Red Meat: How Much Is Safe to Consume? Attitudinal Survey: about Trends in Fitness Education EHFA. Unemployment Crisis in Europe

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1 EHFA European Health & Fitness Association EHFA Update issue 27 - OCT 2013 MORE PEOPLE MORE ACTIVE MORE OFTEN Red Meat: How Much Is Safe to Consume? EHFA s First Retention Responses Report... to the Youth Unemployment Crisis in Europe Attitudinal Survey: about Trends in Fitness Education & Training 5 Weight-loss Lies We Tell Ourselves EHFA Member Spotlight - Vivafit, Portugal EHFA and FIBO sign Partnership Agreement

2 EHFA News 2 Paul Kienstra EHFA Board Member A message from Paul Kienstra, EHFA Board Member, CEO High Five & Intenz Dear fitness industry colleagues, On September 15-17, the 6th EHFA Executive Leadership Forum took place. It is a very interesting get-together for leaders in the health & fitness sector. This year, the European Leadership Forum (ELF) took place in Bilbao, Spain. Driven by the establishment of the beautiful Guggenheim Museum in 1997, Bilbao has gone through major changes since the last fifteen years, and evolved from a city of steel production to a very interesting hub of history, culture, nightlife, art and architecture, as well as being home to Spain s best cuisine. Bilbao was a great place to host the ELF, as the fitness industry also faced a lot of changes in the past fifteen years and still is changing rapidly. More than forty leaders, representing companies operating in at least twenty countries, gathered together and pushed the 2013 ELF to a great level. With the objective of the meeting to explore challenges and opportunities of the sector, network and learn from other relevant industries, participants were presented a workshop with Professor Luis Huete from IESE and other thought leaders. The programme started on Sunday with a guided group tour of the Guggenheim Museum. As Bilbao is famous for its cuisine, a dinner at Azurmendi, with the youngest 3 star Michelin chef Eneko Axtka, was a fantastic experience the first evening. In a very interesting lecture, Professor Huete explained on Monday morning why a lack of alignment in a company is not a behavioral or attitudinal problem of the employees, but rather a living reflection of the misalignment at the top. During three very interesting and intensive hours, he explained in a very clear and concrete way what can be done to solve such problems. In the afternoon, Jan Middelkamp presented the first EHFA Retention Report, based on his findings in the course of his Phd study. David Stalker, UKActive CEO, finished the first day by explaining, on the basis of some case studies, why a structured and long term lobbying program is essential for the growth of this sector. During the ELF, there must be attention for activity, which this time was brought by DISQ, who showed the participants their innovative tool for functional training. And yes of course, a workout with the exciting DISQ brought us outside and gave the participants the possibility of an intense workout. Industry leaders attend ELF

3 EHFA News 3 Dinner on Monday was organized in the ART Museum, which was the start of a pleasant evening full of networking between the participants. After a good night sleep, Tuesday morning brought information on the European Market by Herman Rutgers, based on the EHFA/Deloitte Key Operator study. Philippe Mills shared his ideas and observations of the Healthclub Industry, by taking everybody from trend to trend, using his great experience traveling around the world for six months a year. The 6th ELF was again a great success. EHFA plays a very important role in bringing Leaders in our sector together and giving them the opportunity to network and learn from interesting speakers. Looking forward to next Year! Paul Kienstra EHFA Board Member, CEO High Five & Intenz Contents p4 p5 p6 p10 EHFA and FIBO sign Partnership Agreement New Opportunities for Fitness Responses to the Youth Unemployment Crisis in Europe Industry People - Rob Wilkie, Compliance and Standards Manager, REPs UK p11 EHFA Member Spotlight - Vivafit, Portugal p14 EU policymakers push for action on obesity p15 ForumClub numero 15: un edizione molto speciale p21 Technical - 5 Weight-loss Lies We Tell Ourselves Have you contributed to the Attitudinal Survey about Trends in Fitness Education & Training ? The main objective of this first study of its kind in Europe is not only to identify the top trends in education rather than figuring out the essential skills professionals need to work in certain occupational fields. As this survey aims at different stakeholders like training companies, universities, employers as well as exercise professionals we expect to have a real insight into the future priorities of providers and the situations and thinking of professionals. We strongly encourage all European fitness people, representatives from organisations and individuals, to participate in our survey that is a available on;

