / A / other titles in the series Maintaining and Repairing your Car How to Save in the House 81964Z / / C / / 4.90 Small Restoration Projects Stoves, Ovens and Fireplaces 26625N / / F / / 8.90 Cura e manutenzione dell automobile Piccolo restauro Risparmiare sui consumi Stufe, forni e caminetti The Complete Book of Green Architecture Il libro completo della bioedilizia 85907B / pp. 192 / 12.00

9 HOBBIES 9 Art Techniques Hardcover editions cm 19.4 x 26.4 pp. 96 / 9.90 Comprehensive, easy to understand manuals for aspiring artists on all the main art techniques: tempera, watercolour, oil painting, drawing, ceramics, mosaic and many more. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and move your way up from basic to more complex projects and you ll soon be able to call yourself a master. Marco Bussagli Oil Painting Pittura a olio 26730T / / Marco Bussagli Artistic Anatomy Anatomia artistica 84372R / / pp. 128 Marco Bussagli Acrylics Acrilico 86915Q / Marco Bussagli Tempera 81966P / Rosanna Martino Watercolours Acquarello 79266F / / Alessandro Pennasilico Trompe-l oeil 79418L / / other titles in the series Giovanna Bubbico, Joan Crous Ceramics Ceramica 78757C / pp. 128 / Joan Crous, Diego Pizzol Mosaic Mosaico 26807N / pp. 128 / Marco Bussagli Portrait Ritratto 26808X / Marco Bussagli Drawing Disegno 78756B / Michelangelo Mammoliti Still Life Natura morta 81424X / Marco Bussagli Perspective Prospettiva 79510K / Learn To Draw Softcover edition cm 21 x 27 pp. 144 / 12,00 A complete course to learn to draw in a intuitive way. These notebook format books introduce readers to the fundamentals of drawing, from simple still-lifes to landscapes, human figures, and more. Landscape Drawing Disegnare il paesaggio pp. 160 / 52429L / Drawing Portraits Disegnare il ritratto 52017S / Drawing School: The Complete Course Manuale completo di disegno 52428T /

10 ISBN HOBBIES 1 13/11/12 11:29 Pagina 1 NEW EDITION The School of Crafts I punti di base e quelli più difficili o elaborati, gli schemi, i disegni: un enciclopedia illustrata che spiega nei minimi dettagli e in maniera estremamente chiara tutti i passaggi per realizzare qualsiasi punto di ricamo. Per farli e per riconoscerli senza esitazione. E ancora, tanti consigli per valorizzare e conservare le vostre personali opere d arte. Spiral hardcover editions cm 15.5 x 22.5 pp. 160 Scuola di Ricamo Scuola di Ricamo Techniques, models, handy tips: these books have been made to last and flicked through time and time again, as we learn the A to Z of each method and refer back to them to master the most classic feminine crafts of all times: embroidery, crochet, knitting, and sewing U 9,90 PUNTI, TECNICHE, STRUMENTI, TESSUTI: LA PIÙ AMATA TRA LE ARTI FEMMINILI SPIEGATA E ILLUSTRATA PASSO A PASSO. Embroidery School Scuola di ricamo 55302U / spiral hardcover 84337Y / / Knitting School Scuola di maglia 55783R / spiral hardcover 79085Q / / Sewing School Scuola di cucito 97316B / Softcover 9.90 Crochet School Scuola di uncinetto pp. 128 / 52671D / spiral hardcover 81530R / / Essentials Che cosa si nasconde dietro un fiore? Quali messaggi, quali desideri, quali leggende? Un doppio dizionario, oltre 130 nomi, Softcover editions più di 150 significati with e schede flaps illustrate per apprendere il linguaggio dei fiori. cm 15.5 x 15 / pp. 288 Fiori dei inguaggio il il inguaggio dei Fiori Oltre il giardino Il significato dei fiori These beautifully Dillo con un fiore illustrated Storie segrete, leggende, curiosità books are a pleasure to look at and very useful too, if you want to learn a ISBN Copertina: bit of savoir progetto grafico faire ed elaborazione digitale and di Cinzia Chiari discover da Fotolia: what Welena, magann, VV, yukipon00 (fronte e retro); Nikolai Sorokin, Tomboy2290 (retro) 58110V e 9,90 really lies behind the surface. Flick through their pages and you will find answers to all those little niggling problems of daily interaction, like how to choose the right flower for someone or how to understand your friends body language. These volumes will soon become an essential addition to your library. Dizionario dei nomi e dei significati Leggende 1 14/11/12 09:34 The Language of Flowers Il linguaggio dei fiori Do you know the meaning of a red rose? If you want to celebrate the birth of a baby boy, would you opt for narcissuses or freesias? Which intriguing legends are hidden behind your favourite buds? This stunning volume showcases over 300 flowers listed alphabetically first by name and then by meaning, for easy reference. At the back of the book, a large section is dedicated to anecdotes, curiosities and legends connected to each of the flowers featured V / / 9.90

