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3 :/f::.~ DFJLA COMUNlTA'ITALlANA Sommario Servizi Speciali - Contents November/Novembre Arrivederci Sealed with a Kiss losefa da Obidos. -.. WeddingIBaptism Procession and Sagra 97 Brain Work p. 5 p. 12 p.13 p. 17 p.24 p.27 Regular Features Due Parole ' TheH~ll Cronaca Dall'ltalia I Nostri Vini Personaggi p. 4 p. 8 p. 14 p. 19 p.30 p.32 : I ". Entertainment, Leisure & Sport Cine!lla",/<.SportligIlt,ltalsport "' Tempo Libero Mamma's Ricetta A vvisi - N otizie Vita dell a nostra Parrocchia Avvisi Noticeboard p.33 p. 34 p.35 p.37 p.38 p.20 p.31 p. 36 A little later than usual, we present photos of this years Procession and Sagra. Page 24 Any enquiries regarding 8ackhill telephone: ~ Printed by Sterling Printing Co. Lzd. 164 High Street, Barnet, /lerts, EN65XP 1997 BACKHILL, 136 Clerkenwell Road, LondonEC1 Novembre97 / i 3

4 ;e.~~comvnita'rrauana Due Parole Padre Roberto Russo CariAmici, Le nostre Due Parole a Novembre sono sempre sui Santi e sui "Morti. E' una cosa che ce la seniiamo nel cuore e neua'vita: per molti di noi e' una nostalgia, un caro altettuoso' ricordo dei nostri Morti mai dimenticati. Quante volte noi ci troviamo insieme e it discorso toma sui nostri earl Morti? QueUo che hanno ratto per noi, queuo che noi abbiamo fatto per 'Ioro, it dolore che ci hanno lasciato e che mai e' scomparso anche se ha preso altic forme, altri sentimenti. Per molti di noi questo incontro di preghiera con i nostri earl Morti e' ancora un dolore forte e profondo, perehe' II abbiamo persi da poeo, perche' ancora non ci siamo abituati a non vederll tra noi: loro, che erano sempre tra noi. La Chiesa e' veramente una Madre, perche' ci guida a ricordare e a pregare per i nostri earl Morti proprio insieme ai Sariti: noi ci sentiamo tanto consolati perche',preghiamo per i nostri earl Morti insieme ai nostri earl Santi: e possiamo pregare con piu' fiducia, con piu' serenita'; perche' sentiamo che stanno tutti in cielo, insieme e pregano per noi, pregano per la nostra santita' e pregano perche' noi possiamo morire bene. E cosi' ci possiamo scambiare qualche pensiero che, bene 0 male, ci incoraggia e ci aiuta a vivere bene. Cari Amici, ci ricordiamo queuo che cl ha detto Gesu': "Non chi dice Signore, Signore, entrera' nel Regno dei cieli, ma colui che sara' disposto a fare la volcinta"del Padre.mio che sta nei' ciell". Sono parole piene di amore e non di terrore; perche' la nostra santita' si misura sulla quantita' di iunore e di 'sacrificio che un cammino verso le braccia aperte mettiamo nel servizio di Dio: cioe' in tutto queuo che facciamo durante it giomo e come trattiamo le persone che incontriamo durante it giomo, specialmente queue con cui viviamo. Chiediamo a Dio la responsabilita' deua vita, volendo e operando it bene, soffrendo perche' it bene, quello vero e concreto, diventi it nostro pane quotidiano: I'unico ideale deua nostra vita.come e~ stato l'unico ideale dei earl Santi' che preghiamo: questi earl Santi che sono state persone alia 1>uona, semplici,e umani. Vedete,. basta farci conquistare interarilente dall'amore di Dio, basta renderei disponibili all'azione deua grazia; basta dire sempre di "si" alle buone ispirazioni che ci partono dai cuore. Basta dire di "si" all'ottimismo, alia speranza e all'amore. E quando con questi sentimenti noi entriamo nel camposanto a trovare i nostri earl morti, allora ci accorgiamo che morire non e' terribile, ma e' un cammino verso le braccia aperte del nostro Padre celeste. Allora ci accorgiamo che siamo stati creati dai nostio Padre celeste con tanto amore e con queuo stesso amore il nostro Padre ci aspetta di nuovo. Fratelli earl, mettiamo la nostra vita sotto la protezione dei nostri earl Santi e dei nostri earl Morti. Abbiamo cominciato queste Due Parole con le parole di GesU': vogliamo chiuderle con le parole di' Gesu': "10 sono la Risurrezione e)a Vita: chi crede in me anche se morto" nvra': e chi vive e crede in me, non mo!f3 ' piu' in eterno." ~ " Dear Brothers and Sisters, In his book "The prayer of the frog" Anthony De MeUo teus of a once-famous monastery which falls into hard times. Pcople no longer flock there to nourish their spirit and young aspirants cease to come. Moreover, a handful of monks left, go about their duties with heavy heart. The abbot consults a guru 4 Which one the Messiah? and the latter tells him that the monastery has been reduced to this state because of a sin of ignorance. "One of yours member is the Messiah in disguise and you are ignorant of this" says the guru. When the abbot tells the assembly of monks about this, they look at each other in disbelief. The Messiah among them? Incredibitel But then he is supposed to be in disgnise. What if he were Brother Cook? Brother Sacristan? Brother Prior? So the monks take to treating everyone with respect and consideration. "You never know" they said to thelfll!clves when they deal with one another, "maybe this is the one." The result of this is that the atmosphere in the monastery becomes vibrant with joy. Soon aspirants seek admission to the monastery and once again the place is aglow with the spirit of love. November 97

