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1 Professional Women s Association PWA is the only group of its kind which provides women in Rome with their very own forum for exchanging more than ideas - shaping their businesses, sharing contacts while forging friendships and offering ways to support each other s careers and ambitions - in short, improving themselves, their work and their life experience. Newsletter December 2014 The People We Are Dear Members and Friends, Since September, much has been achieved through the People We Are brand Project, approved and supported by the Board. Thank you to all and each of you Board members and Assistants for both the quantity and the quality of the work produced. Over the past years, forced by a rapidly changing environment, we decided to forge PWA s identity to respond to what we heard and saw where new trends, needs and desires. Together with our members and new partners, we developed a vision, we embraced the challenge and decided to be ambitious. Nothing would stop us from trying to reach our objective, creating real and added values for our members. And this is what has brought us here, together, tonight. For the first time in history, PWA Christmas Party is celebrated in conjunction with another prestigious Association, namely the Bocconi Alumni Association. From both parts, it is a proof of openness, curiosity, flexibility and Individual and social intelligence; it responds to a need for creating relationships based on mutual respect, common interests and generosity. According to an Indian poet, all that is not given is lost, generosity versus competitiveness at work, and everywhere, is a virtue that indicates a high level of self confidence and will engender trust, respect, goodwill from others around you. It will have a positive impact on yourself and the whole community. Manpower counts three Friends of PWA, including Dott. Giusepppe Brogi who generously offers tonight s participants a valuable voucher to use in his Roman studio before June Three also are the participants to our Corporate Membership program which is receiving lots of interest. Do not hesitate to talk about these new opportunities to your network and refer to me. With the launch of the Mentoring Program in January, we are definitely making a history, entering 2015 with a challenging and exciting new PWA benefit. This program is available to all members, including corporate members and JCU and RBS students. Sign up as a mentor or as mentee with Michelle Bassanessi, mentoring coordinator, before December 31st. Today, we also launch the PWA Think Tank, another opportunity for all of you to get involved with the future of PWA. We have chosen to do it the web 2.0 way creating the interactive space on Linkedin. PWA is on social media and here too, new, special attention is being given and offered to our members, partners and sponsors. As we continue to strive for excellence in PWA, we also feel the need to help provide the foundations for tomorrow s leaders. Our first conference on 21st January 2015 will do just that from a feminine point of view, thanks to our speaker Anna Zattoni, Direttore di Valore D. Consequently, work in progress with new partners will provide more exclusive benefits for PWA members, and a special event in joint venture with Rome Business School in spring will call on the talents within our association and network. Heartfelt thanks to our past conferences sponsors, Tuscia Gnam and Venturi Auto and to our December Party sponsor Omega Chefaro for their continuous support and collaborative attitude. I could list another dozen good reasons to join PWA, but as I am writing this one comes to my mind for a particular reason: Make a friend, meet the sister you have not had, grow your family, who will support you in good times and also in bad times. Swee Khoo, a longstanding PWA member has many friends in PWA and in WIN, where she volunteered last October. Swee recently underwent massive surgery and will go through a series of therapies in the months to come. A good friend of her, past PWA president Wendy Auslebrook is sharing a prayer for her (inside this NL). In thought and spirit we can unite in the morning, to support Swee. Little things can make a big difference. Wishing you and your families a serene, peaceful holiday season and positive and successful 2015 with PWA, Warmest regards, Carol Bourg, President In this issue Christmas Party...2 The People We Are...4 PWA Woman of the Year...5 Does Networking Work?...6 November Conference recap..7 December ConneXion recap...7 Legge contro il Femminicidio, cosa è cambiato...8 Giornata mondiale contro la violenza sulle donne: La sensibilizzazione parte dalle scuole...9 Cultural diversity: Christmas traditions around the world...10 For our dear friend Swee...11 Who s Who: Rossanna Scazzocchio...12 Who s Who: Roberta Gasparetti...12 Digital photography at JCU...13 Party Sponsor Omega Pharma..14 PWA in