4 EHFA News 4 EHFA and FIBO sign Partnership Agreement The European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA), based in Brussels and the largest international tradeshow for health and fitness, FIBO, announced today that they have agreed on the development of a number of joint activities, taking place in 2014 and beyond. *First, in January 2014 the 2 partners will organise the first ever FIBO Innovations Tour, which will take place in 4 major cities; Helsinki ( 21/1), Stockholm (23/1), London (28/1) and Warsaw ( 30/1). During a one day seminar organised by EHFA and FIBO, in cooperation with the local national association in each country, various speakers will address the current trends and major innovations in the sector. Target group for the Innovations Tour are decision makers and opinion leaders; leading club operators, managers, personal trainers, healthcare officials, etc. Participation is free. *Second, FIBO and EHFA will jointly organize the first EHFA European Health & Fitness Forum which will take place in Cologne on April 2nd The EHFF will cover topics like developments in healthcare in Europe, demographic trends, socio-economical develoments and their impact on the health & fitness sector between now and Speakers will come from Universities, the EU and the H & F sector. During the Forum new research will be released and presented for the first time on the size and scope of the sector as well as some recommendations for policy making to combat physical inactivity of the European population. Participants of the EHFF will be policymakers, healthcare experts, insurance executives, leading fitness operators and training companies. The day long Forum will be followed by an International reception. *Third, FIBO has agreed to become a co-sponsor of the EHFA / Deloitte European Market Research which will be published early April 2014 and of which key findings will be presented during the EHFF. Herman Rutgers, EHFA Board Member comments: We are very excited about the partnership with FIBO. In my discussions with the FIBO management it became quite clear that the visions for the development of our sector are very much aligned with each other. Both our organisations have as objective to stimulate professionalism and innovation. By working together we can help to bring the achievement of our goal of More People, More Active, More Often closer, and grow the sector Ralph Scholz, Event Director FIBO comments: We are dedicated to support the goals of EHFA and thus the european Fitness Industry with this cooperation. An european market research is a fine step forward. Furthermore we strengthen with this cooperation our strategy to become more international at FIBO. The Forum at the day before FIBO serves to support the international exchange of top decision-makers and enhances the regard of the the industry s achievements to policy makers, the medical community and the broad public.

5 EHFA News 5 NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR FITNESS In the next few weeks and months further details will be emerging about how new EU programmes in education and training and research which will open opportunities for the fitness sector all across Europe. The EU s 2020 Strategy will have a focus on helping resolve the financial crisis by promoting improving quality and diversity of skills training in both vocational and higher education, increasing levels of mobility and employment, and in research into alternative healthcare provision. The new EU Programme lasts for the next 6 years and has some very significant funding behind it 14,5 Billion for the new Erasmus + Programme in education and training and higher education exchange programmes and 70,0 Billion for the new Horizon 2020 Programme for all research activities that takes over from the earlier 7th Framework Programme. For the first time we will see some specific funding for priorities in sport (and this includes fitness) as part of the Erasmus + Programme. 300 million will be spent on delivering actions for 6 key policy areas of the Sport Chapter and where EHFA has been directly involved. On-going work in anti-doping, promoting health-enhancing physical activity and education and training provide opportunities for EHFA to make grant applications with a role that will help coordinate and collaborate with our partners and stakeholders. The first indication of the actions for funding will be given at the EU Sport Forum in Vilnius on 1st October. Some other key events are the re-run of the Eurobarometer which in 2010 surveyed across Europe and found activity levels and the most popular sports. Fitness came out as the number 1 participation sport so it will be interesting compare with the new findings. Also planned for 2014 is the publication of the revised EU Guidelines on Physical Activity. The earlier guidelines were more aspirational but the revision will include indices and way to measure how interventions are working. The increasing weight of evidence available indicates that fitness has some very good opportunities and the new Plan for Growth Programme that EHFA is running will give the definitive evidence the sector needs to present its case to increase levels of participation and win the support of the EU, our governments, agencies and healthcare professionals. The Plan for Growth, supported by Technogym will be presented at the Fitness Forum at FIBO on 2nd APRIL Keep up to date with EHFA activities and events through this Journal, our website at through our Brussels Bulletin and follow us at;