11 natural remedies 11 NEW! NEW! Happy for me Softcover editions / 12 x 16,5 cm pp. 128 / 5,90 A collection that presents the most fashionable diets; informing us of their qualities and defects, unmasking false myths, helping you to adopt the best diet for your physique and lifestyle. And lots of recipes for your controlled diet. Marcella Valverde Goji berries Le bacche di Goji Fundamental ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, today these valuable berries are popular across the west. But what are their real properties? Who are they suitable for? Is it true that eating them regularly helps to slow down aging cells, favours good moods and many more things? This book will throw some light on the characteristics of berries and gives precious advice on buying and consuming them. Also includes many recipes for including them in your favourite recipes R Cristina Grande, Federico Vignati The Diet of the Buddhist Monk Dieta del monaco Buddista Dieting without putting it all back on again is everybody s dream. The diet of Buddhist monks, vegetarian but not exclusively, has a lot to teach westerners, who have lost their good eating habits and no longer remember that focus should be on both the body and the spirit. Written by an endocrinologist and a dietician, this manual gives advice and tips for establishing a balanced diet plan that will help you lose excess weight from your body and your soul F Herbs and Health Various formats Those who prefer a gentler and more natural approach to healing their ailments will find an excellent source of information in these books. Showcased here are in-depth information sheets on every plant and herb selected by generation after generation for their IL LIBRO COMPLETO DEI therapeutic effects, each complete RIMEDI with beautiful photos and clear NATURALI Dall alimentazione alla fitoterapia all omeopatia, tante soluzioni efficaci e al tempo stesso dolci per curare e prevenire i disturbi illustrations to help you identify più comuni.un dizionario ricco di voci indica them plus mouth-watering le terapie più adatte per ciascuna affezione, recipes impiegando così al meglio le virtù delle piante e di altri preziosi elementi naturali. to make the most of these splendid gifts from Mother Nature. alimentazione decotti e infusi tisane fiori di Bach oli essenziali omeopatia RIMEDI IL LIBRO COMPLETO DEI NATURALI alimentazione decotti e infusi tisane fiori di Bach oli essenziali omeopatia Healthy Herbs Properties, tips, recipes Le piante della salute Proprietà, consigli, ricette A pretty little box with info sheets for easy reference, where one can find ideas, tips and recipes related to the world of plants: medicinal herbs, their properties and the recipes for a healthy and well balanced diet. In addition, the mini Grandma s Guide to Remedies shows how to recognize plants, collect, store and use them according to tradition. Box with 100 cards / cm 15 x 8 x 9 / 60933S /pp.96/ 9,90 Foto di copertina: Elena Schweitzer/Fotolia 54451C 14,90 The Complete Book of Natural Remedies Il libro completo dei rimedi naturali Dutch binding cm 11.5 x 15 / 54451C / pp. 640 / Good Herbs for Your Health The Complete Recipe Book Erbe buone per la salute Il ricettario completo Softcover with flaps cm 14.5 x M / pp. 384 / 14.90

12 12 health and diet Health in the Kitchen Softcover editions / cm 15 x 21 pp. 128 / 8.90 A tailored diet can work miracles for some medical conditions: it might not fully restore a patient s health, but in many cases it can help prevent further deterioration. Being on a diet doesn t have to be taxing: written by experts in their fields, these books feature great ad hoc recipes for those suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and other ailments to ban boredom in the kitchen and bring back the joy of eating. Giuseppe Sangiorgi Cellini, Annamaria Toti Cholesterol and Triglycerides Colesterolo e trigliceridi 79267k / Edited by Italian Celiac Association Cooking without Gluten Cucinare senza glutine 61330B Patrizia Cuvello, Daniela Guaiti, Anna Prandoni Cooking without Salt Cucinare senza sale 51788A M. Luisa Brandi, Carla Marchetti Recipes for Osteoporosis Ricettario per l osteoporosi 92161T Anna Prandoni, Francesca Zanotti, Emanuela Stucchi The Good Food for the Elderly La buona cucina per la terza eta 53731H Giuseppe Sangiorgi Cellini, Annamaria Toti Recipes for Diabetes and Hyperglycemia Ricettario per diabetici e iperglicemici 61331K Paola Bastasin, Lucia Ceresa Recipes for Food Combinations Ricettario delle combinazioni alimentari 51789K Herbs and Aromas Erbe e aromi 26861K Irene Betti, Carla Marchetti Hypertension Ipertensione 83884F / Paola Bettini, Carla Marchetti Recipes for a Healthy Liver Ricettario per il fegato 86908T / Edited by Progetto Vivere Vegan Onlus Vegan 79103P / / 7.90 Paola Bettini, Carla Marchetti Antioxidants Antiossidanti 83522M Dino Sintoni, Elsa Mazzolini At the Table with the Glycemic Index A tavola con l indice glicemico 88015Z Gabriella Buti Recipes for Pregnancy Ricettario per la gravidanza 86909N / Healthy Foods Softcover / cm 14,5 x 19,5 s A cardiologist and lecturer at the University of Ferrara, as well as a passionate cook, Roberto Ferrari has many scientific publications to his name. Claudia Florio is a film director specialising in culinary programmes and has edited the recipes section of the book. NEW! Roberto Ferrari e Claudia Florio LA CUCINA del Cuore DIABETE E IPERTENSIONE 120 ricette per non perdere il buon umore e il gusto della buona cucina i consigli della Federazione Italiana di Cardiologia Roberto Ferrari, Claudia Florio Recipes for the Heart: Diabetes and Hypertension 120 Fabulous Healthy and Fun Recipes La cucina del cuore: diabete e ipertensione 120 ricette per non perdere il buon umore e il gusto della buona cucina Diabetes and hypertension are very common diseases in industrialised countries. Ignoring the symptoms can mean encountering chronic disabling cardiovascular and kidney disease. What can be done to prevent them? And, once a sufferer, what can be done to treat them? Professor Roberto Ferrari, cardiologist of international fame, explains in simple words everything necessary to know on diabetes and hypertension, offering information on the principles of food and our daily intake. We discover what a correct lifestyle means; a customised diet and adequate physical activity are fundamental in prevention and treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. A significant section of the book is given to a wealth of recipes compiled by Claudia Florio, including many original ones from the starter to dessert devised to safeguard the health of diabetics and high blood pressure sufferers, without mortifying the palate. The book is completed with a useful table of nutritional values X / pp. 288 / 18,00

