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1 Company Presentation Consulting & Training Italy 1

2 CS Group CS Group is constituted by Training and Orientation Corporations that work at a national level in different Northern and Central Italian Regions. Group Training points are represented by the following Firm Societies: -Consorzio Energy, licensed by Region Piedmont (Certificate no. 062/002 del 03/06/2003 according to the provisions of DGR del 12/11/2001 and DGR del 28/01/2002) and by Region Lombardy (according to the provisions of DDG del 05/12/02, DDG del 22/12/03 and DDG del 06/12/05) - CS Aziendale, licensed by Region Piedmont (Certificate no. 081/001 del 03/06/2003 according to the provisions of DGR del 12/11/2001 and DGR del 28/01/2002) Competence and experience gained from consultant and training activities and the experience of the associated companies in sharing Society s formative activities are combined in the CS Group. The Company has a National and International know-how which is tested and accredited in its field, by the ISO 9001:2000 certification, managing the integration in the company and contributing to global results for the Company. Experience of union cooperation and exchange of ideas make the definition and the development of the formative initiatives specifically related to the real needs of companies in the present competitive context. This approach comes from a long-term market occupation of the relative partners. CS Group can monitor the quality layout of human resources due to its guaranteed technological and business development for companies. This method is also significant in the formative activities, in which the consortium focuses on young people, because these actions plan a determined integration with project companies, with business Teacher s attendence and the completion of theoretic preparation for long-term traineeship in a company. The main goal is to sustain and support users in an orientated path aiming to meet all kinds of needs: informative, formative, advising or business needs. The formative methodologies of CS Group are also addressed to the employees of the company(re-qualification or completion and extension of competence). These methodologies are planned to reach the actual goals of companies, taking into account the historical specifications, the position on the market, or the geographic area, etc.. They are not standard courses, but formation projects, oriented, specific, and well-organized. The formative approach adopted by CS Group implements the necessary lessons with lab form instead of traditional ways, where notions of learning are tested by setting some certain time for discussion and comparison, as well as self-diagnosis: everything is monitored in aprofessional way, high didactic ability and strong ambition to achieve the formative goals. Italy 2

3 Business Policy To successfully lead and run an organization, you need to manage and keep it under control systematically and transparently. This is the principle that motivates evey single action we take. The success of CS Group comes from the Quality Management System fulfillment and update, designed to continuously improve its performances on the baisis of the needs of each interested party. CS Group considers the eight quality management principles as an effective method that the Direction can apply to optimize the performance of the organization. Customer orientation CS Group depends on its Customers (Users, Co-operators, Suppliers, Regions, Provinces). It ought to understand their temporary and future needs, satisfy their requirements and aim at realizing their own expectations. Leadership The Direction, with the cooperation of each person in charge, determines a unity of purpose and organization trends. People in charge have the responsibility to create and sustain an internal environment where staffs are encouraged to pursue the Group aims. Staff involving Human resourses, in any cases, are the essence of the Group and only their full involvement can enable them to strengthen the abilities which are highly required by the society. Process approach The definition of process is:" incoming data elaborated/transformed into outgoing data. Here, each activity is preventively planned, respectively matched with the resources (human, material and economic). Management systematic approach Each single service allocation process is identified, assimilated and managed in a unequivocal way, but at the same time, it is always systematically related to the other processes. This contributes to leading CS Group to pursue its aims in a quite efficient and effective way. Continuous improvement Continuous improvement of our performances is a permanent aim of the firm. Facts-based decisions Data and information, related to our service allocation, are deeply analyzed step by step, which allows us to take effective decisions so that we can cope with any situation. Mutual-benefit relationship with the suppliers CS Group and its Suppliers are interdependent. This ensures a mutual-benefit relationship that improves the uninterrupted creation of added value. Italy 3

4 Services Industrial Advice Management of Quality, Safety and Environment SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT: IMPROVEMENT POLICIES Business check-up on Environment Management System Analysis and applied verification of the norms in force (with reference to D. L. 626, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, BS 8800, SA8000, ISO 45000,...) Structural analysis for finding, classification and reduction of the fire risk level Verification and adjustment of Risks valuation document Workers education and information on company s risks Quality, Environment and Safety Systems integrated management Environment check-up and pollution maps Personal Data Security and Protection (D. L. 196/03) and Information Security QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND UNI EN ISO 9000 NORMS Quality System application in Process Management Certifying and ISO Quality Systems planning according to company s needs Process analysis and company s goals Management Organization and use of the statistic data in Quality System Improvement plans definition in companies already certified by ISO 9000 Inclination to ISO 9000:2000 norms transition Application of the building companies new certifying requirements Application of the HACCP method in the food companies Italy 4