5 Arrivederci :J:.'f!:1!f!-DFlLA COMUNITA', rraijana Francesco Ciacon ; Dear Readers, As some of you may already have heard on the community grapevine, the December issue of BACKHILL will be the last. The. editorial team, after much soul searching and with more than a tinge of sadness have concluded that they have insufficient res~urces in terms of time (and energyl) to continue t~ produce the magazine with anything like its current frequency and in anything like its current form.. BACKf!1LL has been published continuously, Without fa~l, for 21. years since February ~I those li~volved In editing, writing. distribut Ing and selling the magazine have contributed on an unpaid basis in, their spare time as a service to the Italian Community. We have appreciated the tremendous support we have received over the years from so many people: the priests at St. Peter's Church, our readers who show their appreciation of our efforts the other members of the editorial team (past and present) who have devoted so much time and energy, our writers and other contributers our advertisers and our sub~cribers; there have been so many they are impossible to name individually. However, (whilst begging pardon of!hose who are not mentioned by nante), I feel entitled, as the man who started the magazine 21 years ago (whilst still a boy!), to embark on my own haphazard reminiscences: - producing the first editions on a Roneo stencil: most of you will not know what it is - it is the ~rinti~g equivalent of a penny farthing. - VIC Helssl who first suggested the idea of a magazine for the Italian Community and "bank ro!led" us in the early days even acting as a p~nter when we bought our first PUlting machine. - Padre Russo who has given llis moral support and unstinting encouragement. - Giovanni Croci and Rosanna Bonomi who played vital roles in producing the first editions. - the gang of mends who spent evenings walking around a table to collate the magazine (befor~ we had it professionally printed). -. my" brother Tonino spending, nights: iii'the Social Club, producing plates for use 'all' the printing machine ',,' - Jheenthusiasm and storytelling of our dear departed Pino Maestri ("The Hill" correspondent) and the eloquence and eagerness of his successor Olive Besagni. - the unrelenting support of our advertisers, in particular, Spaghetti Houe, Carnevale, Negroni and A. France who have been with us from the start and many, many others whose support has been vital to the ongoing suc Cess of the magazine. - the devotion of our ladies selling in the Church and the shops who kindly sell it on our behalf. ' - the various writers: Mrs M.G., Padre Russo, Richard Evans who have been with us from the start and all those others - a terrific bunch of people too numerous to mention but whose contribution has been the lifeblood of the magazine. - Sterling Printing who for over 15 years have printed the magazine with professionalism and flexibility; - the editorial team: Luigi Sterlini, Caterina Giacon, Carlo Galluzzo, Joanna Giacon, Tony di Cesare and Anna Giacon - my wife who has put up with it all for nearly its entire life (as well as helping out!) - the letters of appreciation, the positive comments from our readers, the late nights... I am sorry if all this sounds like a speech given at an Oscar Awards ceremony but it is spontaneous and I am also sorry that I have not named all the wonderful, generous people who have helped over the years! Thank you all. Novembre 97,5

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8 The Hill Anita Besagni nee Fassini The story continues In last month's issue I made a mistake in the last paragraph where I said that it took three years before Maria and her three daughters finally made the journey to. England; they did in fact arrive in We left our story at the point where Pietro Fassini Anita's father, had finally arrived in England on his return journey from St Petersburg in Russia, where he had spent seven years separated from his wife and children through circumstances beyond his control. His one aim throughout his years in exile was to return 'to Vernasca, Piacenza in Northern Italy where he would be reunited with his family. As fate would have it he inadvertently met his eldest daughter Cesiril who unbeknown to him had already immigrated to England we pick up our story as Pietro waits in London with'cesira for the arrival, of his wife Maria with her three daughters, Anita (whose story we are telling) and her two younger sisters Rosa and Elisa. Even in those far off times, papers had to be filed and reasons given for anyone to be allowed to leave the country of their birth and settle permanently in another country. (1 have been looking through some old documents that were required in order for Anita (my mother-in-law) to gain pennission to emigrate, one of them had the heading Certificato Dj Miserabilita", in other words, a statement that she was living in a state of abject poverty. When you see a document of this nature it really brings home to you the reasons why so many people had no choice other than to pack up and go, leaving behind them the sombre dark green mountains, the pine woods and beautiful valleys, the long hotslinuniis aiid -short WinterS, plus the strong community bond that existed between their relatives and friends in their homeland. In this case however there was the added incentive that they were to be reunited with Cesira who had preceded them and their father Pietro Famiglia Fassini Together at last! I wonder what Anita's feelings were when she finally set foot in the country that was to be her home for the rest of her days. Joy). at the thought of seeing not only her beloved elder sister Cesira and her father, who she had last Seen in 1911 when she was 10 years old: but also a great sense of loss for the relatives and friends that she had left behind in Vemasca (she certainly never forgot them, and being the generous hearted sonl that she was, as her lot improved over the years she was always sending parcels home to Vemasca). When the little family arrived in Clerkenwell's 'Quartiere Italiano', I wonder if Anita felt excitement or dismay as she viewed the dark cobbled streets and alleyways. The eerie shadows cast by the street gas lighting, the noise, with rattle of the trams and the general cacophony of sound that was London in those' days, (unlike today when television and radio keeps people off the streets and in their homes, particularly in the evenings). The population would be milling about, there would have been groups standing about on the street corners, children playing, Antonio and Giovanni Besagni - Italian Army 1918 Olive Besagni the plaintive strains of Santa Lucia coming from one of the many street organs in the area, intenningled with the cry of the hot chestnut vendor, the clop - clopping of the horses hoofs on the cobbled streets as they pulled the ice carts bearing the great blocks of ice that would be left outside the shops and restaurants. However, when they entered Leicester Place, you can bet all the street were out viewing the newcomers. As they closed the door of their own rooms in No 4 behind them, together at last as a family, all under the same roof after so many years apart, how- emotional it must have been. Cesira had worked hard and spent hours and what money she had on preparing the little home (which' consisted of two rooms in No 4 Leicester Place, Saffron HilI) look as nice as she could. There were new white net curtains at the windows, china and cutlery, furniture and all the things necessary to make a home: a stove, a sink with running water. Pietro had by this time found work, so there was plenty of food on the table. There was also the added luxury of an outside toilet, (remember that in those days back on the farm you simply went out into the barn and pushed the animals out of the way). Those two rooms in Leici:ster Place must have seemed like Buckingham Palace to the newcomers. So'what did the future have in store for Atiita? She was eighteen years old,attractive, fit and strong. She soon got a job with Cesira who at this time was working as a waitress in Bertorelli's restaurant in Charlotte Street and life must have seemed rosy) A wage at the end of each week; naturally most of the money went to Mama (Maria), but with the rest she was able to buy nice clothes, shoes and treat her little sisters now and again. Their first Christmas in England was spent with Zia Natalina who lived in Bell Street, off of the Edgware Road, where, as you can imagine, they savoured many new delights, an abundance of food and wine, English chocolate, and toys for the little ones. What a happy day it was for all of them. Imagine how Pietro must have felt as he feasted his eyes on his wife and children, the long lonely years spent alone in 8 November 97