13 Progetto copertina: ISBN health and diet 13 Healthy Foods Softcover / cm 14,5 x 19,5 Marco Lanzetta is one of the most famous hand surgeons and microsurgeons in the world. He teaches at the University of Canberra and the Ludes University of Lugano; as visiting professor he lectures at the most prestigious Faculties of Medicine. He also works as a consultant for the Istituto Italiano di Chirurgia della mano and the Centro Nazionale Artrosi. He was director of the Microsearch Foundation of Sydney from 1996 to 2006, and in 1998 he performed the first hand transplant from a cadaver donor in Lyon, which was followed in 2000 by a transplant of both hands. NEW! Marco Lanzetta The Anti-Arthritis Diet How to Treat Diseases of the Joints Naturally La dieta antiartrosi Come curare le malattie delle articolazioni in modo naturale Can you cure arthritis at the table? Arthritis is an important degenerative disease that is one of the most disabling pathologies in the world. It is usually kept under control with anti-inflammatory and cortisone based medicines medicine with numerous contraindications and side effects. offers arthritis sufferers and anyone seeking to preserve articulation through prevention, a natural and decisive therapeutic model, based on the adoption of correct lifestyle, correct diet and assumption of special supplements, whose efficacy has been scientifically proven. After having described what happens when a person develops this condition and formulating an identikit of the sufferer, Professor Lanzetta lists the ten foods to be avoided and the ten to be included in daily diet to fend off pathologies that may appear in joints, giving precise indications on the choice and proper combination of foods. There is a special section dedicated to the presentation of the diet and various steps that characterise it (First phase: eliminating toxins; second phase: transition; third phase: stabilisation). The volume is completed with a typical weekly menu and rich, well-illustrated list of recipes with specially studied meals for adopting an anti-arthritis diet Q / pp. 192 / 14,90 Natural Medicine Softcover editions cm 14.5 x 19.5 pp. 128 / 8.90 naturalmente medcina IL CIBO IN GRAVIDANZA alimentazione naturale per mamma e bambino È vero che in gravidanza bisogna mangiare per due? Quali sono gli alimenti più adatti alle trasformazioni del metabolismo e quali invece è bene evitare? In questo volume, frutto della lunga esperienza dell autore con gruppi di gestanti, trovate tante risposte agli interrogativi che si affollano nella mente della futura mamma, consigli per prevenire i classici disturbi, uno schema dietetico e gustosi menu all insegna di ortaggi, verdura e frutta. Per riuscire a vivere serenamente uno dei periodi più belli nella vita di ogni donna. How to achieve well-being as perfect harmony between body, mind and nature: the most suitable diets and lesser known remedies, combined with useful advice on relaxation techniques and holistic therapies to tackle everyday ailments with the simple yet powerful instruments provided by nature. Scientifically sound yet easy-to-read, these books are a must for every believer in alternative medicine. Pier Paolo Puxeddu+Francesca Vitale studio associato W Foto: evgenyatamanenko / Fotolia 6,90 ERBE CHE CURANO MARCHIO B naturalmente medcina ERBE CHE CURANO essenze, tisane, unguenti, liquori... e il ricettario delle erbe selvatiche MARCHIO B Healing Herbs Erbe che curano 61942D Marco Formichi Love Your Heart Voler bene al cuore 61839D Dalia Piazza, Antonio Maglio Reflexology Riflessologia 61840U Elisabetta Mauti Autogenic Training Training autogeno 54449Q Paolo Pigozzi Natural Remedies for the Liver Cure naturali del fegato 56597J Antonio Maglio Digital Acupoint Pressure Curarsi con la pressione delle dita 51793F Paolo Pigozzi Constipation Stitichezza 51791Y Marialessandra Panozzo Menopause Menopausa 26812A Paolo Pigozzi Natural Habits not to Fear Cholesterol Regole naturali per non aver paura del colesterolo 26800T Paolo Pigozzi Food and Pregnancy Il cibo in gravidanza 61698W Lina Conti Food Allergies Intolleranze e allergie alimentari 61814H