2 PWA C hristmas Party Palazzo Braschi December 12th, 2014 Main Sponsor Joint Venture Silent Auction Make sure to participate in the silent auction as there are incredible prizes ranging from beauty products and ceramics art to exclusive consultancy sessions in sales and communcations. The proceeds will go to the WIN scholarship. Welcome to the PWA C hristmas Party! in the program Welcome by PWA and BAA Fundraising for Telefono Rosa Silent Auction with several fabulous prizes Presentation of the Winter Queen Menù Hummus fatto in casa Polenta fritta con brie croccante Prugne vestite allo speck al forno Quiche vegetariana Vellutata di porri e patate Risotto alla zucca ai sapori provenzali Pennette alla Norma Panettone e pandoro Brownie di cioccolata e noci pecan con panna montata Bicchierini di panna cotta alla menta Prosecco Vino Bio Soft Drinks Enjoy the evening! Rosemary Aspinall Hand painted glass plate Michelle Bassanesi Christmas basket Special thanks to Studio Odontoiatrico Associato Brogi & Lucchese Silent Auction Sponsors Valerie Baxter 1 voucher for a complimentary training session - choose from: Sales techniques & negotiation strategy Time management Effective communication skills Assertiveness, the rights of your role Marketing your image content and managing your team Il Molino organic 100% natural cosmetics SET: shampoo, body wash, face scrub, makeup remover Carol Bourg Coach2Market One Process Communication Model management profile with debrief to Cinzia D Acierno 3 vouchers for a Pizza dinner with wine or beer for 2 at Rosso Pomodoro of Largo Argentina Bina D Anna Hand painted ceramics vase Paola Devescovi 2 Personal Branding Audits including web site + 3 social media profile/pages + online marketing strategy audit Ginetta Gueli Book on management Le donne vogliono di più by M. J. Silverstein e Kate Sayre in Italian Tazim Hammond 1 Box Turkish Tea 1 Box Almond And Pistaccio Turkish Delight (Dolce) Margrit Mau Gift Voucher for health products by Forever Living Product Doriana Rarantino and Graziano Oliva 2 vouchers for beauty treatments at BEAUTY PHARMA Marta Schneider African Queen Travels 2 Nights Safari & 2 nights in Cape Town for 2 people Hanna Suni Cattivissimo Natale novel by Manuela Zucchi and Hanna s illustrations Handpainted ceramics vase by artist Guido Barbieri PWA warmheartedly thanks all the auction sponsors for their donations and generosity! 2 3

3 The People We Are it s all happening Season s Greetings from your Special Projects Director. Although the thermometer s low, the news is hot! We are extremely proud to present the PWA Mentoring Program the first of its kind ever to be offered by an International women s association in Rome. We already have some of our first mentees and mentors, but there s still room for more. ichoose Carpe Diem and Big Sister programs are awaiting your applications by 31 st December. First session starts 7 th January Contact Mentoring Coordinator, Michelle Bassanesi - Announcing PWA ThinkTank! You can join this initiative in our Linked In subgroup in PWAROME. Our specialist Team member, Ginetta Gueli will be moderating your ideas for future trends and innovation in PWA. There s a lot of work to be done in disruptive innovation. It s a small group of the best brains and creative members and friends of PWA. Be a part of it! PWA WOMAN OF THE YEAR HOW IT WORKS PWA s success as an Association is due to the participation of its members: professional women who, over the years, have contributed to its growth, its credibility and reputation. Each woman, through her membership, has helped to make PWA a special entity, leaving a trace for a new member to follow. In our brand project The People We Are, this award acquires even more significance. The PWA Board decides to nominate every year, with the support and participation of all members, a PWA WOMAN OF THE YEAR. This special woman, whose example other women are willing to respect and perhaps emulate, will receive our public appreciation, testified by a gift membership for the following PWA Year. She will have the opportunity to invite 2 free guests to all PWA conferences during the next year and also receives a gift invitation to our June Party including a celebration cake in her honour! The successful candidate will also be the subject of a special feature in our Newsletter. Rules of eligibility 1) Membership regularly paid for current year Obligatory 2) Participation minimum 50% PWA Conference meetings Obligatory 3) Participation minimum 50% PWA social events Obligatory Additional CRITERIA VOTES expert resources The long and winding road to discover our within PWA has finally brought us to destination and we re now ready to launch a useful tool exclusively for our members: the Expert Resources directory. Getting to know each other and gaining credibility via networking and social events, although still the best way to establish good business relationships, can be time consuming, especially when we mislay a business card, or forget a phone number. In PWA we are often asked to provide workshops and seminars, plus notice of job vacancies. The Expert Resources directory gives insight to your business relations and creates reciprocal work related opportunities. If you still haven t completed and returned your SMARTPACK info, hurry to contact our Membership Director, Olga Plyaskina We re releasing the directory in January 2015 you must be a part of it! PWA Community director, Paola Devescovi will be coming up with a series of hot tips on how to get a handle on social media and become a whiz kid on personal branding. Watch out for her wisdom column as she takes us through the motions. Above all, follow her in our PWA Rome group on Facebook, and ethically engage with others to get the most out of your membership. Another important mission for PWA is forming tomorrow s leaders and providing the tools to develop the fundamental skills. The January conference by Anna Zattoni of Valore D is focused on Feminine Leadership and we hope to see a full house of both old and new members. Later in the spring a special event on Leadership skills will be organized in joint venture with Rome Business School. If you feel like sharing your expertise and helping others finetune their skills make sure to volunteer for the special workshop. Stay tuned for more... MORE HOT NEWS! WOMAN OF THE YEAR We re at the halfway mark in our Woman of the Year award 2014/15. The game is on! So far, full membership and above 50% attendance at Conferences and Social events are the obligatory qualifications. Let s prepare to welcome our first eligible women: Maria Grazia Caiafa (Woman of the Year 2013/14); Paola Devescovi; Michela Lazzé; Margrit Mau; Marta Schneider (Winter Queen 2012 and Woman of the Year 2012/13); Hanna Suni and congratulate the PWA Winter Queen 2014: Olga Plyaskina! by Valerie Baxter 4) Introduction minimum 2 professional women to PWA resulting in regular membership status 5) Achievement of objective in own business/professional capacity i.e. promotion or outstanding achievements 6) Instrumental in creating value for PWA via introducing Friends of PWA, procuring conference sponsorship, or full Sponsorship (own or third party) 7) Contribution to Newsletter articles and/or presentation of own business Winner adjudication 1) Treasurer vote 1 = credit rating 2) Programming vote 1 = willing to learn, competitive 3) Social events vote 1 = social/culture chic 4) Membership vote 1 = loyalty 5) President votes 2 = ambition 6) PR vote 1 = commercial skills 7) Media/Communications vote 1 = marketing & communication skills 8) Secretary PWA Members votes 2 (communication only 1st& 2nd choice) = popularity How to participate Just be a part of PWA all members are automatically potential Women of the Year, leaving your imprint on Rome by participating in the activities in our Event Calendar. If you think you can do more be our guest we welcome your support. Play the game we ll be keeping the score. At halfway mark, our Christmas Party, notice will be given of the first eligible candidates, as we crown our Winter Queen among those with a promising track record. Please note that criteria votes determine the successful final candidates. The final member votes are those which determine the winner according to the perception by fellow members of the most worthy candidate for the Award among those fitting the criteria, and who has distinguished herself within the Association thus creating value for PWA. Terms and duration All member activity will be deemed valid until the date of our last Conference in May. Votes will be cast by PWA Board and Members as mentioned in the paragraph on Winner adjudication to coincide with the election of the new Board. Communication of the potential candidates eligible for the popularity votes plus the final scrutiny to determine the winner is competence of Board Secretary upon collection of members votes. The President and likewise all members have the right to 2 votes which may be given to the same person, alternatively to 2 different people as 1st and 2nd choices. In the eventuality of a draw between two candidates, a 2nd ballot must be held within 24 hours of the1st.the winner will be announced by the President at the June Party, via to the successful candidate and to all members. Any questions or clarification regarding this initiative may be addressed to the Special Projects Director, Valerie Baxter by to or quoting the subject PWA Woman of the Year. Good luck and may the best woman win! 4 5