9 Maria and Pietro in the yard of Leicester Place, 1920 Russia fast receding into the background; he must have felt as if he'd died and gone to heaven. Little sister Elisa the baby of the family was so taken with the taste of the chocolate that she'd enjoyed on Christmas day - that the following day she decided that she'd like some more so without any further ado she set off alone to find her Zia's home. She remembers quite clearly setting off with her little shawl wrapped around her. She was only eight years old..,.. Her idea had 1 bee n to follow the tramlines until she reached Zia, N:iialina's home but she soon..lost 'her bearings. Fortunately s~e was spotted by onc of the priests "from the Italian Church who found her sitting on a doorstep crying, They weren't able to communicate too well as the priest couldn't understand the dial.ect which was, of course, the only Itahan that the child knew. He didn't know the Fassini's as they had just moved into tile area so he took her to the Police Station. Elisa recalls sitting on the counter in the station and seeing a lady with onc eye who she remembered seeing on the boat on the way to England. The woman recognised Elisa and" knew where the family lived, Famiglia Fassini who had been frantically searching for her in the little streets and alleyways that surrounded the area, were contacted and informed that she was safe and where she could be collected. Ccsira and Anita hot footed "it to the station :;t:;~ DEUA COMUNITA'ITAIJANA to pick her up. Can you imagine the panic that must bave ensued when they realised that she was missingl The family settled into their new home. Pietro bad a perrilanent smile on his face he was bappier than he'd ever expected to be. Rosa and Elisa went to St Peter's Italian School, such luck I The sehool door was immediately opposite Leicester Place, no worry therel None knew better than Pietro how important it was to receive an education, for he bad suffered a great deal on account of his illiteracy. Maria was bappy; there were plenty of friends and relatives in the near "vicinity, and she was never lonely. Anita and Cesira attended the Italian evening classes when the long hours that they worked pennitted. In their spare time there were dances held in the rooms above the church. Living in the rooms above them at No 4 Leicester Place were a family from Terruzi which lies just above Morfasso, not very far from Vernasea; Margherita and Giuseppe Besagni with their daughter Maria and two sons Antonio (fony) and Giovanni (lohnny). The boys bad served in the Italian Anny throughout the war - the elder son Tony bad married in Italy and the young couple lived in a room on the top floor of the house with their three young children. The younger son Giovanni was still serving in the Italian Anny. From wbat I hear of these times there were probably other families in the house, but for now we will concentrate on the two aforementioned families. Pietro bad found himself a regnlar job at The Connaught Rooms albeit cleaning the silver but it was a steady job with a wage, he was a jocular man who got on well with his co-workers. He spent many an evening playing boccc with his paesani friends on an area of ground next to the Gun Makers Anus, in Eyre Street Hill, where a number of the Italian men were able to enjoy a game that bad been popular in the towns and villages back home. Pietro was a bappy man, He adored his wife and daughters and the home was always full of laughter. Of course he kept a strict eye on the two older girls and any young man looking in their direction was sent packing, At times when the vintage ran crimson he' was an exceptionally bappy man, until he returned home late, with a song on his lips and the odd friend in tow, when his little wife Maria would chide him in no uncertain terms, These occasions usna1ly ended up with him making her laugh anyway. Time passed, Cesira was the first to leave home when she married Giulielmo Teagno who was employed as a head wine waiter in a restaurant in Soho, They moved to a flat in Highbury where they remained for many years. In time Cesira gave birth to two children a boy Renato and a girl Rosina. 1920: Anita in the meantime bad spread her wings a little further afield and unbeknown to her parents bad gone one evening to a dancehall in Clerkenwell Green, just a step away from '11 Quartiere' but out of bounds to daughters of Italian families. She was noticed by a handsome dark young Italian. He asked her to dance and she was iustantly smitten. Then there arose one of those rare coincidences. Guess who he turned out to be1 Yes that's righl, the younger son" of Famiglia Besagni. Giovanni (lohnny) recently demobbed by the Italian army where he bad been finishing his service,. He was a corporal and bad also been awarded la Croce Merito di Guerra in He'd recently joined his family in" the rooms above the Fassinis'. He may have spotted Anita, but she had no idea that he was living in the same house. No doubt she soon found out when the time came to go home. Say no more, the young couple were married at St Peter's Italian Church on the 14th May Anila and Giovanni on their wedding day Novembre97 9

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12 ..,..' $~- '.... RIVIS1'A DELLA COMUNITA'ITAUANA Sealed with a Kiss Chris Middleton A kiss is just a kiss. Or so Sam the pianist observes in the film Casa~ blanca. True, in so far as it goes. But. in the average session of oral interaction, there is a lot more going on - chemically, psychologically and even anthropologically - than the mere juxtaposition of two pairs of puckered lips.. For the kiss is not just an unlikely but pleasant way of showing affection, it is a celebration of human evolutionary development. Not that this thought is likely to be uppermost in the minds of the average young couple entwined at the bus stop. However, back in the days when our primate ancestors used to mate on all fours, the classic romantic kiss simply did not exist. It was only when we made the transition from crawlers to walkers - around four million years ago - that the act of procreation became a more 'intimate,. face-to-face encounter, involving not just eye but also lip contact. According to Dr Desmond Morris, the celebrated TV 'manwatcher', the function of lips as affection-conductors begins right from birth. 'The.. touching of something soft with the mouth is an important and primary intimacy in its own right', he maintains, citing scientific studies of children born with a blocked oesophagus; who even though they get no milk, still appear to derive considerable comfort and reassurance from sucking their mother's breast. Indeed, the kiss has many manifestations other than sexual. Back in biblical times, it was quite common for friends and relatives to engage in passionate clinches. In the Book of Genesis (33.4) Esau 'embraced Jacob, fell on his neck and kissed him', while the second verse of The Song of Solomon contains the lyrical invitation 'Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth'. And to this day, Middle Eastern heads of state are to be seen on TV news bulletins, embracing and planting fulsome salutations on each other's cheeks. The kiss also has a strong symbolic significance in Christianity. 'Salute one another with a holy kiss' 12 urges St Paul, in Romans (16: 16), and two millennia later, believers still throng to kiss the ring of a bishop, the hand of the Pope or the icon of a saint. Some Christian church services even include an actual or symbolic kiss between worshippers. However, mouth-to-mouth contact remains the almost exclusive province of lovers. There are exceptions, but in most societies, mouth-to-mouth contact has been felt to be too intimate for all but those who are sexually attracted to each other. Virologists estimate that one kiss can transfer as many as 250 different types of bacteria and viruses from one person to the other, not to mention nine milligrams of water, milligrams of fats, 0.7 grams of albumen and 0.18 grams of other unspecified organic material. Many a common cold has been passed from one lover to another. Yet one thing kissing. cannot do is transmit the HIV virus. 'At present there is no known case throughout the entire world where mv has been transferred by mouth-to-mouth kissing', says a the Department of Hcalth. Good news for lovers. What's more, it seems kissing can have effects on health that are not just neutral but positively beneficial. Research carried out by insurance firms has showed that single men have significantly higher blood pressures than their married contemporaries. A US study suggests that a man is less likely to cause a traffic aecident on his way to work if he has been given a goodbye kiss by his wife. Passionate kissing can even help you lose weight. As well.as exercising some 39 different facial muscles, a really steamy snogging session can burn off up to 150 calories. For a person of average weight, this is the equivalent of 15 minutes spent swimming front crawl or climbing up a hill with a 20-kilograrn load on your back. That, it must be stressed, is at the more energetic end of the scale, where kissing ceases to be of the light, brushing, lips-only kind. "A kiss is a very accurate and powerful means of indicating pre- cisely what stage of a relationship you are at", he says. "It can be difficult for a young man and woman to gauge the other's feelings if, say, thcy've been out to a film and maybe dinner, but have not been able to express their emotions verbally. The kiss at the end of the evening - 00 it a goodnight kiss or something more - give them the opportunity to.do so. Nevertheless, while the language of love-making may be universal when two people are from the same cujiure, the act of kissing can mean very different things in different parts of the world. - In Chirni, for example, kissing someone in public is seen as unhygienic and repulsive. In Japan, it may be tolerated, but only if the coupl(l stand with bodies well apart and lips shut tight. And the Inuits of Alaska wouldn't dream of doing anything more oral than rubbing noses - not out of any moral scruples but because Inuit women tend to use their mouths for more everyday tasks such as cleaning oil lamps and chewing animal hides to soften them up. Even if your intentions aren't amorous, you can still run into trouble. Many a foreigner has come unstuck when greeting a friend who is Dutch (mandatory three check-pecks). or Italian (two only). As for proffering your lips to someone in India, he or she might not just recoil but call the police,. since kissing is viewed as an integral part of the sex act. Far from beihg a clear cut she loves-me/she loves-mc-not indicator it seems a kiss can give off all kinds of complex and confusing signals. In some instances, as in the case of Judas Iscarlot kissing Christ, or a Mafia godfather kissing a traitor, the act of placing one's lips upon someone else's check is to bestow the kiss to death. If in a 70-hear lifespan we were to be kissed just once a day, it would mean that during our time on earth we would expect to receive a total of around 25,000 kisses; each one carrying a different and complex message. that has to be received, processed and analysed with extreme care.. That old pianist in Casablanca may be right in saying that a kiss (singular) is just a kiss. However, 25,000 incoming messages sounds more like a severely jammed switch- November 97