14 COP PIATTO minerali salute_ok.indd 1 25/07/11 15:16 14 natural remedies Natural Remedies Softcover editions with flaps cm 14.5 x 19.5 / pp. 128 / 4.90 Learn all about plants and minerals, treatments, massage and manipulation, diet, herbal teas and essential oils with the series Natural Remedies, created for those who choose to look after their bodies using only natural methods and following the latest dietetics and alternative healing trends such as naturopathy and homeopathy. A wide range of traditional remedies from around the world to help us prevent and cure our ailments, lose weight and get into shape. Food Combinations Combinazioni alimentari 91511K / Healing with Plants and Herbs Curarsi con erbe e piante 97317U / Massage: Benefits and Pleasure Beneficio e piacere del massaggio 86649V / Homeopathy: A Practical Handbook Manuale pratico di omeopatia 91512Q / Herbal Teas The Flavour of Health Tisane Il gusto della salute 97320T / Calories Diet Recipes for the Entire Family Calorie Ricettario dietetico per tutta la famiglia Essential Oils Healthy Aromas Oli essenziali Gli aromi della salute 86648E / Small Bible of Vegetarian Cuisine La piccola bibbia della cucina vegetariana 86646K / Simple, Natural Remedies Rimedi semplici e naturali 91513W / R Rimedi Naturali minerali per la salute minerali per la salute MARCHIO B MARCHIO B Bach s Flowers Fiori di Bach 86650T / Aloe The Healing Plant La pianta che cura 91510Q / Minerals and Health Minerali per la salute 92153B / Food Heals Il cibo cura! 86876C /

15 WELL-BEING 15 In Good Shape! Softcover with flaps cm 14,5 x 19,5 - pp ,90 Staying in good shape is possible at all ages, without complications and sacrifices. You need, however, to have the right information that is not easy to find, these days, in the universe of globalised information. So here is a small collection, quick and very clear in its approach, to find out, with no doubts, the fundamentals to staying in shape. Coordinated by the experience of Intermedia, a pool of medical specialists and various associations in the sector provide all the indications for good maintenance of efficiency and physical fitness. In Good Shape at All Ages Her: Tips for Well-Being In forma a ogni età Lei Consigli per il benessere 60992U In Good Shape at All Ages Him: Tips for Well-Being In forma a ogni età Lui Consigli per il benessere 60993Q In Good Shape at All Ages Senior: Tips for Well-Being In forma a ogni età Senior Consigli per il benessere 60994W In Good Shape at All Ages Junior: Tips for Well-Being In forma a ogni età Junior Consigli per il benessere 60995D Everyone in Shape 320 Tips for All Ages Tutti in forma 320 consigli per ogni età This book answers doubts and frequent questions about health and well-being through clear and simple advice and indications, debunking false myths and urban legends. Readers of all ages sports people, the elderly, new parents will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions, in addition to practical indications which aim at promoting healthy lifestyles. The supervision of distinguished experts of health communication guarantees that the content is impeccable and accurate at all times. The subjects discussed physical and mental well-being, taking care of oneself, prevention through eating habits and movement are of great interest and for a public of all ages. pp J - 14,90

16 16 WELL-BEING Nicola Pfund lives and works in Switzerland, where she is a teacher, sports journalist and writer. In 1988 she began triathlon, which brought her no less than six times the qualification of Ironman finisher. She also loves to participate in marathons. NEW! Nicola Pfund Training Your Body, Training Your Mind Resistance Sports as the Gym of Life Allenare il corpo, allenare la mente Gli sport di resistenza come palestra di vita This volume proposes a new approach to sport, starting from a very simple theory: training your body and doing physical activity is not only a way to contribute to good health, does not only encourage us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, neither is it effective in reaching top competitive results. Doing sport is also an effective tool for training our minds and acquiring skills that have important effects on the way we plan. Regular sport, particularly resistance sports, teaches us method, that we might successfully apply to different spheres of life from work to study, free time every time we have to reach an objective or plan something, manage stress, prove our perseverance, sense of responsibility and discipline, establish what our priorities are. Softcover / 14,5 x 21,5 cm / 63914B / pp. 128/ 9,90 Silvia Ornaghi, obtained her diploma at the S.I.Y.R. (the Gabriella Cella Italian School of Teacher Trainers of Yoga Ratna) and is a member of YANI (National Association of Yoga Teachers). She periodically follows yoga teacher training seminars expanding various aspects of the discipline including yoga during pregnancy, yoga for children and symbolism in yoga. NEW! Silvia Ornaghi Yoga Pathways Gateways to Awareness Percorsi Yoga Le porte della consapevolezza From anxiety to sleeplessness, from hypertension to back ache, from asthma to arthritis, to symptoms of the menopause and hypertension: a great number of ailments, according to literature, yoga can help us to weaken and, in some cases, even eliminate. This book, far from traditional approaches of the more familiar yoga manuals, starts from different symptoms and proposes, in association with lifestyle and healthy diet, the asana and most suitable breathing technique to face the problem. Softcover / 14,5 x 19,5 cm / 63649Q / pp illustrations 16,90 s Roberto Ghetti is a master of Judo and Ju-Jitsu. He has been an advisor on Judo, Ju-Jitsu and personal defence for the Italian Police. Cristina Fiorentini is a master of Judo and a P.E. teacher. Ten times Italian Judo champion, she competed for Italy from 1978 to She devised the Selfdefence for girls project and teaches selfdefence techniques to women across Italy ( NEW! Cristina Fiorentini, Roberto Ghetti Self-Defence Techniques for Defence, Prevention and Safety for Women Difesa in rosa Tecniche di incolumità, prevenzione e sicurezza per le donne A practical manual especially designed for all women to help them defend themselves in very different situations of danger. A unique book of its kind that does not simply cover martial arts, but makes them an effective tool for prevention and female defence. How do you prevent and manage a situation of risk? What steps should you take to face a potential attacker? What should you do in the event of an attack? Cristina Fiorentini and Roberto Ghetti explain to us through articulated levels of details: knowing about reactions and psychological resistance that we use in dangerous situations, becoming aware of the problem, increasing our attention, refining self defence techniques through personalised training, knowing what the law does and does not permit. The book contains a rich collection of photographic tables dedicated to each single situation of danger, with relative techniques and self defence exercises. Softcover with flaps / 14,5 x 19,5 cm / 64131T / pp. 256 / 14,90