4 DOES NETWORKING WORK? By Marta Schneider and Sofia Lenz Third Interactive conference by Sales Academy 2012 Wednesday, November 19th Oh Yes!!! Networking works incredibly well. Regretfully it isn t as certain as peddling your bike where you want to go. The benefits of networking are unappreciable and not easy to control specifically. So networking can seem like you put in all your effort peddling uphill day after day, month after month, year after year, and yet you never get to see the results. However, it is well worth it, specially for those who have valuable skills and experience. Specially for those who persevere. Specially for those who have patience. Patience is not to sit down and wait. Patience is the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, and to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. So KEEP CALM and bike on! Blessings [and opportunities] may appear under the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments; but let him [and her] have patience, and he [she] will see them in their proper figures. Joseph Addison, Sadly, I am not here tonight to celebrate one more half year of PWA s continued growth, continued success, and to be with so many people I am proud to call friends, to call business contacts, to call clients. Hey! But we re not here to be sad! We re here to talk about Networking and its positive results. And as a result I am not here tonight because I am working abroad thanks to the PWA Networking. To a great extent Networking works just to get visibility and opportunities nowhere else one would get. The job market can be very inefficient and unfair - thus networking can greatly increase your odds. NETWORKING WORKS! The bicycle is an idea that moves society in only one direction: forward So bike on, network on: results will come! Little Voices was the intriguing title of the sales workshop organized by Sales Academy 2012 from the UK. The energetic and interactive presentation by Adam Brooks soon made it clear that the title referred to the voices we all hear in our heads when we are approached by sales people and their proposals. Through the interactive exercises and very concrete examples Adam got the public excited about developing the perfect sales strategy for the participants own businesses. From the left: Amanda Dear (Sales Academy 2012), Sile O Broin, PWA outgoing Programming Director, Adam Brooks (Sales Academy 2012) and Carol Bourg, PWA President The November sales conference attracted yet again a recordbreaking crowd of over 60 participants. Fourth, friendly ConneXion Wednesday, December 3rd, at Caffè Gusto photos and text Hanna Suni SAVE THE DATE President Carol Bourg with the second PWA Friend Massimo Bufacchi JANUARY CONFERENCE on January 21st on FEMININE LEADERSHIP BY ANNA ZATTONI 6 7