5 Services Directional Advice Management strategies and Management organization analysis BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Payment policies, Duties Documents, Functions Company s mission: Direction tasks Empowerment Learning Organization Business Process Reengineering HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Set-off plan Staff management policies and procedures Internal training MARKETING AND SALES Distribution and sales methods External communication strategies Business policies revision related to sales aims Promotional and advertising tools verification Market research Competitor monitoring system plan ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE AND CONTROL Profits and costs check-up systems Budget check-up Analysis and elaboration of the Business plan and feasibility plan for industrial investment and opening/creation of new Company s projects Structuralization of industrial book-keeping and Company s budget redaction procedures Italy 5

6 Services HR Valorization & Coaching Personalized training plansaboutmanagement and staffs through qualified teaching BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAMS Relief of the formative needs and development aims analysis Formative interventions planning and management ESF financed formative interventions Integrated training: Quality Safety Environment Competence updating: inter-companies training Distance education INTER-COMPANIES COURSES AND SEMINARS Analysis of the training needs based on the field of activity, territorial area, training needs Inter-companies training courses and seminars organised in the CS Group seat Updating of technical-applicative competence: organisation management, norms, tasks Use of information programs, database and new technologies: management-administration field updating COURSES FOR RE-QUALIFICATION OF EMPLOYED PERSONS On-site courses in companies seats Distance courses management: video-conference and on-line forums with FAD techniques Training activity planning: training tools, Teachers, Infrastructures Formative process development and monitoring Practical activities realization related to operative phases (stages and onjob activities) Italy 6

7 Services TRAINING ORIENTATION The Employed Training Orientation Information -Business -Inter-companies -Voucher The Unemployed Training Orientation Training -Post Diploma -Post Graduate Further Education Orientation Advice -IFTS Post Diploma -IFTS Post Graduate System Projects Employing Support -Integration Projects -Internationalization Projects -E1 Measure Projects Italy 7

8 Locations Sede Legale e Operativa Alessandria Varese San Paolo Via Leinì, Settimo Piazza S. Mariadi Castello, Alessandria Via Melchiorre Gioia, Via Guanella, Barza d'ispra(va) Avenida Paulista, San Paolo BRASILE Savona Firenze Roma Rio de Janeiro Via S. Caterina da Siena, 2/ Savona Via Corte Grifoni, Bagno a Ripoli (FI) Via Sistina, Roma Gorkèho, SLOVAKIA Avenida Nossa Senhora de Capacabana Rio de Janeiro BRASILE Italy 8

9 Main Reference Customers The references indicated in the table below refer TO CUSTOMERS of the last three years period related to CS Group: ACETATI S.p.A-ITALPET S.p.A. REPLY S.r.l. ADECCO S.p.A. ACI Service S.r.l. AHLSTROM TURIN S.p.A.. Mathi(TO) AMUT S.p.A. AIBA Brokers Assicurazione Italia ASSA Servizi Ambientali ASCOM PIEMONTE AUTOMOBILE CLUB di ASSOT (Agenzia per lo Sviluppo del Sud Ovest di ) AVIOMETAL SERVIZI S.p.A. Arsago Seprio (VA) AUTOMATION SERVICE S.r.l. Robassomero (TO) AZIENDA OSP. MAGGIORE DELLA CARITÀ Azienda Ospedaliera S.G.Bosco AZIENDA OSP. SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA CARTIERE BURGO S.p.A. S. Mauro (TO) BANCA SELLA S.p.A. Biella (BI) CONSORZIO ELEUSIS BLUE REPLY S.r.l. Commissione Europea (EACEA) Bruxelles CHRISTIAN PFEIFFER MEZZOMERICO SPA Mezzomerico (NO) CSEA S.c.p.a. Consorzio Alta Velocita' TO - MI DM GROUP S.p.A. DE AGOSTINI S.p.A. DOK ITALIA S.r.l. Volpiano (TO) EATON Automotive S.p.A. Rivarolo Canavese (TO) FORTER PIEMONTE EGO Italiana S.p.A. GIOCHI PREZIOSI SPA Cogliate (MI) G.E. Capital Servizi Finanziari SpA Mondovì(CN) GOLMAR ITALIA S.p.A. TO MI GRUPPO FORMULA S.p.A. Rivoli (TO) GRUPPO SOGES S.p.A. TO MI IMIT S.p.A. Castelletto S. (NO) GUIDO TAZZETTI S.p.A. IMPREGILO S.p.A. Sesto San Giovanni (MI) I.N.A.I.L. Roma IN.CO S.p.A. Italy 9