17 sport 17 Sailing Dutch binding editions cm 17 x 24 The sailing phenomenon is widespread and counts almost associates of the Italian Sailing Federation. The federation promotes courses that each year see over 1500 instructors for around pupils. This collection is the result of the consolidated collaboration between the Italian Sailing Federation and De Vecchi, and is intended for a public of sailing lovers and includes books that every library must have. Detailed and exhaustive volumes for knowing the regulations, tactics, fundamental principles and their practical application. With indications for training and advice for practice. FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) Complete Guide to Sailing Manuale dell allievo Point of reference in the sector, this is the basic text with all information for those who are just taking up sailing. Theoretical notions and hundreds of real situations that are clearly explained in detail M / pp. 224 / 17,50 Sergio Gaibisso, after presiding over the Italian Sailing Federation of which he was president for over twenty years, he became an internationally recognised authority. For FIV - De Vecchi he also wrote the second edition of Regatta Regulations. FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) Complete Guide to Competitive Sailing Manuale della vela agonistica Written by distinguished experts (instructors, judges, and organisers), the manual that perfects useful know-how for sailing as a competitive sport: from the boat to physical preparation, to tactical regatta strategies D / pp. 392 / 28,00 FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) curated by Sergio Gaibisso Regatta Regulations Regolamento di regata The ISAF (International Sailing Federation) coded regulations, valid on regatta fields worldwide. For detailed exploration of tactical choices and jury decisions, this book resolves hundreds of doubts and serves as a reference book S / pp. 448 / 34,00

18 18 HEALTH Parenthood Dutch binding editions Keep this series to hand to help your family grow up happy and healthy. Giuseppe Maruccio, a pediatrician and neonatologist, has been working at the San Pietro dei Fatebenefratelli hospital in Rome, where he has contributed to the creation of the pediatric department and to the extension of the nursery, introducing neonatology and intensive care. At the moment, he is the head of the pediatric unit. Giuseppe Maruccio A to Z Family Health Salute in famiglia dalla A alla Z A practical handbook, structured like a dictionary, which offers a huge amount of information on health and the best ways of safeguarding it. An extremely useful guide, which helps you to interpret, and therefore not fear, obscure medical terms. More than 1400 items devoted to the whole family, from pregnancy to puericulture, from hygiene to nutrition, richly illustrated with drawings, tables, photographs. A word of caution: prevention is better than cure! pp. 512 / cm 15x J / / Gianfranco Trapani, a paediatrician specialising in Food Science, works as an educational advisor at the University of Milan. He is Director of the Bio-Therapy School at SBM Italia and has written many books on the subject, which have been translated into various languages. Gianfranco Trapani The Paediatrician in Your Drawer An Instruction Manual from Birth to the Teenage Years Il pediatra nel cassetto Dalla nascita all adolescenza: istruzioni per l uso Today parents actively want to be offered help and guidance, especially during the first few years of their child s life, because they feel lonely and confused. This encyclopaedia tracks the various stages of a newborn s development and answers all the questions new parents might have on their child s physical and psychological wellbeing, from nutrition to the daily routine, so that they can relax, grow in confidence and really enjoy parenthood. pp. 512 /cm 14.5 x 19.5 / 59907H / / n manuale pratico e semplice Usu ciò che è importante sapere e saper fare (e non fare) per prevenire piccoli e grandi incidenti durante le A doctor and journalist, Pierluigi attività connesse al tempo libero. Diano has published several books and Il primo intervento, i consigli e i piccoli rimedi publishing che possono alleviare houses, un articles with many selling thousands disturbo, of copies. un malessere, evitare che una situazione a seguito di un incidente si aggravi nell attesa dei soccorsi: tutte le informazioni essenziali e i consigli che in tanti casi possono fare la differenza. Foto di copertina: Corbis: Ocean (grande), Volker Moehrke (piccola) ISBN Z 5,90 P. Diano Pronto Soccorso Pierluigi Diano Pronto Soccorso con tutti i rimedi per il primo intervento come far fronte alle principali emergenze nella vita quotidiana e nel tempo libero: barca, campeggio, trekking Pierluigi Diano First Aid Pronto Soccorso A practical and easy manual on what you need to know and do (or not) to prevent small and big incidents that can happen on a boat, while camping or trekking, during your free time outdoors. First aid, advice and small remedies that can relieve pain or can help avoid a situation from getting worse while waiting for help: with accuracy and great communication skills, the author provides the reader with all essential information combining it with a personal advice in those situations where it can make a difference. Softcover / cm 12 x 16,5 / 56978Z / pp. 128 / 5,00