5 Lo scorso 8 agosto il governo italiano ha approvato il decreto a tutela delle donne, convertitosi in legge dopo l approvazione al Senato lo scorso 11 ottobre. Il Decreto raccoglie le indicazioni della Convenzione di Istanbul, sottoscritta l 11 maggio 2011 e ratificata dal nostro Parlamento nel giugno Risponde all Europa come agli appelli della società civile. La conversione in Legge. Cosa ha fatto il Parlamento. Rispetto al testo varato dal Consiglio dei Ministri le Camere, nel modificare il decreto: hanno introdotto un aggravante comune in luogo delle aggravanti previste per singoli reati - per i delitti contro la vita e l incolumità individuale, contro la libertà personale nonché per i maltrattamenti in famiglia, da applicare se i fatti sono commessi in danno o in presenza di minori o in danno di donne incinte; hanno circoscritto ai casi più gravi l irrevocabilità della querela; hanno previsto un finanziamento di 10 milioni di euro per il 2013 per l attuazione del Piano contro la violenza sessuale e di genere, volto, tra l altro, a promuovere il recupero dei maltrattanti; hanno dato rilievo penale alla relazione tra vittima e autore del reato a prescindere dalla natura del vincolo (matrimoniale o di convivenza), applicando un aggravamento di pena anche in caso di fatto commesso da chi sia legato da relazione affettiva con la vittima; hanno esteso la possibilità di effettuare intercettazioni anche nei procedimenti per stalking; hanno introdotto le modalità di controllo a distanza (come il braccialetto elettronico) anche agli allontanamenti dalla casa familiare disposti per alcuni reati connessi alla violenza in famiglia. Cosa cambia con la nuova legge: Le aggravanti: Sono introdotte nel codice penale nuove aggravanti per i maltrattamenti in famiglia, la violenza sessuale e gli atti persecutori. Aggravanti specifiche, inoltre, sono previste nel caso di violenza sessuale contro donne in gravidanza o commessa dal coniuge (anche separato o divorziato) o da chi sia o sia stato legato da relazione affettiva. Fonte: Palazzo Chigi 8 NOVEMBER AGAINST VIOLENCE LEGGE CONTRO IL FEMMINICIDIO, COSA È CAMBIATO di Alessandra Sorge GIORNATA MONDIALE CONTRO LA VIOLENZA SULLE DONNE: LA SENSIBILIZZAZIONE PARTE DALLE SCUOLE di Alessandra Sorge Le donne, un filo che unisce mondi e culture diverse è il titolo della manifestazione promossa dal Telefono Rosa in occasione della giornata internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne, tenutasi lo scorso 25 novembre all Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma. Storie, racconti, testimonianze, parole, tante parole, dirette, taglienti, per dire no alla violenza di genere. E una platea formata da oltre 2500 studenti a cui è stato rivolto l appello delle autorità, della politica, dell associazionismo in generale, per contrastare il fenomeno della violenza che oggi fa più vittime del cancro. In Italia, secondo recenti indagini, ogni anno più di un milione di donne finisce nella rete dei soprusi maschili. Si alza l età media delle vittime che passa dai 50 ai 53 anni e mezzo, e si alza paurosamente il numero delle adolescenti, poco più che ventenni, uccise per mano dei loro giovani fidanzatini. Troppe le storie agghiaccianti che si ripetono quasi quotidianamente, da qui l allarme. Sempre più spesso la violenza sulle donne nasce all interno delle mura domestiche, da relazioni con uomini che non accettano l autonomia mentale e materiale delle donne, che vorrebbero pieno potere intellettuale e fisico su di loro, che non accettano la fine di una relazione e rivendicano la propria compagna come una loro proprietà. Lo ha spiegato senza mezzi termini la senatrice Monica Cirinnà, in prima fila per la modifica della legge elettorale in tema di rappresentanza di genere, per cui per un italiano su tre la violenza domestica è un fatto privato e va risolto tra le mura domestiche. Questa matrice propriamente culturale che fa della violenza sulle donne un terribile malcostume non solo italiano, dimostra chiaramente come la violenza di genere non ha origine da una patologia, o scaturisce da raptus di follia, come spesso sentiamo dire in tv. A questo proposito la giornalista Rai Bianca Berlinguer ha sottolineato quanto i mezzi di comunicazione giochino un ruolo fondamentale in questo senso, ritagliando legittimi spazi di cronaca ai fatti di violenza ma limitando, ad esempio, l uso di immagini forti che possono indurre all emulazione. Energiche e vibranti le parole di Don Ciotti, dell associazione Libera che, ricordando l anniversario della morte di Lea Garofalo, vittima di mafia, ha definito la violenza sulle donne come uno dei crimini più vili e il peggiore atto di sopraffazione. Nel sottolineare l importanza della scuola come prima comunità formativa dei futuri cittadini e luogo importantissimo per la crescita e la costruzione dell identità personale, Don Ciotti ha esortato i giovani al cambiamento, alla riflessione, alla presa di coscienza come atto dovuto alla società civile. La scuola ha infine concluso ha lo strumento giusto per farlo. Le leggi spesso non bastano, bisogna cambiare la morale delle persone, e voi avete la forza e la capacità per farlo. Cambiare la mentalità e svegliare le coscienze è l appello di Maria Carmela Lanzetta, ex sindaco di Monasterace, ora ministro degli affari regionali, le autonomie e lo sport, vittima in passato di minacce da parte della ndrangheta. La mafia come la Jihad rosa, il fondamentalismo islamico vissuto dalle donne e descritto dalla giornalista italo-siriano Susan Dabbous nel libro Dimmi come vuoi morire, in cui racconta la sua prigionia in Siria per opera di un gruppo legato ad al-qaeda. E qui l incontro con Miriam, la sua giovanissima carceriera, che ogni giorno le pone il medesimo quesito. Susan ci parla di donne che, come Miriam, hanno scelto di sposare uomini combattenti della Jihad con l illusione di ottenere la libertà, prestando loro il proprio corpo, come puro oggetto di piacere, dedicando parte della loro esistenza alla totale sottomissione, tanto da valergli il triste appellativo di prostitute sante. Opporsi al prevaricamento e Rosa Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli Alessandra Sorge, Carol Bourg e denunciare le violenze è l appello della presidente di Telefono Rosa Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli, che con il progetto scuola ha dato vita ad un contest video contro la violenza di genere. Numerosi gli istituti partecipanti e i vincitori premiati sul palco dell Auditorium al termine di una giornata bella e impegnativa, che tutti i presenti difficilmente dimenticheranno. Siamo Sicure - Se hai uno smartphone puoi scaricare gratuitamente la App Siamo Sicure. Questa app è stata ideata per aumentare la sicurezza delle donne che si trovano in situazioni di pericolo. #cosedauomini: on line i 5 episodi della web serie On line su i cinque episodi della web serie #cosedauomini, la nuova campagna di sensibilizzazione del Governo italiano per la lotta contro la violenza sulle donne rivolta agli uomini e ai ragazzi, promossa dal Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri con il contributo della Commissione europea. La campagna affronta, in modo innovativo, la tematica della violenza di genere per la prima volta rivolgendosi al mondo maschile, nella convinzione che ci voglia anche un cambiamento culturale per prevenire il fenomeno della violenza sulle donne.