6 News & Views 6 Responses to the Youth Unemployment Crisis in Europe Colm O Callaghan EHFA EU Policy Officer In his State of the Union speech Commission President Jose Manual Barosso highlighted youth unemployment as one of the foremost issues which Europe needs to tackle. 1 Currently, the unemployment rate among young people in Europe stands at 23.5%. Thus far, the European Union has implemented a Youth Employment Package. As part of this package, the EU has called on all Member States to implement a Youth Guarantee Scheme. This scheme would ensure that all young people (under the age of 25) would gain employment, further education and training or a traineeship within four months of becoming unemployed. While this may require Member States to make many structural reforms, the European Commission has urged Member States to make youth unemployment a priority in terms of their upcoming budgets. 2 In addition to this, the Council of the European Union made an agreement in February of this year to create a Youth Unemployment Initiative. The terms of this agreement provide 6 billion to assist in the battle against youth unemployment and the devastating consequences it can have on the economies of all of the Member States in the Union. 3 billion of this fund will come from the European Social Fund while the other 3 billion will be taken from the upcoming EU budget for the period However, in contrast to the youth guarantee, the youth unemployment initiative will only be enacted in regions where youth unemployment levels are greater than 25%, it will focus exclusive on those between the ages of 14 and The importance of the Youth Guarantee In relation to the youth guarantee, the European Commission has urged all Member States to frontload investment in their budgets in order to ensure that this crisis can be tackled head-on. The rationale behind this being that, if the relevant funds are committed at Member State level in 2014 and 2015, then action can be taken to reverse youth unemployment trends before the situation worsens. 4 The implementation of the youth guarantee is of fundamental importance due to the fact that failure to act or a delay in taking action will result in a greater long-term cost. The International Labour Organisation has made the estimation that the overall cost of establishing youth guarantees within the Eurozone will cost in 1 BBC, No more business as usual, says Commission chief, 11 September European Commission, (2013), Factsheet: EU measures to tackle youth unemployment 3 European Commission, (2013) 4 European Commission, (2013)

7 7 the region of 21 billion each year. 5 However, the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions has stated that the current economic loss in the EU of having 705 million young people out of work or education or training at over 150 billion euros in terms of benefits paid out and lost output. 6 This truly highlights the need to prioritise measures which aim to reduce youth unemployment levels sooner rather than later. The potential exists in the European health and fitness sector to contribute in the battle against youth unemployment. Not only would the contribution of this sector assist the youth of Europe but it could also be incredibly beneficial for the sector itself. This will be discussed in more detail further on. Recent developments With youth unemployment being so prevalent throughout Europe, two reports were put before the September European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg. One of the reports came from the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the Parliament while the other came from the Culture and Education Committee. These reports focused on the quality of traineeships throughout the Union. They called for youth guarantee schemes to be extended in order to provide support for all unemployed persons under 30 years of age, rather than just those below the age of 25. In addition to this, MEPs voted 5 European Commission, (2013) 6 European Commission, (2013), Pg, 4.