13 ;t::.~ DFlLA COMUNITA'rrALIANA Josefa da Obidos Monica Pe//egrini A molti la vita di convccnto fam sicuramente pensare un'esistenza frogale, di mistica contemplazione a ritiro spirituale, distante dalla sensualita e desideri mondani. Ancor piu se corrono g1i anni della meta del Diciassettesimo sccolo e siamo in una Ioca\ita del Portogallo, lontana dalla capitale e dalla sfarzosa corte di Lisbona. Ma stando ad una magnifica mostra di quadri che si e aperta recentemente alia European Academy, questo pare proprio non esscre it case. DaI 3 ottobre fine ai 16 novembre, la European Academy ospita infatti una completa serie di opere della pittrice portoghese 10sefa de Obidos. Nonostante avessc trascorso una vita d'isolamento legata a ordini religiosi, it merito della pittrice portoghcsc e di avere saputo riflettere in immagini di natura morta e soggetti a stondo religioso it profondo simbolismo crisitano del tempo. Con 10sefa de Obidos, si apre a Londra la scconda mostra di Vecchi Maestri portoghesi nel corso di questo secolo. Nata a Sevila nel 1630, 10sefa de Obidos ritomo in Portogallo con la famiglia dopo la Restaurazione della monarchia nel Sotto la guida del padre; it pittore portoghcsc' Baltazar Gomes Figueira. 10sefa comincio la sua carriera artistica destinata a svitupparsi a Obidos e Coimbra in relativo isolamento. Sin dai primi anni' della sua vita trasco'rsi in convento, la pittrice - imnoverata fra i maggiori Vecchi Maestri portoghesi - assorbi colori cd emozioni che Scppe riprodurrc poi in immagini che tutt'oggi'trasmettono un profondo senso di pieta cd un'immediata espressione di sentimenti personali e di eventi vissuti in prima persona dalla pittricc, ' Nei giomi di festa, nel convento Augustiniano di Sant' Ana di Coimbra, 10sef"a era testimone della devozione con cui le suore si dedicavano all'addobbo, con merletti e tessuti rieamati, di bambole di legno, ed ad escmpio di questo e it dipinto titolato 'The Saviour of the World' ('JI Salvatore del mondo') nel quale it Bambino Gcsil Cristo c ritratto con indossa una tunica trasparente, bordata di pizzo, con intomo una corona di fiori decorativa. Di immensa bellezza e pure "The Christ Child as a Pilgrim" ('JI Gcsil Cristo Bambino come Pellegrino'). In questo dipinto, la meticolosa atlenzione prestata alia ralligurazione di un bambino estremanente rallinato, it deli:zioso aggiustamento del vestitino che questi porta, la delicatezza con cui tiene in una mano un cappello con piume e nell'altra un lungo bastone da p3sseggio fanno subito pensare che nulla e stato lasciato al ea5o. Ogni eleinento che decora questo Gcsu BaInllino ha infatti un valore simbolico e religioso. 'J\gnus Dei' ( ), un agnello legato ai piedi, coricato su un tavoio, e probabilmente pronto al sacrificio del banchetto, c attomiato da UDa cornice di sensualissimi fiori e grappoli d'uva rnaturi, quasi a presagio del momento di festa legato al consumo di un dono cos! raro, I quadri di 'natuia morta' che rapprescntano sontuosi frotti, dolcetti e golosissime paste, tutti pronti per csscre mangiati, fanno omaggio alle note abilita artigiauali e culinarie delle suore portoghcsi. Le invitanti delizie proposte all'osservatore, nel tempo, sono state ambiguamente interpretate sia come simbolo della dolcezza e bonta di Cristo che come ricordo morale della perdizione nascosta dietro it piacere ecccssivo delle cose mondane. Anche i ritratti che'josefa ha'fatto erano altamente considerati dai suol contemporanei, ma purtroppo solo poehi sono sopravissuti al tempo, Uno dei piu noti c quello del laico associato alia Santa Casa da Misericordia 'I'austino da Naves' ritratto con 'la mistica apparizione di un angelo e considerato uno dei capolavori della collezione, Con maestosa abilita artistica, Josefa da Obidos seppe mescolare sogetti sacri e profani che ancor oggi sembrano eocsistere in perfetta annonia in un'atmosfera carica di sensualita e misticismo rimasta immortale nel tempo. La mostra e naturalmente una visita d'obbligo per chi voglia fare un ballo in un passato che appartiene alia ream storica collettiva della nostra Europa. Look ou.t for the last edition of Sunday 14th December Novembre97 13