6 Cultural diversity: Christmas traditions around the world by Anna Kroymann Christmas, holiday season - what did I learn and see in the countries I ve been living in? And why did I never actually spend Christmas abroad? I lived in France, in the US and now in Italy altogether for over 25 years and I always managed to fly home for Christmas. Possibly a few days before, because what is special in Germany is the atmosphere in December, the Adventszeit : the Christmas markets, the cold, the vin brûlée and the smell coming from little huts that sell spicy bread and biscuits, wool hats and gloves knit by someone s grandma. Until only a few years ago neither the French nor the Italians did even know what a Christmas calendar was - the one made for kids where you open a door every day from December 1st to 24th. My mother sent me one every year till I was around And all 4 Sundays preceding Christmas are special ones - in the afternoon you light a candle - first one, then two, then three, then four - have tea and home made biscuits and let the Christmas feeling start to grow. Then, on the 24th of December it s there; the shopping is done, the shops close early (at least that was when I was a child) and holy mass is in the afternoon. Back home, in the meantime, Father Christmas had popped by and, after singing Christmas songs, gifts get unwrapped... The most magic moment of all is Christmas Eve! In France it s not the same. I still remember my feelings when I first found out they unwrap their gifts in the morning - on the 25th of December. Christmas only starts with the mass at midnight the day before. And the 26th is not a holiday, the French get back to work already. But before, they sure do have champagne and a very prestigious meal - car c est Noël! Then again, in the US I found a completely different kind of magic, much bigger and also more commercial, but still fantastic - I can remember the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York, hear the music play Christmas songs and see people ice skating in the middle of the sparkling lights. Intimacy and family is more linked to Thanksgiving, a very important holiday in November, while Christmas sparkles: Santa Claus is coming to town! And Italy has a bit of everything - and of course the presepe. Naples offers nativity scenes that are unforgettable. Done with so much detail you wonder how the artist did even notice these small things in reality. Bergamo and Brescia celebrate Santa Lucia on December 13th and Babbo Natale didn t use to come with gifts then. Trentino and Alto Adige have a lot of traditions very much alike Germany and Austria. So once again, Italy doesn t even seem to be a single country... Now, when I read what I just wrote, I feel No, no, no that s not true anymore... there are Christmas markets all over the world, chocolate calenders sold everywhere and last year I clearly remember that Germans were still shopping when Father Christmas was supposed to be in their homes already... Am I nostalgic and see Germany in the 70ies compared to NY in the 90ies and Italy in 2014? Quite likely but then I know: it s exactly this nostalgic feeling that I love when I go home and it s undisturbed because I left so long ago... Swee is from Penang and when she returns home to Georgetown she always visits the oldest Kuan Yin temple to pray. I have been there with her on several occasions and as a consequence I too worship this God. Let me share with you Kuan Yin, is the most universally loved and worshipped of all the Chinese deities. Her likeness, image and form are seen in almost all households, and there are altars dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy in many Chinese homes. Kuan Yin is the all Compassionate Goddess of Mercy. She is said to answer all prayers and to come to the assistance of those in need. Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pusa. This is the prayer which is recited by all Kuan Yin devotees daily throughout the world to pay homage to Kuan Yin. Those who recite the great prayer with a sincere heart will surely find it quite easy to practice great loving kindness and great sympathy towards others, because Kuan Yin s compassion will then flow through them and lead them to walk the Path of Mercy. Please let us join forces and prayer for our dear Swee to heal. The power of prayer is well documented and I know that this is the greatest offering we can provide at this moment. Wendy Aulsebrook FOR OUR DEAR FRIEND, SWEE 10 11