10 Main Reference Customers INALTO Broker S.p.A. INTERSTRADE S.p.A. Cuneo IIS Europa Unita Chivasso (TO) IRPE S.p.A. Malnate (VA) INVESTNET Italia S.p.A. KEY G Consulting S.p.A. IPSIA Zerboni IPSIA Plana IPSIA Galilei KPMG Consulting S.p.A. ITIS Varese Varese LOCATRENT S.p.A. KEYG Consulting S.p.A. MEMC Electronic Materials S.p.A. Kevin Schurter S.p.A. MICHELIN ITALIA S.p.A. JLT SIACI S.r.l. MI -TO OTTONE & MELODA S.p.A. S.Maurizio Opaglio (NO) LEROY MERLIN RAVERA F.lli S.p.A. Cuneo MANPOWER Formazione S.p.A. TO MI-VA REPLY S.p.A. MINISTERO DEL LAVORO Roma RUBINETTERIE CRISTINA S.p.A. Gozzano (NO) P&G International S.r.l. Settimo SAIMA AVANDERO S.p.A. S. Pietro Mosezzo (NO) PERMATEX ITALIA S.r.l. La Loggia (TO) SEA Aeroporti di PROMETEO S.p.A. Seminario Vescovile Di PROVINCIA di SKF Airasca(TO) PROVINCIA di Alessandria Alessandria SOPA Broker S.p.A. RAVA CAREGLIO S.p.A. TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KOSICE Kosice(Slovacchia) REGIONE LOMBARDIA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KOSICE (WITH SEAT IN PRESOV) Presov (Slovacchia) REGIONE LIGURIA Genova UNIVERSITY OF ZILINA Zilina (Slovacchia) REGIONE PIEMONTE SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN BRATISLAVA (WITH SEAT IN TRNAVA) Trnava (Slovacchia) RINASCENTE S.p.A. SLOVAK ACCADEMY OF SCIENCES (Slovacchia) SOMECAT S.p.A. Pianezza (TO) ZUCCHETTI S.p.A. Gozzano (NO) Italy 10

11 Main Reference Strategic Partners Particular attention has been emphasizedto STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP with the respective National and European area: A.I.C.Q. Italia AIDDA API ASFOR ASM Spa Settimo Assolombarda ASTOI ATL Alexala Alessandria Budapest University Technology and Economics Budapest (Ungheria) Camera di Commercio MI AR -TO Caritas Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri TO -AL Centro per l Impiego Centro Tessile Cotoniero Busto (VA) CFP Formazione Varese CNOS FAP Valdocco C.N.R. Divisione I.E.N.I. MI BS PD C.N.R. Divisione I.T.D. PA Comitato Pari Opportunità (Regione Piemonte) Comune di Settimo T.Se Settimo Confesercenti Varese CONFSAL MI -VA Consorzio Valli Alpine Bardonecchia(TO) Consigliera di Parità (Provincia di ) Create Suffolk College Regno Unito DEIS Cork Irlanda Ecole des Mines d'alès Alès(Francia) ELFA s.r.o. Kosice(Slovacchia) ENAIP ESA Formazione Etica e Comunicazione Euracof Varese Eu.For. Moncalieri (TO) Eupolis Slovacchia (Slovacchia) Festo Firema Trasporti Ponteselice(CE) Fondazione S.Carlo Forte Chance Formaper Hertford Regional College Regno Unito Govern de Les Illes Baleares Palma de Mallorca (Spagna) Kaunas University of Technology Kaunas(Lituania) Hotetur Hotels Illes Balears(Spagna) IIS Aldo Moro Rivarolo Italy 11

12 Main Reference Strategic Partners I.A.L. IIS Liceo Giusti IIS Majorana Marro Moncalieri (TO) IIS D Oria Ciriè(TO) IIS Galileo Ferraris Settimo IIS Europa Unita Chivasso (TO) I.N.P.S. International Laser Centre Bratislavia(Slovacchia) Immaginazione e Lavoro Incubatori di Impresa INFOR ITC R.Luxemburg - ITIS Primo Levi ITIS Avogadro ITC E. Fermi Ciriè(TO) ITSOS Marie Curie Cernusco (MI) Liceul Teoretic "Ovidius" Costanza (Romania) Lycèe Professionnel LOUIS MARTIN BRET Manosque Cedex (Francia) Lambrakis Research Foundation Atene (Grecia) Libera Università di Bruxelles Bruxelles (Belgio) Magneti Marelli Corbello (MI) North University of Baia Mare Bucarest (Romania) Patto Terr.le del Comune di TO Patto Territoriale del Canavese Ivrea (TO) Patto Territoriale del PO Settimo Patto Territoriale del Sangone Orbassano (TO) Politecnico Centro Metid Riga Technical University Riga (Latvia) S.A.A. Università degli Studi Selene Consulting Srl Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Center (STPKC) Stoccolma (Svezia) University of Technology Trnava(Slovacchia) Kolezh po Turizam v structurata Varna (Bulgaria) Transilvania University of Brasov Brasov (Romania) Tallinn University of Technology Tallin(Estonia) Technical University of Poznan Poznan(Polonia) Unione Industriale Varese Università Amedeo Avogadro Alessandria Università Bicocca Università Cattolica Università degli Studi di TO Università dell Insubria MI VA Università L'Aquila Università LIUC Castellanza(VA) Università Statale University Dunarea de Jos Galati(Romania) University of Ljubljana Ljubljana(Slovenia) University of Oulu Oulu(Finlandia) University of Debrecen Debrece(Ungheria) University of Maribor Maribors(Slovenia) Italy 12