19 PARENTHOOD 19 s Giuseppe Sparnacci is a psychologist and psychotherapist. During his many years in the public sector, he has provided health education and professional training and has dealt with numerous issues related to motherhood and childhood. A former socio-psychology lecturer at the University of Florence, he was on the editorial board of the journal Età evolutiva (Developmental Age) and writes on a regular basis for the magazine Un pediatra per amico (Your Friend the Paediatrician). Paolo Sarti, Giuseppe Sparnacci Pregnancy, Birth and First Years How to Welcome and Care for a Child, from 0 to 6 Years Gravidanza, nascita e prima infanzia Come accogliere e prendersi cura di un figlio da zero a sei anni Dedicated to both new and future parents, who are either planning to have a baby or are already in the early phases of pregnancy, this guide aims to address all those practical requirements, concerns, worries and questions that seem so overwhelming to those setting out on the great adventure of parenthood. Keep this book to hand during pregnancy and in the first years of your child s life: it will prove a reliable and reassuring companion for every new parent U / / pp. 456 / Paolo Sarti lives and works in Florence. A practising paediatrician and a lecturer in the faculty of Medicine at the University of Florence, for many years he has run sex education courses and given lessons for parents-to-be. He is an editor of the magazines Salute e Territorio (Health and Districts) and Un pediatra per amico (Your Friend the Paediatrician) and collaborates with Giuseppe Sparnacci on birth related issues on a regular basis. Anna Oliverio Ferraris has been a lecturer in Psychology at Sapienza University in Rome since A psychologist and psychotherapist, she has many titles to her name including: Non solo amore. I bisogni psicologici dei bambini (Not Just Love: the Psychological Needs of a Child), Dai figli non si divorzia (You Can t Divorce Your Children), Piccoli bulli crescono (Little Bullies Grow Up), La ricerca dell identità (The Search for an Identity), La sindrome Lolita (The Lolita s Syndrome) and Ragazzi che non vogliono più vivere (Children No Longer Wishing to Live) (with A. Rusticelli, J. Stevani, T. Zaccariello). She is the editor of the magazine Psicologia contemporanea (Contemporary Psychology) and writes for Scuola dell Infanzia (Primary School) and Vita Scolastica (School Life). NEW EDITION Anna Oliverio Ferraris, Paolo Sarti I m Going to Be a Father To Plan, to Welcome, to Bring Up a Child Sarò padre Desiderare, accogliere, saper crescere un figlio Nowadays male partners are more and more involved in the early stages of parenthood: pregnancy, birth and child s development. This book is specially tailored to help men deal with the profound changes that the arrival of a newborn brings to the life and relationship of a couple, to their daily routine and established behaviours. It offers future fathers the information and advice they need to play their part during the pregnancy, to welcome and care for their little one and guide them through their early years in a calm and safe environment V / / pp. 240 / 16.50

20 20 PETS NEW! My Social Pet Softcover editions 14,5 x 19,5 cm / pp. 128 / 9,90 A collection, devised in collaboration with the faculty of Veterinary science at the University of Milan and the portal MySocialPet, which enables all dog lovers to access reliable information about the relation between man and dog. The approach is direct and very distant from any form of academicism, content is expressed simply and clearly. My Canine Friend - Education Il mio amico cane - Educazione How can we educate our dogs properly? We usually give them a lot in terms of care and attention, and we ask a lot in exchange; but we don t always make the best choices. This volume will help us avoid making those mistakes that make living with our pets difficult and to establish a mutually satisfying relationship P My Canine Friend Travelling Il mio amico cane In viaggio Anyone who has a dog is well aware that, for him, a journey can turn into a traumatic experience or a fantastic adventure: everything depends on how you prepare. This book explores travelling with a dog from all points of view, providing the reader with information and useful tips D FORTHCOMING TITLES: Adopting a Dog The Elderly Dog My Canine Friend Language Il mio amico cane Linguaggio If you think that all your dog lacks is the ability to speak, this is the book for you: you will discover that, contrary to belief, communicating with him doesn t mean teaching him your language, but understanding his. And that, in communication, more than words, the things that count are gestures, tone of voice and non verbal signs N My Canine Friend Prevention and Health Il mio amico cane Prevenzione e salute Taking care of your dog and his health is the duty of all dog owners. This book will help you understand how to recognise whether your dog has a problem, what to do to prevent illnesses that can affect him and how to treat him if he becomes unwell N Monica Marelli, is pop scientist, writer and journalist. Her passion for cats is equal only to that for science. Monica Marelli Why Cats Are Crazy for Catnip and We Are Crazy for Cats! Perché i gatti si fanno d erba e noi siamo pazzi di loro. Why do cats knead? What are they telling us with their purrs? Is it true that they love music? And why are they crazy about cat nip? All you have ever wanted to know about cats, to understand them and love them without their bizarre habits driving you mad (or almost). Curiosities, tales, scientific discoveries: an entertaining and interesting book that will open a new window onto the world of cats and sweep away all stereotypes. Softcover/ cm 14 x 21,5/62542P/ pp. 240 / 11,90

1 maggio - 31 ottobre 2015

1 maggio - 31 ottobre 2015 1 maggio - 31 ottobre 2015 Un programma di progetti per i bambini sui temi di EXPO 2015 al MUBA Museo dei Bambini Milano A program of projects for children on Expo 2015 themes at MUBA Milan Children's