7 Who s Who: Rossana Scazzocchio My name is Rossana Scazzocchio and I hold a Master s degree in mathematics. I have several years of working experience in the IT sector; first as employee and later on as entrepreneur. In the recent years I specialized my work on the design, development and maintenance of customizable accounting systems. My professional interests and the evolution of technology and its applications. On my freetime I like to travel, go to exhibitions and read. See you soon, Rossana Digital Photography at JCU I had the opportunity to take a Digital Photography course at John Cabot University this Fall 2014 semester. The course was taught by Prof. William Pettit and the objective was to learn to use the different settings of a reflex camera and the principles of post-production work. In the beginning of the course we did some experiments with a very elementary pinhole-camera (a tin box with a small hole) and learned how to develop film photos. Each week we had to take pictures with a certain theme and post them on the course blog. It was eye-opening to see how differently each of us treated the topics given by the professor. We also had a few rather philosophical readings to support our learning process. I can t say my photography improved hugely, but I did learn what the different buttons on my camera can do and I can certainly develop my skills further with the base I acquired. Every learning experience is always precious and I would like to thank JCU and PWA for giving me the opportunity to participate! by Hanna Suni Students of the course visiting the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition. Photo by Muhannad Almaghlooth Membership fee starting January 80 euro Student annual fee 70 euro My name is Roberta Gasparetti and I work with my voice. As a professional dubber, I m used to working and playing with my voice. I can t forget one of my first dubbing sessions, when a sound engineer told me: From your voice I can understand how your last night was and how you woke up in the morning. It was true! My firm belief is that each person s voice is the voice of their soul, if there isn t anything blocking or interrupting them. To give your voice to someone is a gift, and in order to truly let the person in front of your eyes, the character on the stage, live through your voice you have to put your own ego apart and let her - or him - speak through you. I m also a writer, simply because I love to write. I ve written always, since I was a child. I used this Who s Who: Roberta Gasparetti craft to write italian dialogues for films, telefilms, cartoons and documentaries from other languages. I wrote for the stage, I directed some plays and it was a big challenge to me. The different roles and characters that I have given an italian voice to have pushed me into a more keen, more accurate observation of the body, its movements, eyes and a deep listening of tunes and voice changes. It becomes automatic, a part of you, after a while. I decided to share this skill with other women, offering classes of Voice, teaching them to speak in public presenting ideas, projects or simply themselves, supporting women in political careers and working in Communication Teams. I also wrote for women, a sort of ghost writer for The Feminine... words are a power voice. It s a huge dream to encourage people to speak with their own voices. I heard a lot of wonderful voices in my two meetings with PWA. And you have wonderful souls, no doubt at all. You gave me a great welcome... but my joy to be part of PWA is even greater. Thank you with all my heart. I will see you soon, I am sure! Roberta New Members Welcome! We would like to welcome Cristina Barbero, Sonia Biondi, Simonetta Gaiba Conte and Roberta Gasparetti who have recently joined our association. We would also like to welcome the very first PWA Friends Alessandro Onelli and Massimo Bufacchi. PWA is a place that grows with each member, therefore we are looking forward to enjoying PWA together with you! PWA Donnainaffari Caterina Flick (Legal Advisor) st=uuglmwyotyg6x7xpsotzghvg Members Milestones 12 L Iguana editrice. 13 Members Milestones PWA in the media Gerlie Saura, PWA member, got married to Vittorio Leproux on December 6th in Rome. PWA wishes the couple lots of happiness! Marta Schneider, PWA PR & Sponsorship Director, is in Brazil once more this week by invitation of a multi-national company to conduct training programmes for their local and ex-pat staff. Hanna Suni has illustrated a Christmas themed novel book Cattivissimo Natale for The Commonwealth Club of Rome Warmly invites you to the Christmas Lunch December p.m. Harry's Bar, via Veneto Please R.S.V.P. by 8 December to Susan Smith at Members 55 Non-members 65 to be paid by 8 December to reserve place

8 December party sponsor: Chefaro Omega COMPANY PERSPECTIVE OMEGA CHEFARO is the Italian branch of OMEGA PHARMA, a Belgian company, recently acquired by PERRIGO, an American corporation. We are specialized in OTC pharmaceutical products (drugs without prescription). Our portfolio is large and very dynamic with brands like: 1 These brands are distributed mainly in pharmacies, some in grocery retail. Our turnover in Italy is about 100 Millions. We employ 80 people at the headquarters in Rome (56% are women) and we have an external sales force of 58 agents. The company is managed by Bruno Goffin, the husband of our President, Carol Bourg. Bruno s Management Team is composed by 43% of women. PWA in ConneXions January 7 February 4 March 4 April 1 May 6 June 3 July 1 VENUE different, exclusive venues around Rome at 18:30 hrs Interactive Conferences January 21 Anna Zattoni - Feminine Leadership in Italy February 18 People We Are Networking Activity March 18 April 15 Partnerships in Business May 20 VENUE at Hotel Boscolo Aleph Via S. Basilio 15 (off Via Veneto) at 19:00 hrs PWA Board Members & Associates President Carol Bourg Secretary Monica Livan Treasurer Michelle Bassanesi Programming Christine Sterpetti Membership Olga Playskyna Social Maria Grazia Caiafa PR & Sponsorship Marta Schneider Assistants to Board Newsletter Hanna Suni Webmistress Marny Mancini Special Projects Valerie Baxter Press Office Alessandra Sorge Legal Advice Caterina Flick Community Director Paola Devescovi

Focus on Italy - The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy - #20 - Supplement to Britaly # 231/2011 ITALY - UK DESIGN LEGAL & COMMERCIAL.