8 News & Views 8 in favour of modifying education systems in order to provide a greater correlation between the education young people receive and the requirements of the labour market. The aim of this would be to provide young people with a stronger platform from which they would be able to find gainful employment. In relation to the quality of traineeships, these reports called for barriers to be removed from cross-border apprenticeships and traineeships, thus allowing young people greater mobility so that they can gain experience from which they may be able to find a permanent job. However, this must be coupled with an introduction of minimum standards for traineeships. Such standards should be related to the payment of these young people undertaking traineeships as well as the conditions in which they work. The first resolution was passed by the European Parliament plenary session by a vote of 517 votes in favour and 77 votes against while the second was passed by a vote of 612 votes in favour with 55 votes against. 7 Following on from this, the European Commission also responded to a written question put to them be European People s Party MEP Lara Comi who had asked the Commission about the possibility of extending youth guarantee schemes to all of those under the age of 30 who have been unemployed for more than 4 months instead of limiting it to those under the age of 25. In response to this, the European Commission cited the Council of the European Union Recommendation on establishing a youth guarantee saying that it recommends that Member States ensure that all young people under the age of 25 years receive a good-quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within a period of four months of becoming unemployed or leaving formal education. The European Commission found that this wording left Member States with the option of extending the youth guarantee to young people who are over 25 years of age. In fact, the means by which Member States implement youth guarantees is fundamentally up to them as employment is a competence of Member States. 8 Youth unemployment and the health and fitness sector The European health and fitness sector has weathered the economic crisis in a way that many other industries have not been able to. The health and fitness sector in Europe employs over 400,000 people. While some companies in the sector have felt the crunch brought on by the economic crisis, many others 7 European Parliament, Youth unemployment: ensure good quality traineeships, say MEPs, 11 September Lara Comi, Parliamentary Question: Youth Guarantee 22 May 2013 ( doc+xml+v0//en&language=pt)

9 News & Views 9 have actually expanded and grown their businesses which would not have been feasible had the sector been impacted by the financial crisis in the way that many other sectors have been. 9 Thus, the health and fitness sector is in a strong position to contribute to the battle against youth unemployment. Due to the strong position of the sector, and the potential for growth which still exists, the health and fitness sector can work to encourage young people to consider a career in fitness. This could be undertaken through increasing the amount of information about the industry in Europe while possibly offering traineeships to young people in the lower or managerial aspects of the industry. This would provide young people with an insight into the workings of the sector and may bring their attention to jobs within the sector which they previously did not know existed. Through doing this, the health and fitness industry in Europe would work towards being seen as a socially active member of European society while also strengthening its profile at local levels throughout the region. In conjunction with this, the health and fitness industry in Europe should highlight the possibilities which exist in terms of vocational education which would allow people to work as fitness instructors and personal trainers etc. Increasing the amount of information about these opportunities may attract people into the industry who may not have previously considered a career in fitness. Not only would an increase in education help strengthen the sector s workforce, but all additional information about the industry which exists in the public sphere increases the likelihood of more people becoming involved in fitness and exercise and choosing to work towards living a healthier lifestyle. 9 European Health & Fitness Association, (2012) Annual Report 2012 Become an EHFA Member EHFA represents the whole industry, including associations, suppliers, training providers and individuals because it has a simple unifying purpose: to raise standards in the health and fitness sector and get More People, More Active, More Often. If you like what you re reading and want to know more about EHFA membership visit our website - click here

10 Industry People 10 The health & fitness sector is made up of thousands of amazing people working every day to transform the way people think about health and wellness and to help bring about EHFA s mission to get More People, More Active, More Often In this section we will introduce to you some of these movers and shakers and hope you will be further inspired by their passion and dedication to our sector Name: Company: Position: Rob Wilkie Register of Exercise Professionals (UK) Compliance and Standards Manager For the benefit of the non-uk readers of this, please let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Wilkie and I am the Compliance and Standards Manager for REPS UK. I am part of the new structure here in Britain which aims to develop and enhance the status REPS UK has developed over the last 10 years. My job is to ensure that REPS UK maintains and enhances its reputation for quality and integrity, and that members on the register can be relied upon to keep themselves up to date by completing their required CPD. I have worked in the fitness industry for my entire adult life, and have built up a wealth of experience in those 22 years. When I started you did not need a qualification to work in this business; so every development which enhances the professionalism, knowledge and respect of exercise professionals is to be welcomed and encouraged as a step away from those dark days. I look forward to working with the wider European health and fitness community in making our industry as professional and respectable as possible. Rob Wilkie Compliance and Standards Manager - REPS UK