14 -b~. ~ RlVISI'A DELLA COMUNITA'ITALIANA ( Festa Lucchesi ) Non si stllncallo mlli di fare fcsle e noi li ringraziamo perche' ci fallllo passare UII poco di tcmpo come si dcve. In qucste cencltc c'e' scmpre un movimclllo di persoilc: a1cune SOIlO le stesse, allre cambiano: pcr qucsto c' bello, perchc' c'c' i1"movinicnto dclla compagllia. Musica. vill"o. mangiarc, ballare, chiacchiemre: soilo cose che ci servono per Udimenticare" la'vifa t ina ci aiutano a vivcrc insiemc con i nostri difclti e con lulta la 1I0Slm bollta' che abbiamo liel cuore perchc' siamo slali creati a immagillc e somigliallza di Dio. Attivita della comunita 14 November 97

15 -b~. ~ RIVISrA DELI.A COMUNITA'ITAUANA ( Catholic Wo~cn Associatio~ ) Un'altra bella feslieciola delle noslrc Donnc Ca\loliche. Tul\o prcparalo senza grnndi prclesc. ma.con lanlo amore. E' SlalO molto bcllo pcro'. perehc' abbiamo rivislo lanli cari amici chc non possono vcnire spcsso. Sono gli amici dei lempi anlichi della Chicsa: crnno giovani allora e la giovel1ll1' Ii accompagna ancora nclla gcnerosita' c nella bonla' che h3nno vcrso qllcsla Chicsa c che non c' mai invccchialn.. Novembre 97 15

16 "$puui{- ~ RIVISl'A DEU.A COMUNlTA'ITAuANA ( 40th Wedding Anniversary ) On Saturday 6 September 1997 Attilio & Maria Sterlini celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary at Casa San Vincenzo Pallotti, helped in no small measure by their friends and family in attendance. Padre Roberto Russo conducted a short service of reconfirmation of Maria and Attilio's vows, which they first pronounced at St. Peter's Church on 24 August The assembled party guests enjoyed a wholesome meal, ably prepared by Vie and his staff, and then danced the evening away to the lively music of Marcellol Anna Giacon, who was one of the original bridesmaids (her sister Maria now lives in Rome), made a moving speech emphasising Maria and Attilio's devotion for one another and for their son Luigi, -daughter-in-law Jennifer, andtbeir-three adorable grandsons Robbie, Giorgio and Domenico. Anna asked us to consider that the Sterlini's example of selfless love for one another is one for us all to admire and aspire to. Their decent life together is difficult to describe but easy to recognise. Long may they continue to inspire us. Evviva g1i sposil ( Youth Club ) Nel Club dei nostri giovani che e' aperto ii venerdi' e ii sabato sera e la domenica mattina, vi sono state due belleattivita': ii complcanno della nostra Kristina Morena (sotto) eil campionato di ping-pong. La Kristina e' stata festeggiata da tutte le sue amichette, dai suoi genitori, da fratelli c sorelle: e' stata una bella festa piena di allegria: e' tanto bello con i bambini perche' godono la vita e la fanno godere agli altri. E cosi' anche ii campionato di ping-pong e' stato tanto simpatico e combattuto. Ha vinto Lewis Mcola ed ii secondo e' stato Paolo Zeppetelli (con P. Cannelo sulla destra). "f'~',,«>""_,... { f :-~.'~~ ~ r"'--d! "' '" 1;1-':-:-'. i ~ : 1.. ~, ~~' > -, : 1: 1 ; ; Folo: R. Russo., - ---'--::i -- --;~ 16 November 97

17 ::e~ rwjla COMUNITA'ITAlJANA Wedding Po well and Reid lohanna Po\\'C1I and Charles Reid \\'Cre married at SI. Peter's Italian Chureh on Saturday lune 7. Thc Mass was celebrated by Father Carmelo, Father Russo and Don Tonino Lotti from Rome. lohanna first met Don Tonino when she visited Rome during the preparation for her Confirmation four years ago and has visited his parish on several ocea sions. She said: "Don Tonino always prom ised to come to our \\'Cdding and we were so glad he could make it. it made the day really special." lohanna, a First Communion eatechist, wishes to thank all the parents and children for their kind messages. The couple are also grateful to the priests and everyone at SI. Peter's who helped to make their day so special. Plctur. by 8TUno Mt<Ii<l Baptism Famig/ia Materazzo Tante, tante congratulazioni alia Farniglia di Giovanna e Elidino Materazzo: qui Ii vedete in fotografia con gli ultimi arrivati, i gemelli Antonio e Maria. (Dopo i primi tre figli). Che Dio Ii bcncdica, pcrehc' ii Signore Dio non si lascia mai vinccre in gcnerosita'. FOlO: 8runoMt<licl Novembre 97 17

18 II I I II i I i I i i THE GARTHHOTEL BANQUETING & CONFERENCE SUITES The hotel has two new purpose built conference and banqueting suites capable of accommodating up to 300 people. Each suite is elegantly furnished and equipped to the highest standards with purpose built bars, full audio visual and lighting facilities, which help to provide the atmosphere for any occasion. A selection of menus are available for banquets with an emphasis on Italian cuisine. For more information or a brochure pack please contact Mr Marino at the Hotel., I I (i~h GARTHHOTEL H",don w.y Cricklcwood London NW2 2NL RESERVATIONS November 97