Focus on Italy - The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy - #20 - Supplement to Britaly # 231/2011 ITALY - UK DESIGN LEGAL & COMMERCIAL. Focus on Italy - The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy - #20 - Supplement to Britaly # 231/2011 FOCU CUS on Italy FOCUS ON PUGLIA ITALY - UK DESIGN LEGAL & COMMERCIAL LONDON 2012 Supported by International



INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS MEETING FOR FITNESS EHFA Update issu e 25 - J U NE 2013 EHFA European Health & Fitness Association MORE PEOPLE MORE ACTIVE MORE OFTEN 4th annual International Standards Meeting (ISM) Cutting Edge: Training the Fascial Network



LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 LAVIOSA MINERALS _AR 2013 3 5 Intervista al Presidente - Interview with the Chairman 14 Visione, Missione e Valori - Vision, Mission and


INDICE IN PRIMA PERSONA. I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit

INDICE IN PRIMA PERSONA. I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit IN PRIMA PERSONA I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit 2010 IN PRIMA PERSONA I progetti del Gift Matching Program promossi dai dipendenti di UniCredit 2010 Pubblicazione


Communications Office Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

Communications Office Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Wharton Media Report Global Alumni Forum 2012 Milan, Italy Communications Office Wharton School University of Pennsylvania! 319 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 3620 Locust Walk Philadelphia,


Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015

Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 QUADERNO CULTURALE Queens College Italian Program Newsletter Numero 6 Department of European Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 Guida alla lettura: An introduction to Numero sei Il sesto numero di Quaderno


Sommario supplemento 2008

Sommario supplemento 2008 Sommario supplemento 2008 Supplemento Stati Uniti / Canada To All Educators of Italian Una lettera di sette colleghi americani pag 2 Cultura? Sì, grazie. Una riflessione europea sul programma AP


Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso

Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso Trieste - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso FAMIGLIΑ & AMICI 20% SHOW YOUR CARD 20% Anno X - N 1 A E N I L A NUOV G RIMALDI M AGAZINE MINOAN LINES BONUS CLUB 10% Barceloneta Napoli Assisi Quartiere verace


.it MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT INTERVIEW ITALY-FLORIDA MISSION MISSION NANOTECH. italian trade. Culture and Italian Style in the Heart of Miami

.it MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT INTERVIEW ITALY-FLORIDA MISSION MISSION NANOTECH. italian trade. Culture and Italian Style in the Heart of Miami .it March 2005 - Vol.2 No. 1 A periodic publication from the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, Southeast in cooperation with MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT Culture and Italian Style in the Heart of Miami INTERVIEW


Oltre i confini nazionali

Oltre i confini nazionali Rivista di Pelliconi & C. SpA - Copia gratuita Magazine by Pelliconi & C. SpA - Complimentary copy FOCUS Oltre i confini nazionali Beyond Our National Borders 1 PERSONE Una partnership Made in Italy A


GRIMALDI MAGAZINE. Roma. Salerno. Spagna. Tunisia. Ravenna. Grecia. Sardegna. In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis

GRIMALDI MAGAZINE. Roma. Salerno. Spagna. Tunisia. Ravenna. Grecia. Sardegna. In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis GRIMALDI MAGAZINE Roma In Piazza con Papa Francesco In St Peter s Square with Pope Francis Spagna Magico Maresme Magic Maresme Ravenna Tesoro bizantino Byzantine treasure Grecia Epidauro da scoprire Epidaurus


Global. Nel 2009, dopo oltre tre. Capitali coraggiosi Courageous Capitals

Global. Nel 2009, dopo oltre tre. Capitali coraggiosi Courageous Capitals 4 Global Grandi aziende familiari. Un antico modello di organizzazione per il nuovo capitalismo del futuro. Coincidenza di interessi di proprietari, dirigenti e dipendenti, maggiori opportunità di creatività


Desidero iniziare questo

Desidero iniziare questo 4 La nuova era dellaglobal globalizzazione, ovvero l appiattimento e l allargamento dell arena mondiale: il terreno di gioco è stato pareggiato e il nuovo atout competitivo è rappresentato dal capitale

Dettagli FELICE ANNO NUOVO!! January, 2010 Vol. XXVII, No. 5 poche parole The Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C. Preserving and Promoting Italian Culture for All ICS EVENTS


Martedì, 16.12.2014 N. 0962. Pubblicazione: Immediata. Sommario:

Martedì, 16.12.2014 N. 0962. Pubblicazione: Immediata. Sommario: Martedì, 16.12.2014 N. 0962 Pubblicazione: Immediata Sommario: Ë Press Conference for the presentation of the Final Report on the Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious in the United States

Dettagli big data il futuro è intelligente Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 big data il futuro è intelligente Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 Newsletter del Anno 10 n 27 - dicembre 2014 big data il futuro è intelligente sommario/summary 3 7 13 19 25 31 conoscenza 2.0, una straordinaria oppurtunità knowledge of 2.0, an extraordinary


2014 Annual Report. Relazione Annuale ITALIAN ASSISTANCE ASSOCIATION

2014 Annual Report. Relazione Annuale ITALIAN ASSISTANCE ASSOCIATION 2014 Annual Report. Relazione Annuale CO.AS.IT ITALIAN ASSISTANCE ASSOCIATION CO.AS.IT 2014 Annual Report.Relazione Annuale 4 CONTENTS / SOMMARIO 6 7 8 Patrons and Committees Members of Staff President