Times. rimary. One for all and all for one. winter 2014 - issue 49. keeping the teacher informed

Times. rimary. One for all and all for one. winter 2014 - issue 49. keeping the teacher informed P rimary One for all and all for one Until a few years ago, teachers found themselves teaching to classes made up of strong, average and weak students. Nowadays we know that some if not many of these weaknesses



INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS MEETING FOR FITNESS EHFA Update issu e 25 - J U NE 2013 EHFA European Health & Fitness Association MORE PEOPLE MORE ACTIVE MORE OFTEN 4th annual International Standards Meeting (ISM) Cutting Edge: Training the Fascial Network



LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 3 5 Intervista al Presidente - Interview with the Chairman 14 Visione, Missione e Valori - Vision, Mission and


Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter December 2014 Professional Women s Association PWA is the only group of its kind which provides women in Rome with their very own forum for exchanging more than ideas - shaping their businesses, sharing contacts while


Slow + Design Manifesto + Abstracts

Slow + Design Manifesto + Abstracts International Seminar Slow + Design Manifesto + Abstracts Slow approach to distributed economy and sustainable sensoriality A joint activity conducted by: Università di Scienze Gastronomiche Slow Food



magazine BAGNO E ACCESSORI APRILE MAGGIO 2009 IL SOLE 24 ORE BUSINESS MEDIA SRL - ISSN 0392-2723 Contiene I.P. e I.R. 235 BAGNO E ACCESSORI Il Sole 24 ORE Business Media Srl Sede operativa Via Granarolo 175/3 48018 Faenza (Ra) Anno XXXV 235 Aprile - Maggio 2009 Bimestrale 6.20 ISSN 0392-2723 APRILE MAGGIO 2009 IL SOLE


Sommario supplemento 2008

Sommario supplemento 2008 Sommario supplemento 2008 Supplemento Stati Uniti / Canada To All Educators of Italian Una lettera di sette colleghi americani pag 2 Cultura? Sì, grazie. Una riflessione europea sul programma AP


GRIMALDI MAGAZINE. Roma. Salerno. Spagna. Tunisia. Ravenna. Grecia. Sardegna. In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis

GRIMALDI MAGAZINE. Roma. Salerno. Spagna. Tunisia. Ravenna. Grecia. Sardegna. In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis GRIMALDI MAGAZINE Roma In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis Spagna Magico Maresme Magic Maresme Ravenna Tesoro bizantino Byzantine treasure Grecia Epidauro da scoprire Epidaurus



CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN LONDON, UK ELISAVA ESCOLA SUPERIOR DE DISSENY I ENGINYERIA DE BARCELONA, SPAIN LEZIONI DI PROGETTO DESIGN LESSONS Christian Guellerin, Michele Capuani, Aldo Colonetti con la collaborazione di/with contributions by Silvia Airoldi, Manuela Zanotti Il percorso nella nuova generazione


INDICE IN PRIMA PERSONA. I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit

INDICE IN PRIMA PERSONA. I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit IN PRIMA PERSONA I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit 2010 IN PRIMA PERSONA I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit 2010 Pubblicazione


Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015

Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 QUADERNO CULTURALE Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 Guida alla lettura: An introduction to Numero sei Il sesto numero di Quaderno


Da un idea di. @FondFeltrinelli.

Da un idea di. @FondFeltrinelli. Da un idea di @FondFeltrinelli Quanto pesa una lacrima? Dipende: la lacrima di un bambino capriccioso pesa meno del


magazine La scienza buona da mangiare Pag. Pag. Pag. Pag. Extra edition on food Science can be good to eat N 47 settembre 2012

magazine La scienza buona da mangiare Pag. Pag. Pag. Pag. Extra edition on food Science can be good to eat N 47 settembre 2012 magazine Quadrimestrale di ricerca, innovazione e impresa di AREA Science Park N 47 settembre 2012 Anno XVIII - Spedizione in A.P. - 70% - Filiale di Trieste - Taxe Perçue Speciale Food La scienza buona


Tecnofobia o tecnofilia?

Tecnofobia o tecnofilia? la rivista multilingue di interculturalità N 2 Settembre 2009 anno I Tecnofobia o tecnofilia? Una delle sfide di questi ultimi anni è senza dubbio l integrazione dell uso delle nuove tecnologie nell insegnamento/apprendimento


Fast Fashion Design. diid MADE IN ITALY DESIGN FOR. Pianura Studio Barbara Oizmud Design indaba Sandro Ferrone Nyl Merola Gloves Rfid

Fast Fashion Design. diid MADE IN ITALY DESIGN FOR. Pianura Studio Barbara Oizmud Design indaba Sandro Ferrone Nyl Merola Gloves Rfid sistema design nelle imprese di Roma e del Lazio DESIGN FOR MADE IN ITALY 12_fast fashion design 12 Fast Fashion Design diid Pianura Studio Barbara Oizmud Design indaba Sandro Ferrone Nyl Merola Gloves


intime Culture & Business sull ali dorate Cristiano Chiarot - La Fenice interview by / intervista di Sara Bossi

intime Culture & Business sull ali dorate Cristiano Chiarot - La Fenice interview by / intervista di Sara Bossi Publisher s Note Another issue of InTime for another impassioned journey in discovery of the wonders of Veneto: from the Venetian excellence of the Teatro la Fenice to the charms of Asolo, one of the most

