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2 Master Yacht Design Master of Politecnico di Milano designed by Consorzio With the support of: Sponsor: AS.PRO.NA.DI. The University Master program in Yacht Design, organized by the Design Faculty of the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the University of Genoa and has been set up to meet an intense demand for training in the recreational boat sector, which requires professionals with a post-graduate specialization. AIMS The program provides the tools required to handle the process of designing and building sailing and motor craft. THE SAILING SECTOR The sailing sector shows a strong professional vocation both on necessary competences for designing leisure boats and on capacities for managing the various phases of production planning. MARKET Looking at the past 5 years data analysis on pleasure craft market trends, it can be observed that there was a contraction in product and sales volume that affected Italian craft market. However the mega-yacht sector, which is a sector where Italian shipbuilding preserves an important role at international level, is demonstrating of still holding strong. Another emerging factor is that design culture is well-established in the Italian context and benefits so much from international appreciation that the competences in design, organization and project management are now directed towards those geographical areas which are being more interested in growth and development factors from an industrial and market point of view. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS The Master in Yacht design is intended for graduates in Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design and Economics, or anyone holding a university degree in a related discipline. The maximum number of students admitted to the Master is 30. GOALS This master s degree program provides the skills needed to manage the design and construction process of a sailboat or a motoryacht. DURATION The master has an overall duration of 826 hours divided in frontal lesson and internship, which will allow students to reach a total of 60 university training credits. The internship has a duration of aproximately 3 months. The Master is scheduled to start in March, following the authorization from University. 2 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

3 TEACHING PROGRAM A boat, whether sailing or motor, is a complex product which integrates different systems ranging from that of propulsion to living accommodation, and other accessory functions. Every decision that touches on the technical setup (keel, fins, internal volume, motorization, plant engineering) affects all the other systems. A boat may be produced in series or as a one-off, using different technology and different materials. Interiors are influenced by trends and language, market competition tends to endow every product with a certain degree of innovation. The organization of the Master program takes this complexity into account and alternates class teaching nine training modules from different disciplines with design activities and visits to shipyards and companies within the sector, as well as institutes of applied research. The principles of each discipline are given, together with the tools necessary for the practical application in the design activities of what has been learnt. The various skills and competences of the course participants will be integrated in the work groups, which will be required to develop a series of work-projects. DIDACTIC UNITS The training course is organized in 9 Didactic Units, plus a final workshop and an internship: 1. Yacht Design 2. Design and visual representation 3. Nautical architecture 4. Shipbuilding 5. Onboard fittings and propulsion apparatus 6. Interior furnishings 7. Component and accessory design 8. Environment engineering 9. Empowerment PRATICAL WORK A particularly important characteristic of the Master program is the integration of different didactic modes: meta-design analysis; concept definition; practical design activity in small groups carried out in class. The workshops enable skills acquired in the didactic units, class activities and external visits to be put into practice in a complete project and are considered a fundamental part of the training course. Visits to research structures, production sites and professional firms also form part of the didactic activities. Didactic activities in class are supported by the various occasions for putting in practice what students have learnt in theory. An example can be seen in: - the long list of company visits to manufacturing 3 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

4 plants of naval sector and related businesses organized each year; - the practice exercises of physical modelling to support design activities and to integrate 3D modelling. - the practice exercises of small watercrafts contruction applying the most recent techniques of industrial production; - the opportunities for practising the study of group dinamics through experiences held on board. SAILING CRUISE TEAMBUILDING Teambuilding on board of a sailing cruise, allows student to live a new and engaging experience, taking subjects presented in class outside from the usual study environment. The educational metodology activates a direct process of personal and group growth amplified by the need of survival on board. Boating with classmates, allows students to learn the construction and management mechanism of a team, moreover it allows to acquire the skills needed to understand working dynamics of a working group. Self-perception becomes immediate in conjunction with themes such as trust, collaboration and effective communication. There are individual modalities aiming to create relationships and functional modalities apt to create support relations and trust to create professional and personal efficient relations. It is about living teambuilding dynamics facing concrete problems that need to be solved in group with the aim of reaching a common goal, of structuring an effective team work, creating a fast and clear communication net and to understand which is the real power of action of a group that can reach goals of growing complexities only when it is cohesive and integrates resources and competences. Following the sailing cruise, students will attend guided reflection and rationalization moments about the experience and will transfer what learned to the working reality. PROFESSIONAL OUTLETS Students who complete the program will be ready to cover professional roles that differ from those for which they were prepared by their previous training. Roles covered in recent years by graduates from the Master include: design assistant in professional firms, shipyard production assistant, production manager, quality control manager. INTERNSHIP The internship is compulsory, lasts three months and takes place in top design studios and shipyards. 4 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