19 , Dall'ltalia :.J;.~~ OOLA COMUNITA'rrAUANA news from Italy A Naples judge indicted the chairman of the European branch of the US tobacco giant Philip Morris on charges of tax fraud involving nearly 10 trillion lire (5.S bi1\ion douars by today's rates) of undeclared income. Along with Waiter Thoma, who heads the Swiss-based Philip Morris Incorporated, 10 managers and officials of Italian company Intertaba were also ordered to stand trial. Intertaba is a Philip Morris affiliate operating' in Italy. La spesa per i trattamenti pensionistici neua prima meta' del'97 risulta aumentata deu's% rispetto allo stesso periodo del'96. Lo, si legge neua relazione trimestrale di cassa del Tesoro. Una bimba di 7 anni e' morta colpita neua parte superiore deua sehiena dal fratellino, 11 anni, impegnato a manovrare il fucile da caecia del nonno. La tragedia e' avvenuta vicino a Chieti. L'anna usata per uecidere I'avvocato Serafino Fama, assassinato dalla mafia il 9 novembre 1995,,e' stata trovata dai carabinieri sotto una cavalcavia di una strada provinciale nella zona di Tremestieri Etneo, nel catancsc. Italy was defined as a country increasingly at risk from landslides in an alarming report released by the Department "of Civil Protection. Aecording to the report, landslides caused an average of seven deaths a month and 57 percent of the country's councils had been faced with the problem since This represented an increase on data provided by the Environment Ministry, aecording to which only 25.6 percent of councils were affected by landslides between 1915 and Umbria was identified as the region most at risk, followed by Liguria and Abruzzo. Naples emerged as the city with the highest incidence of landslides, having been subject to 93 landslides since Genoa followed behind Naples with 73 landslides and Orvieto with 63, while Rome registered a total of 35. Novembre97 Bruca DI Lueea, vedova dell'ex presidente dell'eni Gabriele Cagliari, ha nstituito a1l'ente petrolifero 13 mid che ii marito aveva depositato presso la fiduciaria ticinese "eolombo". La sonuna - scoperta solo poco tempo fa dalla signora - fa parte dei fondi neri costituiti dagli ex manager dell'eni e dei quali, rcccntemen te, la Corte dei Conti ha chicsto la restituzione a1l'ente. Nuovo consistcnte attivo per la bilancia dei pagamenti. In settembre ha registrato un saldo positivo di mila miliardi contro un attivo di miliardi dello stcsso mese del Un carabioiere del Ros ed un vigile urbano di Milano sono stati arrestati con l'aceusa di aver avvertito un gm ppo di traiiicanti di droga su un bli~ della polizia. Nonostante la "soffiata", gli agenti hanno catturato 13 ptesunti traiiicanti, tra cui uno dei ptesunti capi, Massimiliano Cornegliani. Un eadavere in avanzato stato di dc<x)mposizione e' stato trovato a1l'intemo di una grossa cisterna per la raccolta d'acqua situata ncl cortile del castcllo medicco di Ottaviano (NA), una. volta di proprieta' del boss RaffaCIe Cutolo. Un uomo ha uedso, la moglie; ha telefonato al figlio per informarlo deu'accaduto e poi ha teutato ii suicidio. La polizia 10 ha trovato riverso sui corpo di lei, in camera da let"o. A dare I'allarme e' stato proprio ii figlio. Una famiglia - padre, madre e figlio di 16 anni - e' ricoverata in gravissime condizioni a1l'ospedale Cardarelli di Napoli per una intossicazione da funghi. I tee, residenti a Altavilla Irpina (Avellino), avevano mangiato funghi del tipo "amanita phalloidcs" raccolti in una gita: molto simili ai portini, sono ai contrario velenosissimi. The number of abortions performed in Italy continucs to decline and has fallen from 209,000 in 1980 to 129,000 in 1996, according to data rtleased by the natioual statistics bureau Ista!. The priee of shares in the public offering of Telecom ltalia stock will be 10,908 lire while institutioual investors, will pay 11,200 lire, the Treasury announced. The number of shares offe~ to the public, origiually set at 700 million, would be doubled in response to the two million requcsts for Telecom stock from private investors, it added. The Treasury noted that even with the increased offering of 1.45 billion shares it would only be able to satisly twothirds of the demand for stock. "La Chicsa ha fatlo ricorso alia preghiera del rosario nei momenti di difficolta, per ottenere da Dio il dono della pace. Come potrebbe venir meno la preghiera per la pace ai termine di un secolo che ha conosciuto guerre terribili e continua a sperimentame?". Cosi' Giovanni Paolo 'Il, a1i'angelus, recitato in Piazza S. Pietro. Ricordando l'incontro a Rio de Janeiro, il Pontefice ha riproposto a ogni famiglia la preghiera mariana. Mareo Pannclla e altri sei militanti della sua lista, sono stati sottoposti agli. arresti domiciliari. Lo ha dispasto ii magistrato contestando l'accusa di deteuzione di sostanze stupefacenti ecessione gratuita per induzione all'uso.. A quanto si e' appreso, nel corso della manifcstazione di qucsto pomeriggio sono state sequcstrate complcssivamente 144 bustine di hashish pari a circa 130 grammi. 19