11 EHFA Members 11 EHFA Member Spotlight Vivafit Ed. 8, Lagoas Park, Porto Salvo, Portugal E: W: W: Company Profile Vivafit is a fitness and nutrition franchise. Vivafit is the Portuguese market leader with 60 gyms in Portugal, Spain, India, Singapore, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and opening soon in Qatar and Oman. Our aim is to guarantee a good bottom line to our franchisees by providing them with a fast ROI finantial proven model with tools for the franchisees to help women becoming healthier, thru exercise and good nutrition. We value and make the difference, providing outstanding group fitness classes and nutrition software platform, that meet the specific needs and desires of each member and great customer service at affordable prices. Both, our franchisees and ourselves recognize that sustainable profitability is essential to our future success; we work hard faster, simpler and together with all our partners, franchisees and suppliers, to maximize profit toward a sustainable future. Our team is highly committed to the highest ethical standards of excellence, respect, integrity in our relationships with all our partners, members, franchisees, suppliers and shareholders. Pride, energy and inovation drive Vivafit s team to achieve worldwide leadership position. Employment Policy Whenever possible we try internal recruitment for instances from Portugal to Masters or from clubs to head office. Mainly, we seek to two different profiles:

12 EHFA News 12 * Fitness professionals with a high technical and commercial skills and ability to build great professional and personal relationships: EREPS EQF levels 3, 4 & 5 * Managers who can ally technical knowledge to management business and leadership skills. Most new centers always open at least with one experienced Vivafit professional even in our international locations. EREPS EQF levels 4 & 6 Number of sites 60 clubs in Portugal, Spain, India, Singapore, Uruguay & Unites Arab Emirates. Services Offered Our main service delivery is group fitness with 2 studios offering excellent results focused classes that are accompanied by a personal nutritionist service. Our core group fitness service specialization consists Les Mills group classes of Body Vive, Body Balance and Sh bam; Pilates and circuit machines classes. Our personal nutritionist service provides members with a personalized eating plan and weekly accompaniment of lifestyle issues that are to helping members understand why their eating and stress is interfering with achieving their weight goals. Selected Vivafits also offer personal training. Countries represented 3 continents & 7 countries. 2 more countries (Oman and Qatar are already signed)

13 EHFA Members 13 Plans: short term / Medium term / Long term Our main goal is to sustain profitable growth by being the women s worldwide exercise & nutrition innovative market leader. We will achieve the leadership position creating a healthier and more active everyday life for women. Wherever we are, Vivafit will always be the first choice and the leader! Our brand expansion is achieved through franchise partnerships with growth plans on 3 different continents where we currently have Master Franchise agreements. Our sights are set on additional growth of new Franchise agreements. We expect a good growth of the brand achieving 100 units in the next 3 years in both Singapore and India. We are also in the initial stages of growth in South America & the Middle East. For more information; We are recruiting... Vivafit is an express exercise & nutrition women only gym, with 80% market share in Portugal, and currently expanding in Singapore, India, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay & Spain, with more than 60 clubs and with plans for strong growth and further international expansion. We are looking for people with a passion in fitness, highly motivated to work for goals, with a high capacity of dealing with stress, pro-active, interested in dealing with people, and have a healthy lifestyle. We are currently recruiting instructors, sales persons & managers for Singapore, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, India (Delhi, Bangalore & Guwahati), Spain (Santander), Qatar & Portugal. If you match the profile we are looking for, like challenges and would like to belong to the team leading the market then go to;