INDICE / INDEX. Piantina / Map. Organizzazione. Istituzioni. Sponsor. Sponsor Tecnici. Collaborazioni. Media Partner

INDICE / INDEX. Piantina / Map. Organizzazione. Istituzioni. Sponsor. Sponsor Tecnici. Collaborazioni. Media Partner Lago Film Fest 6 festival internazionale di Cortometraggi, Documentari e Sceneggiature 23-31 Luglio 2010 Revine Lago, Treviso Lago Film Fest 6th International Festival of Short Films, Documentaries and


eventiunici gli eventi secondo le agenzie Unicom the events as seen by the Unicom agencies

eventiunici gli eventi secondo le agenzie Unicom the events as seen by the Unicom agencies eventiunici gli eventi secondo le agenzie Unicom the events as seen by the Unicom agencies Unicom, protagonista anche nel mercato degli eventi Unicom, Unione Nazionale di Imprese di Comunicazione, riunisce


GIA. Italian and English FREE

GIA. Italian and English FREE Giornale Italo Americano June ( 6 ) Giugno GIA Italian and English FREE Italian American Journal Edition XXIII 2013 Servicing: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Long Island, Florida, California,


Masters Lauree Magistrali

Masters Lauree Magistrali Università della Svizzera italiana USI Università della Svizzera italiana USI University of Lugano Masters Lauree Magistrali 2015-2017 INDICE / TABLE OF CONTENTS USI Università



IL MEDIOEVO DI JACQUES LE GOFF Speciale Romanico Special Romanesque IL MEDIOEVO DI JACQUES LE GOFF JACQUES LE GOFF AND THE MIDDLE AGES Incontro a Parigi tra l Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene e l illustre medievalista The European


Global. La New Economy. La guerra dei talenti The War for Talent Intervista a Roger Abravanel* Interview with Roger Abravanel*

Global. La New Economy. La guerra dei talenti The War for Talent Intervista a Roger Abravanel* Interview with Roger Abravanel* 4 Global La New Economy ha rappresentato una vera e propria rivoluzione nelle strategie e nei valori delle imprese. Cambia il business, cambiano mercati e consumatori e cambiano i modelli di governo dell


PowerGeneration news. n.1

PowerGeneration news. n.1 PowerGeneration news n.1 Aprile/April 2014 Fondo Strategico Italiano: crediamo in Ansaldo Energia e nella sua filiera industriale Fondo Strategico Italiano: we believe in Ansaldo Energia and its industrial



NUOVE PROSPETTIVE SULL AUTISMO: IL PROGRAMMA SON - RISE E LA RICERCA BIOMEDICA Genitori che applicano il Programma Son-Rise Associazione Gocce di Solidarietà di Manerbio Associazione Autismando di Brescia Con il Patrocinio Ass. Servizi Sociali del Comune di Manerbio Ass. Servizi


A San Marino è nato WUSME In San Marino WUSME was born

A San Marino è nato WUSME In San Marino WUSME was born World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises Unione Mondiale delle Piccole e Medie Imprese Special Edition Edizione speciale A San Marino è nato WUSME In San Marino WUSME was born PAG. 5 PAG. 18 PAG. 21



The. TICKETS NOW ON SALE FOR THE 3 rd ANNUAL CAPTAIN JACK S SEAFOOD TABLE The JANUARY 2014 PUBLISHED BY THE ITALIAN AMERICAN CULTURAL SOCIETY VOLUME, XXXV. No. 1 43843 Romeo Plank Road - Clinton Township, MI 48038 - Phone (586) 228-3030 ext 15 - FAX(586) 228-1678 - Email -


QUESTO EBOOK È UN'ANTEPRIMA GRATUITA Per ordinare la versione integrale utilizzare il link o rivolgersi all agente di zona

QUESTO EBOOK È UN'ANTEPRIMA GRATUITA Per ordinare la versione integrale utilizzare il link o rivolgersi all agente di zona QUESTO EBOOK È UN'ANTEPRIMA GRATUITA Per ordinare la versione integrale utilizzare il link o rivolgersi all agente di zona PROPRIETÀ LETTERARIA RISERVATA 2014 Wolters Kluwer Italia S.r.l Strada


Barcellona. Roma. Napoli. Palermo. Toscana. Figueras. Delfi. Sousse. Sagrada Familia. Appia Antica, Regina viarum

Barcellona. Roma. Napoli. Palermo. Toscana. Figueras. Delfi. Sousse. Sagrada Familia. Appia Antica, Regina viarum Grimaldi Magazine Poste Italiane s.p.a. - Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale - 70% - DCB NA Barcellona Sagrada Familia Toscana Relax e benessere Relax & wellness Figueras Il surrealismo di Dalì The surrealism



PAPRIKA A NEW BRAND APPEARS IN KUWAIT PAPRIKA A NEW BRAND APPEARS IN KUWAIT PAPRIKA UN NUOVO BRAND SI AFFACCIA IN KUWAIT EDITORIALE EDITORIAL Con piacere e soddisfazione presentiamo il primo numero di Effettobi, la rivista quadrimestrale di