20 $~ IUVISTA DELLA COMUNITA'ITALIANA La Vita della nostra Parrocchia Sono nati alia vita di Dio con ii Santo Battesimo Simone Di.Julio: Giovanni Di lulio e Maria Pozzuto Fabio Cameron Dick: Grahame Dick e Elisabctta Primavera Giacomo Andrea Luigi Grasso: Luigi Grasso e Giovanna Grassi Stefano Donato Davoli: Eugeuio Davoli e Paola CcI3ni Deborah Ossorio: Giacomo Ossorio e Filomena Nocc Mariangela Elena Napoliello: Generoso Napolielloe Isabcl Papa Sop hie Louise Bowen: Ronald Bowers e Tina Lake Peter Rassa: Philip Rassa e Emma DauiaIzadeh Anna Stefania Manfredi: Leonardo Manfredi e Laura Matravia Francesco Verta: Mauro Verta e Annamaria VaIenzia Sergio Giancarlo Di Trolio: Antouio Di Trolio e Tracey loyce Sabrina Elisa Guselli: Liliando Guselli e Silvana Zavagno Ch:i-flotte CariiiIJa Tborogood: Michael Thorogood e Giuseppina Desio Massimo Antonio Frangiamore: Paolo Frangiamore e Anna De Sio Cinzia Santina Labbadia: Silvano Labbadia e Samantha Rodolfi Dominic Peter Cordara: Domeuico Cordara e Chriso Dmemtrion Nadia Mastantuono: Luigi e Maria Mastantuono.Jessica Carla Aloe: Giuseppe Aloe e Ada SaIemo Erin Louise Carlon: lason Carlon e Simone Roehford Alessandro Luigi Roberto Cardinali: Franco Cardinali e Elena Guamicri Daniel Antony Formoso:Tony Formoso egiovanna Caruso A1essandro Gianluca Lcttieri: Giuseppe e Anna Letticri Stefani Natasha Castiglione: Giuseppe e Vincenza Castiglione Emma Carol Capone: AIfonso Capone e Carol McGiII Stefani Piras: Pinuccio Piras e Silvana Teti Stefania Demontis-Marongiu: Stefano Marongiu e Esmeralda Demontis Mia Sara Amasanti: Paul Amasanti e Karen Granger Antonio.Jason Materazzo: Elidino Matarazzo e Giovanna Pisano Maria Susanna Materazzo: Elidino Matarazzo e Giovanna Pisano F1avia Sanna: Roberto Sanna e Sandra Solari.Jordan A1mani Evans: Roger Evans e Laura Raggio Loredana Gagliano: Pasquale Gagliano e Gabriclla Bottarl A1essandra Manuela Badini: Franco Badiui e Fatima Lopes-A1ves Larissa Eileen O'Sullivan: lim e Caterina O'Sullivan Fagio pozzi: Roberto Fagio e Sathia Thiyagarajah Angelo Antonio Carlino: Franco Carlino e Silvia Alibcrti Steven.James Sartor: Luigi Sartor e Bogusia Picchowska Massimo Roherti: WaIter Roberti e Tina Riglia A1fonso Glenn Carver: Glenn Carver e Santina Fattorusso Gesolmina De Luca: Nicola De Luca e NataIizia Sanzari Michele Cristiano D' A1essio: Gelsomino D' A1essio e Deolinda Goncalves Olivia Lucia SaIvati: Roberto e Tracey SaIvati Francesca Procopio: Marco Proeopio e Paola Tosetto Katie Daniela Ryan:Thomas Ryan e Maria Rosaria Parla Riccardo Di Natale: Salvatore Di NataIe e Isabella Monachcllo Sophia Lily Chiappa: A1berto Chiappa e Elinor Mulligan Amalia Gioiella Moruzzi-Lee: Anthony e Paola Moruzzi-Lee Hannab Francesca Angela.Johnston: Colin lohnston e Loretta Bergonzi Ella Cristina.Jane Bergonzi-Cullinan: Paul e Cristina Bergonzi-Cullinan Nicole Sandra Chiavarini: Scrgio Chiavariui e Elaine Cooke Vincenzo.John Mann: David Mann e Arduina Resta Daniela Russo: Antonio Russo e Sharon GilJett Riccardo Angeli: Angelo Angcli c Ombretta Savina Stefania Luisa Boecuzzi: Domenico Boccuzzi e Luisa Borg Simona Greagsbey: Tony Greagsbcy e Andriana Scudari.Julian Chesti: Paolo Chesti e Elcna VivaIdi I I I ii I I I I I ~, J, 20 November 97

~""" :tj;~~ia COMUNITA'ITALlANA SAL B A N C T T I. 39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha

~ :tj;~~ia COMUNITA'ITALlANA SAL B A N C T T I. 39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha :tj;~~ia COMUNITA'ITALlANA - SAL B A N C ~ H E ~""" T T I Alla VillaCarlotta si mangia, si beve e si balla, in una sala prit-:ata capace di ospitare 150persone. If voi la scelta dell'occaswne daftsteggiare!!


:tjt;~lla COMUNl1'A'ITALIANA

:tjt;~lla COMUNl1'A'ITALIANA :tjt;~lla COMUNl1'A'ITALIANA S A LA? ~.. 41'. BANCHETTI.< -"''''' 0* Alla Villa Carlotta si mangia, si beve e si balla, in una sala privata capaceai ospitare 150persone. A voi la scelta dell'occasione


39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha

39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha ..."" & - ~ ~ ~ ~~~ SALA BANCHETTI -I Alla Villa Carlo~si mangia, si bfive e si ballo., in una sala prit1.ata capacedi ospitare 150persone. If voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!! Contattare Sig


SALA BANCHETTI. 39 Charlotte Street London WlP ilia

SALA BANCHETTI. 39 Charlotte Street London WlP ilia February.Fcbbraio W$':>'" ~ ~ ~ ~. 9~ "" SALA BANCHETTI *. Alla Villa Carlqtta;si mangia, si beve e si balla, i1j.~naslila. privata capaee di ospitare' 150Persone. A voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!!



:t:~~ia COMUNlTA' ITAUANA :t:~~ia COMUNlTA' ITAUANA ~ ~.~.", SAL A BANCHETTI e. Alla Villa Carlotta si mangia, si beve e si balla, in una sala prit-~atacapacedi ospitare 150persone. 4 voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!!


Happy Holidays! Buone Feste! Joyeuses Fêtes!

Happy Holidays! Buone Feste! Joyeuses Fêtes! IL POSTINO VOL. 5 NO. 2 DECEMBER 2003 / DICEMBRE 2003 $2.00 Happy Holidays! Buone Feste! Joyeuses Fêtes! CUSTOMER NUMBER: 04564405 PUBLICATION AGREEMENT NUMBER: 1835041 IL POSTINO V O L U M E 5, N U M


VTA (Vocational Training Abroad, Stage di Lavoro all estero)

VTA (Vocational Training Abroad, Stage di Lavoro all estero) VTA (Vocational Training Abroad, Stage di Lavoro all estero) Il progetto VTA è nato nell ambito dei 3 Progetti Europei Comenius ai quali abbiamo partecipato (dal 2005 al 2012) e quindi grazie all amicizia



EMILY YOUNG CALL & RESPONSE VENICE EMILY YOUNG CALL & RESPONSE VENICE 9 may 22 november 2015 THE CLOISTER OF MADONNA DELL ORTO Cannaregio 3512 30121 Venice Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am 6pm and by appointment presented by THE FINE ART SOCIETY


Higher Still Italian Support Materials: Intermediate 2 Italian Language Unit. Italian INTERMEDIATE 2. Italian Title Page. Page (i)

Higher Still Italian Support Materials: Intermediate 2 Italian Language Unit. Italian INTERMEDIATE 2. Italian Title Page. Page (i) Higher Still Italian Support Materials: Intermediate 2 Italian Language Unit Italian 5581 INTERMEDIATE 2 Italian Title Page Page (i) Higher Still Italian Support Materials: Intermediate 2 Italian Language


AMHS NOTIZIARIO. The Gala of 2010 AMHS Celebrated the 10th Anniversary Honoring the Founders with Special Guest and Il Bel Canto.