14 News & Views 14 EU policymakers push for action on obesity article courtesy of EU news & policy debates Obesity-related illnesses have become such a problem in Europe that they have reached the top political level, with even the EU council s Lithuanian presidency vowing to raise the issue at upcoming ministerials. In Europe, an estimated 50% of all men and women were overweight in 2008, and 23% of all women and 20% of men were obese, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Obesity often results from physical inactivity, and unhealthy diets and is a main risk factors for the development of related non-communicable illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular and lung disease. Think tanks have predicted that obesity-related diseases will increase the pressure on already stressed healthcare systems in the EU in the future. This was the subject of a conference on Tuesday (17 September), Eat well, drink well, move... A small step for you, a big step for Europe, organised by the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR). The ICCR s scientific director, Jean-Pierre Després, said that the EU needs to target sedentary behaviours, not obesity per se, as a tool to improve citizens health. ICCR Executive Director Jean-Claude Coubard, presented a new manifesto on obesity which states that waist measurement in the future should be used as a vital sign for obesity. It also calls for food quality and healthy drinking, activity. Bottom-up approach Androulla Vassiliou, commissioner for education, culture and sport, recently launched an initiative click above to watch video on physical activity and called for a European Week of Sport. She said that participation in sports and physical activities was one of the most effective ways of staying physically and mentally fit, and referred to the ancient Greek saying A healthy mind in a healthy body Unfortunately, we also know that more than half of Europeans do not meet the physical activity levels set by the WHO. This leads to significant economic and social costs for the member states, the Commissioner stressed. Vassiliou said that the EU should take on a bottom-up approach on obesity. These kinds of initiatives don t work if they are just politicians telling the public what to do, she said. I believe in order to change people s lifestyles You can t impose it from the top. You have to really create the right environment for people to see that it s worth adopting these changes in their lifestyles, she added. If everyone is motivated to organise sports and physical activities; schools, employers, enterprises, local communities I believe that if everyone is involved I think the public will start learning that this is something which is good for them, the commissioner for sport insisted. Continued discussions in Council Després gave his support for the commissioner s initiatives. We are convinced that indeed the population will abide to this initiative bottomup. Physical activity is fun and this should

15 News & Views be emphasised. It s clearly a very important component of a plan to reduce the burden of a chronic disease, he said. The economic consequences of this societal disease are tremendous for all nations economies and even companies have to deal with the financial impact of the fairly large proportions of the employees being obese in terms of healthcare costs and healthcare instruments, the ICCR scientific director added. Gediminas Černiauskas, the Lithuanian viceminister for health, said that all EU member states had experience with obesity, and called for a public discussion on healthy lifestyles. If European public-awareness projects could increase the level of physical activities among the citizens by one minute per day, Černiauskas said, these small steps could yield big results. 15 We are lacking actions on different levels even in the EU where we have three Commissioners involved with health, so it s complicated, the viceminister for health said, promising that he would pass on the obesity manifesto to the European Council. We would like to reflect on your findings in our activities, but also to pass it on to the next presidencies to continue the discussions. We have started the discussions, but we would like to continue because it s really important, he continued. Coubard concluded that he hopes the conference won t just be one event for discussion on obesity. Now is time for real action, he stated. For more details go to; ForumClub numero 15: un edizione molto speciale Il ForumClub festeggerà a febbraio il traguardo della quindicesima edizione che riporterà gli incontri formativi all interno del sontuoso Palazzo dei Congressi della Fiera di Bologna e l Expo in un unico grande padiglione dedicato all universo fitness, benessere e piscina. L appuntamento per il settore è dal 20 al 22 febbraio. Non potete mancare Difficilmente la crescita coincide con un percorso lineare privo di ostacoli. Al contrario, spesso è una parete scoscesa da scalare con forza e determinazione per raggiungere la cima, godersi il panorama e quindi ripartire verso nuove vette. In questi quindici anni insieme, Il ForumClub si è fatto corda per compiere questa scalata, a tratti impervia, insieme a tutti quegli operatori di club che hanno dedicato volontà, energie ed entusiasmo alla propria crescita professionale e imprenditoriale. Il Forum 2014, che festeggia il prestigioso traguardo della quindicesima edizione, sarà un occasione imperdibile per incontrare i propri compagni di viaggio, quegli operatori evoluti e lungimiranti che considerano la formazione e l aggiornamento continui un aspetto imprescindibile per crescere come imprenditori, come professionisti e, non meno importante, come