5 5 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

6 It allows participants to transfer the skills they have acquired during the course to a real (design or production) context in the nautical world. The training project carried out during the internship will be agreed by the tutor from the Politecnico and the company tutor. LOCATION The program will be conducted at the Consorzio, Politecnico di Milano, via Durando 38/A, Milano. ADMISSION PROCEDURE Admission to the University Master in Yacht design is subject to selection based on an assessment of your curriculum vitae and an individual interview. Maximum number of participants: 30. Those interested should send their curriculum vitae to Candidates living abroad will be able to do a preliminary test on-line before the selection interview. REDUCTIONS 1 reduction of 50% of the registration fee and 2 reductions of 25% are available. All the interested in getting reductions have to complete the selection process (sending documentation and interview) by November 15, The results will be announced after November 16, MYD - Master in Yacht Design

7 STAGE Studi professionali A.V. & C. di Andrea Vallicelli Tommaso Alessandro Vismara Felci Yachts Giovanni Ceccarelli Yacht Design Luca Brenta Marc Lombard S.A.R.L. Architecture Navale Naval Design Officina Italiana Design, Mauro Micheli Pastrovich Studio ProShip S.r.l. Roberto Starkel Studio Spadolini Cariboni Italy Stand By, Marijana Radovic Studio Lazzarini & Pickering Studio Roberto Starkel & C. s.a.s. Tripp Design Victory Design Shipyards Adria Sail srl Alessandro Vismara Yachts Azimut-Benetti Spa Bertram Yacht Inc., Miami (Usa) Cantieri Alto Adriatico srl - Monfalcone Cantieri Baglietto Cantieri di Sarnico Cantieri Navali Lavagna srl Cantieri Navali Sciallino srl Cantieri Sangermani CNB F.lli Rossi srl - Viareggio (LU) Ferretti CUSTOM LINE Ferretti Yachts Gemini Yachts Tullio Abbate CRN Harken ICE Yacht Srl INSEAN, Roma Intermarine Marine Composite srl Maxi Dolphin North Sails Italia Srl Perini Navi Pershing Plessis Associèe, Nantes, France Riva Yachts Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Spa (ME) Ron Holland Sanlorenzo spa (SP) Sessa Marine Sessa Marine srl SNO Yachts Southern Wind Southern Wind Ship Yard, Cape Town, Sud Africa Wally Yachts, Montecarlo Wind Tunnel - Politecnico di Milano Yildiz Gemi VE Mak San Tic Istanbul STEERING COMMITTEE Director: Prof.ssa Silvia Piardi Full professor of Architecture Technology, Director of the Design Department, since 2000 is associated to the Design Faculty and teaches Interior Design. His research interests examine relations between projects and sustainability. Assistant Director: Prof. Andrea Ratti Ricercatore di ruolo Prof.ssa Silvia Piardi, Direttore Dip. Di DESIGN del Politecnico di Milano Prof. Andrea Ratti, Ricercatore Politecnico di Milano Prof. Andrea Vallicelli, Professore Ordinario Università di Chieti Ing. Lorenzo Pollicardo, Consultant Federagenti Yachting e organizzatore Salone di Venezia Ing. Aldo Gatti, Consigliere As.Pro.Na.Di Prof. Fabio Fossati, Professore Ordinario Dip. di Meccanica Prof. Carlo Bertorello, Ricercatore Università di Napoli e Resp. Vasca Navale Dip. Di Ingegneria Navale di Napoli Prof. Massimo Musio Sale, Professore Associato, Università di Genova Arch. Umberto Felci, Yacht Designer 7 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

