The Verification Process in the ASTRI Project: the Verification Control Document (VCD)

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1 The Verification Process in the ASTRI Project: the Verification Control Document (VCD) L. Stringhetti INAF-IASF Milano on behalf of the ASTRI Collaboration 1 1

2 Summary The ASTRI/CTA project The ASTRI Verification Process The RVTM in litterature The ASTRI Application of VCD Nome Autore, con Luogo e 2 2

3 IL Progetto ASTRI The Project ASTRI has the main objectives to: _ Validate the Swarzschild Couder Optical Design (Never realized in a Cherenkov Telescope configuration) - Validate the ASTRI Camera design based on a novel technology of Sisicon Photon Detector. The Project ASTRI has the Goal to become the seed of the CTA SST configuration Nome Autore, con Luogo e 3 3

4 Il Progetto CTA 2018 CTA ( 200M Euro to build the instrument 15M Euro Estimated for yearly operation 150 telescopes in two sites 800 scientists in 25 countries Construction phase year of missions Still in the preparatory phase. Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources Supernova Remnants Pulsar Wind Nebulae Pulsar Physics Star-Formation Regions The Galactic Centre X-Ray Binaries & Microquasars Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Sources Active Galactic Nuclei Extragalactic Background Light Gamma-Ray Bursts Galaxy Clusters 4

5 Project Definition ASTRI Project People Process Product FOX 1 5 5

6 INAF/ HQ INAF/ IASF Bologna INAF/ IASF Milano INAF/ IASF Palermo INAF/ OAT Torino INAF/ OABrera INAF/ OACapodimonte INAF/ OACatania INAF/ OAPadova INAF/ OARoma Università Padova Università Perugia Astri Team is counting 120 people (45FTE) and it is still growing. - Partecipation of Brazil and South Africa (as per previous talk) - New Position in IASF Milano (SYS ENG/AIV see Nome Autore, con Luogo e 6 6

7 PRODUCT: ASTRI telescope WBS Short Name Description A6 SST-2M Small-Sized Telescope Dual Mirror A6.0 SST2M-DOC Documentation (PO deliverables) A6.0.1 SST2M-TDR Technical Design Report (TDR) A6.0.2 SST2M-PLANS Plans A6.0.3 SST2M-REF Referenced documents in the TDR A6.0.4 SST2M-FMECA FMECA A6.0.5 SST2M-DVD Design Verification Document (DVD) A SST2M-VAL DVD Appendix: Compliance Matrix A SST2M-VER DVD Appendix: Specification Verification Table A6.1 SST2M-MECH Mechanical Assembly A6.1.0 SST2M-MECH Mechanical Assembly Documentation A6.1.1 SST2M-MECH Mount A6.1.2 SST2M-MECH Optical Support Structure A6.1.3 SST2M-MECH Servo Systems & control Hardware A6.1.4 SST2M-MECH NA A6.1.5 SST2M-MECH Foundation A6.2 SST2M-OPT Optical System A6.2.0 SST-OPT Opt Documentation A6.2.1 SST-OPT Primary mirror A6.2.2 SST-OPT Secondary mirror A6.2.3 SST-OPT Optics alignment A6.3 SST2M-CAM Camera A6.3.0 SST2M-CAM Camera Documentation A6.3.1 SST2M-CAM Camera Mechanics A6.3.2 SST2M-CAM NA A6.3.3 SST2M-CAM Photo detector A6.3.4 SST2M-CAM Camera Electronics A6.3.5 SST2M-CAM Camera Server A6.3.6 SST2M-CAM Calibration System A6.3.7 SST2M-CAM Camera Auxiliary A6.4 SST2M-AUX Auxiliary Systems Nome Autore, con Luogo e 7

8 ASTRI Project wants to be the CTA seed so it has to compete on an international table. The major players are England, Germany, France, Swiss. On these tables the scientific excellence is not enough if Italy would like to be at the tiller among many other things. System Engineering Methodology are needed Nome Autore, con Luogo e 8 8

9 VERIFICATION PROCESS IN ASTRI Legge Italiana Standards e Normative Procedure di progetto Requisiti di Sistema IRD/ICD Criteri di Verifica Specification Tree RVTM Integration Report Verification Strategy Requisiti di Sistema IRD/ICD Criteri di Verifica Specification Tree RVTM Integration Report Verification Strategy Verification Procedures Verification Reports Verified System Procedure INAF Infrastrutture INAF Infrastrutture Progetto Via libera alla Verifica Purpose: To confirm that the specified design requirements are fulfilled by the system. Nome Autore, con Luogo e 9 9

10 RTVM VCD 10 10

11 RTVM VCD NASA SYS ENG Handbook Nome Autore, con Luogo e 11 11

12 RTVM VCD ESA ECSS Nome Autore, con Luogo e 12 12

13 ASTRI VCD Nome Autore, con Luogo e 13 13

14 VCD: Preparation Planning: A ogni specifica viene dato un codice unico A ogni specifica viene identificato uno «shall Statement» Ogni specifica deve essere tracciato da almeno un requisito. Se non si trova nessun requisito la specifica è inutile. Si identifica un metodo di verifica e un momento nella pianificazione dove eseguire la verifica Il VCD viene rilasciato nella sua prima versione Nome Autore, con Luogo e 14 14

15 VCD: Preparation Esecuzione: Quando la specifica viene verificata si crea un report e si riporta il titolo in tabella Nel caso ci siano problemi essi sono indicati Nel caso si identifichi un problema che non può essere risolto si attiva un processo di RFW o RFD. Il VCD viene rilasciato in versioni successive quando serve. Nome Autore, con Luogo e 15 15

16 Some statistic ASTRI System VDC comprises of 350 lines for System and Subsystem specifications. 53% of such specifications will be verified by test The remaining specs will be verified by Analysis, Certification and Inspection. This is the right level of details requested by the CTA organization. ASTRI VCD will be translated in CTA Italy VCD (35 Telescopes). Configuration of NCR/RFD will gain importance. Gene. 13% ASTRI COSTS Travel 10% HW 38% HQ 13% Pers. 26% Nome Autore, con Luogo e 16 16

17 Conclusion System Engineering is mandatory for modern international astrophysical projects. Configured System Engineering is not (yet) a common practice in such projects, but projects are increasing in complexity, dimension. The ASTRI VCD is a good compromise to MIUR requirements, CTA needs, best practices and efficient implementation in real life projects (i.e. considering ASTRI resources) Planning is (finally) ready, for the execution results see you next year. Nome Autore, con Luogo e 17 17