16 News & Views 16 settore. E numerose saranno le novità e le sorprese. Dal 20 al 22 febbraio celebreremo i nostri primi 15 anni insieme all interno del prestigioso Palazzo dei Congressi della Fiera di Bologna, un palcoscenico a 5 stelle per un evento formativo di alto profilo. Molti di voi ricorderanno l edizione 2001, la grande ed elegante Sala Italia piena in ogni ordine di posto, con molti congressisti a seguire in piedi una general session conclusasi con una standing ovation. Per noi, e sicuramente per molti di voi, questa edizione speciale avrà dunque il sapore del ritorno a casa. E per chi parteciperà per la prima volta, sarà davvero una prima volta da ricordare. L Expo andrà invece in scena in un unico grande padiglione il 19, raggiungibile dal Palazzo dei Congressi in pochi passi, una grande vetrina che offrirà un ampia panoramica di tutto ciò che il mercato offre per fitness club, centri sportivi, piscine e spa. L edizione 2014 del duplice, e al tempo stesso unico, evento ForumClub-ForumPiscine, oltre alla nuova location, darà spazio a nuove idee e punterà su concretezza e praticità, con un obiettivo chiaro e preciso: fornire a tutti i partecipanti strumenti e soluzioni pronti all uso. E ancor più che in passato, le tre giornate all ombra delle Due Torri offriranno l occasione perfetta per fare network ed entrare in rete, per confrontarsi con altri operatori e allargare i propri orizzonti. Il congresso Il Forum 2014 ripartirà dal successo dell edizione 2013 che ha registrato un più 12% per quanto concerne il numero di iscrizioni al congresso. Un risultato molto incoraggiante in anni, come questi, particolarmente difficili. La formula formativa suddivisa in percorsi ad hoc per le diverse figure professionali del club è stata molto apprezzata e verrà pertanto confermata, ma adeguatamente rinnovata e potenziata. Da mesi la segreteria scientifica è al lavoro per proporre i percorsi manageriale, commerciale, accoglienza e tecnico di alto livello per soddisfare appieno le aspettative di un pubblico giustamente molto esigente. Confermato anche l Aquatic Management, destinato a gestori e professionisti di impianti acquatici, e ForumSport, il percorso pensato specificamente per i centri sportivi. Stiamo configurando il programma congressuale tenendo in debita considerazione i feedback raccolti lo scorso anno, analizzandoli con cura per avvicinare il più possibile l offerta formativa alle vostre esigenze,

17 News & Views 17 per proporre sessioni realmente utili, dando la parola anche a operatori del settore per facilitare il confronto e lo scambio di esperienze. Ancora una volta saranno numerosi i relatori italiani e stranieri che proporranno case history di successo, spunti di riflessione e vere e proprie ricette pronte da essere messe in pratica. Tra i key note speaker stranieri della quindicesima edizione di ForumClub, possiamo già annunciare i nomi di Fred Hoffman e Alan Leach. Dopo i grandi consensi ottenuti all edizione 2012 del Forum, Fred Hoffman consulente e master trainer per grandi aziende del settore, nonché relatore e consulente rinomato a livello internazionale proporrà due nuovi interventi specificamente preparati per gli operatori italiani, tenendo in considerazione le specificità del nostro mercato e della nostra cultura. L irlandese Alan Leach, group general manager dei rinomati West Wood Clubs, porterà per la prima volta in Italia casi di successo ottenuti nell ambito della vendita e del CRM attuando iniziative straordinariamente efficaci. Lo farà spiegando modalità e tempi di attuazione, costi sostenuti e profitti generati, consegnando al pubblico veri e propri modelli replicabili con successo anche nel nostro Paese. E tanti altri relatori italiani, tra i quali figureranno apprezzati volti noti e diverse new entry, affronteranno temi caldi e anticiperanno le tendenze future. L Expo Lo scorso anno 150 aziende italiane ed estere hanno animato il salone espositivo della piscina e del club, facendo di Bologna il cuore del mercato. Quest anno, come anticipato, l ampia rassegna espositiva, accessibile gratuitamente, sarà ospitata da un unico grande padiglione che consentirà ai visitatori professionali sono stati circa gli operatori presenti nel 2013 di aggiornarsi sulle novità proposte da un mercato che, nonostante le difficoltà, continua a evolversi. I titolari, i manager e i professionisti di fitness e wellness club, amministratori e gestori di impianti sportivi, piscine, centri termali, centri benessere e hotel, affolleranno il Padiglione 19 nel quale domanda e offerta entreranno ancora una volta in contatto diretto in un ambiente btob, ideale per valutare con attenzione le novità esposte. L elenco degli espositori dell ultima edizione è consultabile nel sito che vi suggeriamo di visitare regolarmente per seguire il work in progress dell evento.