8 FACULTY The Master course involves a group of figures operating in the academic field, in the applied research sector or who carry out their professional activity in the field of yacht design, or the production of boats and their components. The list shown includes the names of all the professionals who in one way or another have taken part in the development of program activities. These figures have conducted teaching and training sessions in class; they have overseen practical design activities or work projects; they have held lessons or given reports in the update seminars, or have acted as tutors during internships undertaken at the end of the Master program. Sergio Abrami - Yacht Designer Andrea Avaldi - Ingegnere Strutturista Giovanni Belgrano - SP-Technologies Carlo Bertorello - Ricercatore, Università di Napoli Roberto Biscontini - Yacht Designer Luca Brenta - Yacht Designer Giovanni Cariboni - Produttore alberi e impianti oleodinamici Guido Cavalazzi - Sail Designer - North Sails Italia Giovanni Ceccarelli - Yacht Designer Berardo Cittadini - Yacht Designer Marcello Costanzo - INSEAN Arturo Dell Acqua Bellavitis - Preside della Scuola del Design - Politecnico di Milano Fulvio De Simoni - Yacht Designer Umberto Felci - Yacht Designer Massimo Figari - Ricercatore Università di Genova Fabio Fossati - Docente Ordinario, Politecnico di Milano Andrea Frabetti - Vice Presidente Engineering Division Ferretti Group Vittorio Garroni Carbonara - Professore Ordinario, Università di Genova Aldo Gatti - Consigliere ASPRONADI Lorenzo Giovanozzi - Yacht Designer - Felci Yachts Massimo Gregori Grgič - Yacht Designer - Naval Architect Ron Holland - Yacht designer Paolo Lodigiani - Yacht Designer Claudio Maletto - Yacht Designer Giovanni Manni - Responsabile Controllo Qualità FERRETTI Mauro Micheli - Yacht Designer Eugenio Moretti - Ex - Direttore tecnico Cantieri Navali Beconcini Massimo Musio Sale - Professore Associato, Università degli studi di Genova Luca Olivari - Ingegnere Strutturista Massimo Paperini - Yacht Designer Clara Pepe - Docente a contratto Politecnico di Milano Silvia Piardi - Docente Straordinario, Politecnico di Milano Lorenzo Pollicardo - Yacht Industry consultant Ivana Porfidi - Yacht Designer Alfio Quarteroni - Professore Ordinario Politecnico di Milano Andrea Ratti - Ricercatore, Politecnico di Milano Giampaolo Spera - Direttore Harken Italia Roberto Starkel - Yacht Designer Maurizio Testuzza - Titolare cantiere Adria Yacths, Fano Andrea Vallicelli - Professore Ordinario, Università di Chieti Antonio Vettese - Direttore Vela&Motore Davide Zerbinati - Yacht Designer Gianni Zuccon - Yacht Designer e Professore Associato Università di Roma Seminars conducted YD Yacht Design 19 e 20 giugno Politecnico di Milano - Via Durando, 10 Aula CT43 Design e valorizzazione dei beni culturali nella nautica italiana ottobre 2003, Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova Sala Riviera Innovazione e Trasferimento tecnologico nel settore nautico 19 novembre Politecnico di Milano - Via Durando, 10 Aula CT43 Competizione e ricerca nella nautica Il caso America s Cup 23 Novembre 2005 Politecnico di Milano - Via Durando, 10 Aula CT43 10 Anni di idee per la Nautica 30 Settembre Politecnico di Milano - Via Durando, 10 Aula CT43 Publications developed within the ambits of the Master program A. Ratti, Progettazione e costruzione di imbarcazioni a vela ad alta tecnologia, atti del corso di aggiornamento, Edisport, Milano, 1998 F. Fossati, G. Diana, Principi di funzionamento di una imbarcazione a vela, Spiegel, Milano, 2000 A.Ratti, Materiali e tecniche innovative nel settore nautico, atti del corso di aggiornamento, Simone Editore, Napoli, 2001 S. Piardi, Il design degli spazi abitativi, Polidesign, Milano, 2002 Massimo Musio Sale, Il Design nautico, DDD, Disegno e design digitale,, Milano, anno 01, n. 3, lug/set 2002 S. Piardi, A. Ratti, Progettare e costruire imbarcazioni da diporto, Clup, Milano, 2003 A. Ratti, La ricerca nello yacht design. Dalle applicazioni in Coppa America alla produzione di serie, Edisport, Milano 2004 S. Piardi, F. Maggiulli, Esperienze di cantiere: dall artigianato all industria, Clup, Milano 2004 Piardi S., Ratti A., Maggiulli F. (a cura di), Costruire imbarcazioni da diporto, Libreria Clup, Milano, MYD - Master in Yacht Design