AMHS NOTIZIARIO. The Gala of 2010 AMHS Celebrated the 10th Anniversary Honoring the Founders with Special Guest and Il Bel Canto. AMHS NOTIZIARIO The Official Newsletter of the Abruzzo and Molise Heritage Society of the Washington, DC Area January 2011 Website: www.abruzzomoliseheritagesociety.org The Gala of 2010 AMHS Celebrated


- - - -, " --,"" ---- =-=--=. ---=..0_'"- ~_,-y-o-- - -~ ~ -------"-~ I.. ----- --~- 'i\..., ; " I i

- - - -,  --, ---- =-=--=. ---=..0_'- ~_,-y-o-- - -~ ~ --------~ I.. ----- --~- 'i\..., ;  I i .. 'i\... ; " ~_-y-o-- - -~ ~ -------"-~ - - - - " --"" ---- =-=--=. ---=..0_'"- ----- --~- -. i RVSTA DELLA COMUNTA'TALANA " '. ' " Servizi Speciali July/Agosto. r Dual Market Saving the Shroud Camp


Vocabulary Guide. 16 hour. 16 hour ITALIAN LANGUAGE AUDIO COURSE. language course - language course - Download. Download. italian

Vocabulary Guide. 16 hour. 16 hour ITALIAN LANGUAGE AUDIO COURSE. language course - language course - Download. Download. italian 16 hour language course - Download 2008 LG & DE Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication, or recorded material, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form


IL POSTINO. St. Anthony s Church, Via Crucis Procession on Good Friday HAPPY EASTER! BUONA PASQUA! v o l. 15 no. 7 APRIL 2014 :: APRILE 2014 $2.

IL POSTINO. St. Anthony s Church, Via Crucis Procession on Good Friday HAPPY EASTER! BUONA PASQUA! v o l. 15 no. 7 APRIL 2014 :: APRILE 2014 $2. IL POSTINO v o l. 15 no. 7 APRIL 2014 :: APRILE 2014 $2.00 St. Anthony s Church, Via Crucis Procession on Good Friday HAPPY EASTER! BUONA PASQUA! Page 2 APRILE 2014 IL POSTINO 865 Gladstone Avenue, Suite


Greetings from the President

Greetings from the President Dante Alighieri Society - Melbourne Branch - Luglio 2012 Greetings from the President In the every day news, we constantly hear of recessions and global crises throughout the world, however, it is comforting


,., ~.~., NCHETTI L.A. -1 voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!! Contattare SigS. Roberts. ,39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha

,., ~.~., NCHETTI L.A. -1 voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!! Contattare SigS. Roberts. ,39 Charlotte Street London WlP lha , I II,., ~.~., S A L.A B A NCHETTI e. Alla Villa Carlotta si mangia, si beve e si ballfl, in una sala pri~atacapacedi ospitare 150Persone.. -1 voi la scelta dell'occasione dafesteggiare!! Contattare SigS.


Elenco dialoghi sia in italiano che in inglese

Elenco dialoghi sia in italiano che in inglese by Lewis Baker 44 Elenco dialoghi sia in italiano che in inglese 1. Present Simple (4 dialogues) Pagina 45 2. Past Simple (4 dialogues) Pagina 47 3. Present Continuous (4 dialogues) Pagina 49 4. Present


gennaio - febbraio january - february 2014

gennaio - febbraio january - february 2014 gennaio - febbraio january - february 2014 A1 editoriale mondoinblue Franco Pecci presidente blue panorama airlines president of blue panorama airlines Cari Passeggeri, benvenuti a bordo. Dear Passengers,


Men s Code Citroën C4 Cactus Gourmet Amorim Cigar Room Maledetto da 15 anni Wellness Style Benessere Milanese Green Marocco Art Room Banca o Galleria?

Men s Code Citroën C4 Cactus Gourmet Amorim Cigar Room Maledetto da 15 anni Wellness Style Benessere Milanese Green Marocco Art Room Banca o Galleria? IT I GB edizioni bimestrale anno 5 - nº 24 - ottobre 2014 Euro 10,00 Poste Italiane s.p.a Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale - 70% Men s Code Citroën C4 Cactus Gourmet Amorim Cigar Room Maledetto da 15



SIMON & SCHUSTER S PIMSLEUR ITALIAN II. reading booklet SIMON & SCHUSTER S PIMSLEUR ITALIAN II second edition reading booklet Travelers should always check with their nation's State Department for current advisories on local conditions before traveling abroad.



Winter PERIODICO D INFORMAZIONE TURISTICA. NUMERO 33 gennaio 2014 I/EN PERIODICO D INFORMAZIONE TURISTICA VACANZE Consorzio per la promozione Turistica della Valchiavenna Chiavenna (SO) - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà - Sede legale Chiavenna (SO) FRACISCIO Una meta autentica





Grammatica d inglese semplificata

Grammatica d inglese semplificata by Lewis Baker 1 Grammatica d inglese semplificata by Lewis Baker Elenco argomenti (i numeri indicano il paragrafo, non la pagina) 1. Present Simple 2. Present Continuous 3. Present Perfect Simple 4. Present






COPIA OMAGGIO COMPLIMENTARY COPY n. 32 COPIA OMAGGIO COMPLIMENTARY COPY n. 32 CAPRI - VIA ROMA, 38 Con il patrocinio di: Azienda Autonoma di Cura Soggiorno e Turismo Isola di Capri www.capritourism.com ADAC Federalberghi Isola di Capri www.caprialberghi.com


Basic Activity Book. Manuela Kelly Calzini Christian Evans Luca Borgioli Carla Leonard. Switch On LINGUE

Basic Activity Book. Manuela Kelly Calzini Christian Evans Luca Borgioli Carla Leonard. Switch On LINGUE Manuela Kelly Calzini Christian Evans Luca Borgioli Carla Leonard Switch On Basic Activity Book LINGUE Copyright 0 Zanichelli editore S.p.A., Bologna [69] www.zanichelli.it I diritti di elaborazione in


Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso

Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso FAMIGLIΑ & AMICI 20% SHOW YOUR CARD 20% Anno X - N 1 A E N I L A NUOV G RIMALDI M AGAZINE MINOAN LINES BONUS CLUB 10% Barceloneta Napoli Assisi Quartiere verace


Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015

Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 QUADERNO CULTURALE Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 Guida alla lettura: An introduction to Numero sei Il sesto numero di Quaderno


Nello sport siamo bravi

Nello sport siamo bravi Aprile 2010 Numero 5 Anno scolastico 2009-2010 Giornalino scolastico del Liceo Sperimentale Italiano G. Marconi di Asmara - Eritrea Nello sport siamo bravi Alla fine ce l hanno fatta, ma quanta fatica!


Elisa Tozzi Piccini. Adi Da Samraj. David Gilmour. Free Copy - Map inside

Elisa Tozzi Piccini. Adi Da Samraj. David Gilmour. Free Copy - Map inside Florence is You! it's not a place, it's a feeling... ISSN 2283-835X Free Copy - Map inside info@florenceisyou.com 20.000 copies Your Newspaper in English and Italian By Anna Balzani Editor in chief @AnnaBalzani