18 News & Views 18 La rete del Forum In apertura abbiamo definito il ForumClub il luogo ideale in cui fare rete, rete intesa come network di idee e contatti. Mai come in questi anni crediamo sia fondamentale unire le forze e condividere le competenze per intraprendere un percorso che si trasformi in strada illuminata, in tutti i sensi. Da 25 anni con Il Nuovo Club e da 15 con il ForumClub, cerchiamo di unire aziende, operatori e formatori in un unico luogo (ideale in un caso, reale nell altro) in cui trasformare un incontro in opportunità. Di recente un manager del settore, che da sempre legge la rivista e partecipa al ForumClub, ci ha definiti l ultima luce accesa, l unico riferimento luminoso quando intorno tutto è buio. Questa definizione metaforica del ForumClub ci lusinga e ci spinge a lavorare con rinnovata energia e passione per offrire al settore una casa luminosa nella quale confrontarsi apertamente, chiarirsi le idee e guardarsi negli occhi. Una casa in cui incontrare colleghi e afferrare al volo qualche idea lungo un corridoio, dentro una sala, persino al bar. Poiché il Forum siete voi, siamo noi, vi invitiamo a non esitare a inviarci consigli, suggerimenti e richieste, così come critiche, possibilmente costruttive e, come tali, utili. Scriveteci, chiamateci, richiedete la nostra attenzione. Lavoriamo per voi e siamo felici di farlo... La sesta edizione di ForumPiscine ForumPiscine, salone internazionale della piscina, importante punto di riferimento non solo per l Italia, giunge alla sua sesta edizione. Non a caso, già da qualche anno all evento partecipano aziende straniere che rendono ulteriormente prestigiosa una rassegna ricca e stimolante, in grado di fornire una visone completa dell universo acqua, risultando particolarmente interessante anche per fitness club, centri sportivi, centri termali e benessere e hotel. L ampia varietà merceologica comprende, solo per citare qualche categoria, piscine, arredi, complementi per spa e centri benessere, nonché progettazione e realizzazione di centri chiavi in mano. E a tutto ciò va aggiunto il congresso internazionale di ForumPiscine e i workshop gratuiti tenuti da aziende e associazioni per presentare nuovi prodotti e soluzioni per il settore.

19 News & Views 19 L ottava edizione del club award Il Club Award, il prestigioso premio istituito dalla rivista Il Nuovo Club, è giunto all ottava edizione e al ForumClub verranno svelati i vincitori delle tre ormai note categorie: Club dell anno, Innovazione e Speciale. Per candidarsi basta visitare il nostro sito scaricare i moduli, compilarli e inviarli via all indirizzo tramite Facebook sul profilo dell Editrice Il Campo oppure via fax al numero Per informazioni, iscrizioni e prenotazioni Anche quest anno sarà possibile iscriversi al Forum risparmiando sulle tariffe piene. Per farlo, vi invitiamo a tenere sempre monitorato il nostro sito www. in cui si darà notizia, per tempo, degli sconti proposti. Segreteria scientifica e vendita stand: Editrice Il Campo Tel , Segreteria organizzativa: Absolut Eventi & Comunicazioni Tel Fax Per chi volesse tenersi costantemente aggiornato sulle novità della prossima edizione, consigliamo di iscriversi alla newsletter dell evento. Per farlo, basta visitare il sito it e Active Pregnancy Research Article Rita Santos Rocha, Associate Professor at the Sport Science School of Rio Maior (ESDRM) - Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPS), Portugal and Vice Chair of EHFA s Standards Council, has recently published a new research article in the open access Journal of Pregnancy: Kinematic Analysis of Gait in the Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy The purposes of the study, supported by the FCT - FUNDAÇÃO PARA A CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA / Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (, were to quantify the mechanical load exerted on the structures of the lower limb in pregnant women, and quantify the kinematic and temporospatial differences that occur between the end of these two trimesters. Other papers are being prepared, focused on the kinetic parameters and the adaptations between the third trimester and postpartum period. Understanding the biomechanical parameters associated to the motor tasks performed by the pregnant woman, and analysing the effect of the different trimesters of pregnancy, provides more information about mechanical loads, which will subsequently, be helpful for prescribing exercise programs and rehabilitation programs, and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

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