9 SUPPORTERS The Politecnico di Milano has been, for more than 135 years, the design University par excellence. The university has always focused on quality and innovation of didactics and research, developing a relation with the economic and productive reality through applied research and technological transfer. The Politecnico di Milano organizes post-graduate courses aiming to educate professionals. The Design Faculty of Politecnico di Milano is today the biggest international university, both for number of students and professors, for the education of product, communication, intern and fashion designers. The laboratories run by the Department of Design cover an area of around 10,000 m2 within the Milan Bovisa campus and, together with the huge network of engineering laboratories, constitute the largest international centre supporting research in the field of design in terms of size, available equipment, and the skills network. Politeca, an integrated documentation system for research in the field of design, is integrated into the laboratories. Relations with the professional sphere are endorsed by the presence of four of the most important associations of design professionals on the board of ADI Association for the Industrial Design AIPi Italian Association of Interior Designers AIAP Italian Association of Visual Communication Design AIMAT Italian Association of Materials Engineering has obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality issued by the ITALCERT certification authority. The certification was assigned thanks to the design services and the teaching services provided such as Master of first and second level in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano university and Higher Education Courses. The Architecture Faculty of Università degli Studi di Genova in numbers: 143 Bachelor Courses, Master Degree and and Specialization Courses (year 2009/2010) 14 PhD courses 1 International PhD course 43 Specialization school activated during 2009/2010 is a Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano promoting educational post-graduate projects operating in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organisations, institutions and bodies. The cornerstone of lies in the disciplines of design and of the related professions. This dimension of design is broader and more systematic than ever; it takes on strategic importance and contrasts not just with the product dimension, but also the dimension of communication, services, spaces, fashion, and events. 9 MYD - Master in Yacht Design

10 SUPPORTERS AssoCompositi Founded in 2005, ASSOCOMPOSITI is the Italian Industry Association for Composite Materials. Its mission is to promote knowledge and use of composite materials in Italy in every possible industrial application and to activate synergies and promote actions at the international level. Ucina Ucina is the Italian marine industry association (Unione Nazionale dei Cantieri e delle Industrie Nautiche e Affini) is a non-profit organization for the development and promotion of the boating sector, as well as encouraging knowledge about the sea and boating tourism. As.Pro.Na.Di Associazione Progettisti Nautica Diporto the Association of the Planners of the Nautical one from Diporto, founded 30 years ago with the aim of promoting the profession in Italy, supporting information exchange among colleagues, encouraging education, research and innovation in the field of sailing and representing the category in front of authorities and institution that operate in related sectors. FIV The Italian Sailing Federation or Federazione Italiana Vela is an authority related to the sail discipline in Italy and part of the dell ISAF (International Sailing Federation). It also takes care of programs and federal activities dealing with promotion, in particular towards youngs; moreover through participation in sailing fairs and big events, FIV struggles to put in contact people with sailing. Another of the objectives of FIV is to educate, the sector of diporto and the oceanic activities. CYD - Collegio Yacht Designer 10 MYD - Master in Yacht Design


12 CONTACTS Ufficio coordinamento formazione POLI.desig Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano Via durando 38/A Milano tel fax