Dettagli big data il futuro è intelligente Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 big data il futuro è intelligente Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 big data il futuro è intelligente sommario/summary 3 7 13 19 25 31 conoscenza 2.0, una straordinaria oppurtunità knowledge of 2.0, an extraordinary



NUOVE PROSPETTIVE SULL AUTISMO: IL PROGRAMMA SON - RISE E LA RICERCA BIOMEDICA Genitori che applicano il Programma Son-Rise Associazione Gocce di Solidarietà di Manerbio Associazione Autismando di Brescia Con il Patrocinio Ass. Servizi Sociali del Comune di Manerbio Ass. Servizi


Ode a Gabriella Crespi Ode to Gabriella Crespi

Ode a Gabriella Crespi Ode to Gabriella Crespi Ode a Gabriella Crespi Ode to Gabriella Crespi Ambra Medda It gives me great pleasure to contribute to this exhibition catalogue dedicated to the extraordinary Gabriella Crespi. I grew up with one of her



PAPRIKA A NEW BRAND APPEARS IN KUWAIT PAPRIKA A NEW BRAND APPEARS IN KUWAIT PAPRIKA UN NUOVO BRAND SI AFFACCIA IN KUWAIT EDITORIALE EDITORIAL Con piacere e soddisfazione presentiamo il primo numero di Effettobi, la rivista quadrimestrale di


Che bella famiglia! SCOPI

Che bella famiglia! SCOPI ask8626x_ch04_087-112.indd Page 87 11/10/12 7:21 AM user-f502 4 Che bella famiglia! R I PA S S O IN THIS CHAPTER YOU WILL REVIEW HOW: to introduce yourself and meet others to express possession to ask

Dettagli S CATALOGUE EXPO VENICE 2015 1 2 Events Catalogue Expo Venice 2015 Catalogo Eventi Expo Venezia 2015 Index Sommario 5 Introduction Introduzioni 7 Presentations Presentazioni 25


tatanka! new york new york istinto creativo storie di mare atlantide rocking vases luci nell ara M.I.T. we love Japan eat generation

tatanka! new york new york istinto creativo storie di mare atlantide rocking vases luci nell ara M.I.T. we love Japan eat generation ITALIA. 8,00 - USA 9,74 $ - CANADA 10,11 C$ - GRAN BRETAGNA 6,64 - SVIZZERA 11,23 CHF ESTATE summer 2011 ANNO V NUMERO 15 tatanka! new york new york istinto creativo storie di mare atlantide rocking vases


Uomo al centro del progetto Design per un nuovo umanesimo Man at the Centre of the Project Design for a New Humanism

Uomo al centro del progetto Design per un nuovo umanesimo Man at the Centre of the Project Design for a New Humanism Uomo al centro del progetto Design per un nuovo umanesimo Man at the Centre of the Project Design for a New Humanism A CURA DI / EDITED BY CLAUDIO GERMAK SAGGI DI / ESSAYS BY LUIGI BISTAGNINO FLAVIANO



#milanprotocol. IL FUTURO è DI TUTTI, ANCHE TUO THE FUTURE BELONGS TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU #milanprotocol IL FUTURO è DI TUTTI, ANCHE TUO THE FUTURE BELONGS TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU #milanprotocol Nel Protocollo di Milano sono le singole persone, la società civile, a chiedere i cambiamenti,


M a r z o - A p r i l e M a r c h - A p r i l 2 0 1 2. l oriente che affascina fascinating orient. Thailandia

M a r z o - A p r i l e M a r c h - A p r i l 2 0 1 2. l oriente che affascina fascinating orient. Thailandia Copia omaggio Complimentary copy M a r z o - A p r i l e M a r c h - A p r i l 2 0 1 2 l oriente che affascina fascinating orient Thailandia 1 2 3 editoriale Franco Pecci Presidente Blue Panorama Airlines


magazine Ergonomia Ergonomics in sala operatoria in the operating room Pag. Pag. Pag. Pag. Monouso e a basso costo Single-use and low-cost

magazine Ergonomia Ergonomics in sala operatoria in the operating room Pag. Pag. Pag. Pag. Monouso e a basso costo Single-use and low-cost magazine Quadrimestrale di ricerca, innovazione e impresa di AREA Science Park N 46 maggio 2012 Anno XVIII - Spedizione in A.P. - 70% - Filiale di Trieste - Taxe Perçue Ergonomia in sala operatoria Ergonomics


El Do c u m e n ta l y Yo: il Ci n e m a d i An d r é s Di Tella Th e Ci n e m a o f. Cerimoniale Festival Festival Ceremonial Lucia Landi

El Do c u m e n ta l y Yo: il Ci n e m a d i An d r é s Di Tella Th e Ci n e m a o f. Cerimoniale Festival Festival Ceremonial Lucia Landi Firenze 10-17 novembre 2012 Festival dei Popoli Istituto Italiano per il Film di Documentazione Sociale ONLUS Borgo Pinti, 82r 50121 Firenze Italia tel. +39 055 244778 fax +39 055 241364


Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso

Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso FAMIGLIΑ & AMICI 20% SHOW YOUR CARD 20% Anno X - N 1 A E N I L A NUOV G RIMALDI M AGAZINE MINOAN LINES BONUS CLUB 10% Barceloneta Napoli Assisi Quartiere verace