a par/cipatory process for the defini/on of climate products in coastal zones

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1 a par/cipatory process for the defini/on of climate products in coastal zones interna/onal conference climate services december, montego bay, jamaica valen/na giannini (cmcc) ENEA(Italy) EEWRC(Cyprus) CNRM(France) ICTP(Italy) IC3(Spain) NOA(Greece) CMCC(Italy) TEC(France) PlanBleu(France) PIK(Germany) UEA(UK) GREVACHOT(Tunisia) JRC (Spain) DHMZ (CroaIa) USMD(US) UC(Spain)

2 outline clim-run: goal and participatory process stakeholder involvement: end-users needs climate products: needs and validation conclusions what worked and lessons learned

3 AIMS at developing a protocol for applying new methodologies and improved modeling and downscaling tools for the provision of adequate climate information at regional to local scale that is relevant to and usable by different sectors of society (policymakers, industry, cities, etc.). A PARTICIPATORY PROCESS involving stakeholders is organized to assess needs of endusers. IMPROVEMENT: clim-run more adequate climate information consolidation of relationship between climate scientists and stakeholders

4 TOURISM: Tunisia, France (Savoie), Cyprus, Croatia ENERGY: Spain, Morocco, Cyprus, Croatia WILD FIRES: Greece (Spain) INTEGRATED: North Adriatic: Veneto & Friuli Venezia Giulia, Croatia

5 stakeholder involvement identification of stakeholders invitation: and follow up calls stakeholders needs workshop 1 questionnaire: climate products needs interaction with climate experts discussion à climate products climate products validation workshop 2 focus group

6 stakeholder involvement criteria for stakeholder identification: institutions which have mandate for ICZM, according to EU Recommendation: fisheries and aquaculture, transport, energy, resource management, species and habitat protection, cultural heritage, employment, regional development in both rural and urban areas, tourism and recreation, industry and mining, waste management, agriculture and education (Ch.3) comprehensive list of offices (63 total) 4 national, 31 from Veneto, 28 from FVG: from macro to micro scoring by expert team (1 to 5): importance, influence, effects, relevance, attitude 40 offices were selected, 26 agreed to participate 20 participated to workshop 1 13 answered the online questionnaire 11 gave feedback 11 participated to workshop 2 and 4 to focus group

7 Level Veneto Friuli Venezia Giulia Macro National Civil Protection, regional office Civil Protection, regional office Inter- regional Regional Independent Authorities Autorità di bacino delle Alpi Orientali Autorità di bacino dell Alto Adriatico Autorità di bacino del Po ARPAV Segreteria regionale per l ambiente Segreteria regionale per le infrastrutture e l urbanistica Genio Civile (Regione Veneto) Segreteria regionale per la cultura e turismo Pesca ed acquacoltura Servizio idrico integrato: ATO Industria Energia Port Authoritiy of Venice ASPO Chioggia Magistrato delle acque di Venezia Consorzio di Bonifica Adige Po Consorzio di Bonifica Delta Po Adige Consorzio di Bonifica Adige Euganeo Consorzio di Bonifica Bacchiglione Consorzio di Bonifica Acque Risorgive Consorzio di bonifica Piave Consorzio di Bonifica Veneto Orientale Parks and reserves Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po Riserva Naturale Bocche di Po Riserva Naturale Integrale Bosco Nordio Provinces Venezia Rovigo ARPA FVG Sviluppo sostenibile Urbanistica e pianificazione territoriale (incluso infrastrutture) Aree naturali e biodiversità Ente tutela pesca Servizio idrico integrato Industria Energia Turismo Port Authoritiy of Trieste ASPO Monfalcone Consorzio di Bonifica Bassa Friulana Consorzio di Bonifica Cellina Meduna Consorzio di Bonifica Ledra Tagliamento Consorzio di Bonifica Pianura Isontina Area Marina Protetta di Miramare Riserva Naturale della Foce dell Isonzo Riserva Naturale Foci dello Stella Riserva Naturale della Valle Canal Novo Riserva Naturale della Valle Cavanata Riserva Naturale delle Falesie di Duino Riserva Naturale regionale laghi di Doberdò e Pietrarossa Riserva Naturale della Val Rosandra Biotopo Magredi di San Canciano Trieste Gorizia Udine Micro Municipalities San Michele al Tagliamento Caorle, Eraclea Jesolo Cavallino-Treporti Venezia Chioggia Rosolina Porto Viro Porto Tolle Muggia Trieste Duino Aurisina Monfalcone Staranzano Grado Marano Lagunare Lignano Sabbiadoro

8 workshop 1 stakeholders needs

9 questionnaire stakeholders needs

10 STAKEHOLDERS RESEARCHERS Workshop 13 Sept 2011 Additional comments Variable Spatial scale Time scale extreme events forecasts how trends will vary design and management of structural defence measures, and of pumps extreme events monitoring for intervention and early warning system improve knowledge of climate change scenarios, of models used, and of uncertainty data availability from ARPA Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia improve monitoring stakeholders needs percentiles, return periods; duration; trend; add pressure fog; snow cover variation description of weather events as modified by climate change to improve design precipitations, winds temperature, precipitations extreme events of precipitations precipitations, winds km: models, local scale: downscaling km: models, local scale: downsc km: models, local scale: downsc. SUMMARY TABLE: hydro-climatic regime mean sea level identify uncertainty and confidentiality levels at regional scale interaction temperature, precipitations precipitations, winds, temperature km: models, local scale: downsc. global and regional model ensembles, possible downsc local data coming from stations need feedback from stakeholders 1-3 hours, daily, seasonal, decadal, multidecadal daily, seasonal, decadal, multidecadal 1-3 hours, daily, seasonal, decadal, multidecadal 1-3 hours, daily, seasonal decadal, multidecadal daily, seasonal, decadal, multidecadal

11 stakeholders needs SUMMARY TABLE: coastal-marine environment STAKEHOLDERS RESEARCHERS Workshop 13 Sept 2011 Additional comments Variable Spatial scale Time scale environmental sustainability: beach erosion, salt water intrusion, forest fires, drinking water availability improvement of forecasts return periods continuous monitoring of: hydrometric levels, piezometric levels, electrical conductivity sea level, wind, precipitation, sea level pressure km: models, local scale: downscaling climatic information for urban planning climatic information for coasts: sea level rise scenarios sea level, wind, precipitation, sea level pressure global and regional model for the North Adriatic area daily, seasonal till multidecadal fishery resources and variation in species present interaction seasonal cycles precipitation, runoff, evaporation, currents km: models, local scale: downscaling

12 stakeholders needs SUMMARY TABLE: agriculture STAKEHOLDERS RESEARCHERS Workshop 13 Sept 2011 Additional comments Variable Spatial scale Time scale drought and irrigation potential evapotranspiration; hydroclimatic balance; extreme temperatures; heat waves; general trend (up to 2100), decadal trends ( , etc.), multidecadal ( , etc.); pressure. precipitation, temperature, drought indicators km from models, local scale from downscaling daily, seasonal till multidecadal interaction

13 climate products uncertainty: ice melt models Gualdi et al., 2013 slr Trend ( ): 2.8 mm/yr

14 extreme events climate products

15 climate products downscaling: heat wave day index

16 climate products downscaling: dry spell length index

17 climate products downscaling: heavy precipitation index

18 climate products information sheets: climate change projections

19 climate products validation IMPROVEMENTS data to support land-use planning data with greater resolution and longer time series data on climate impacts and risks precipitation patterns to improve irrigation COLLABORATION regional agencies can do downscaling acquire information à disseminate to public knowledge for land-use planning, DRR and EWS repository of daily data since 1960 workshop 2

20 risk assessment PRODUCT 1: sea level rise inundation risk maps PRODUCT 2: pluvial flood inundation risk maps in urban areas presentation by Antonio Marcomini workshop 2

21 conclusions: improved climate products strong document on climate change scenarios so that climate information will be considered in land-use planning statistics should change: from return periods to uncertainty to range (educate end-users) network to enable data exchange and cooperation

22 grazie! acknowledgements: Silvio Gualdi, Filippo Giorgi, Alessio Bellucci, Erika Coppola, Silvia Torresan, Valen/na Gallina, Alessandro dell Aquila, Paolo Ru/