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3 CONTATTI CONTACTS SEDE / HEADQUARTERS Intertecno S.p.A Milano Viale Marche 13 Tel Fax: FILIALE / BRANCH Tripoli Libya An-Nasser Street Pal. Al-Wahda Tel/Fax FILIALE / BRANCH Roma Via Giorgione 63 Tel Fax: BUDAPEST Poligon Teta Mérnöki Iroda Kft. Könyves Kálmán Krt. 76 H-1087 Budapest Tel Fax FILIALE / BRANCH Venezia Cannaregio 3692 Tel/Fax VARSAVIA / WARSAW PMI Project Management Intertecno Rakowiecka Warsaw Tel Fax

4 THE FIRM PRESENTATION 1 Intertecno was established in 1973 and is now amongst Italy s most qualified engineering firms with a forty years long experience in both Italian and international markets. Our major fields of competence range from multidisciplinary engineering design, to technical consultancy, as well as project and construction management. Our professional expertise and experience have ensured high quality services and the attainment of the most adequate technical solutions in relation to project obligations and the criteria of quality, timing and costs concerning realization, environmental sustainability and energy performance. We are a competent, professional and reliable firm able to tailor its services to the specific needs and characteristics of each Project and hence we are also a reliable Partner for our Clients.Our Clients interests are at the heart of our operations and thus we work with a balanced and professional approach in every situation to take care of them, as Partners do. Intertecno is entirely owned by its senior management, and we believe this to be a guarantee of autonomy, impartiality and independence. Our extensive expertise and experience, alongside the skills of our staff, our goal-oriented corporate philosophy, and above all the flexibility of our organization and our operations management system enable us to provide professional services during the whole lifecycle of a project, be it by assuming its full control and responsibility or by operating in specific sectors, based on our Clients needs and demands. The company is managed according to project management principles, and its matrix structure makes use of the same strict and yet flexible organizational principles that are the key elements for the development of each individual project. For example, a project manager is primarily responsible for the project and functional managers provide technical expertise and assign resources as needed.

5 THE FIRM PRESENTATION 2 LOCATIONS Our headquarter offices are located in Milan. We are also present with local offices in Rome and Venice. Internationally, Intertecno operates in Poland and Hungary through directly controlled subsidiaries; in 2009 we opened a branch in Tripoli (Libya); also we have been operating in Iran with Projects of significant size for many years. TOP E In 1990 Intertecno participated in the foundation of TOP E, a network comprising leading, long-standing and well established European and American, independent consulting engineering firms.

6 THE FIRM OUR HISTORY 1 THE START Intertecno s history begins almost 50 years ago. In 1964, Mario Costantino and Pierluigi Cattaneo started their consulting engineering business venture in the hectic years of the Italian economic boom. During these years they rapidly made a name for themselves amongst the leaders of Italian building services design. In 1973, the rapid growth of the business has led the founders to transform their professional practice into a limited company, Intertecno S.p.A.. During the 70s, thanks to the professional prestige of the two founding partners, Intertecno consolidated its role as leader in the field of building services design in Italy, operating through offices in Milan and Rome. In the course of his long career, Mario Costantino held significant roles also in the world of associations as the chairman of AICARR (Italian Association Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling), of REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations), and finally of EFCA, the Federation of European Engineering Associations. THE 80s AND 90s During the 1980s Pier Paolo Vecchi, an Architectural Studies Graduate from the Politecnico University in Milan, joined the Company with the role of General Manager, he later became one of the Company s Shareholders as well. The new General Manager brought to the company his Project Management skill, gained during his experience within a major international engineering and contracting organization, and applied it to the commercial sector. In these years the company was able to develop new competences, ranging from the integrated design of all engineering aspects, to the introduction of a Project Management division. This allowed the company to expand its reach and business capabilities. The accomplishment of this major step forward was achieved with the important contribution of new shareholders, Paolo Zuccala, Giuseppe Baudille and Domenico Baudille. PIERLUIGI CATTANEO AND MARIO COSTANTINO THE FOUNDERS OF INTERTECNO INTERTECNO S FIRST OFFICE INTERTECNO S TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT IN THE EIGHTIES

7 THE FIRM OUR HISTORY 2 In the 1990 s, the fall of the Berlin wall opened new horizons for the firm. Intertecno seized these opportunities by beginning to establish cooperation relationships in Poland and Hungary with local companies active in the same field. In Intertecno acquired the majority stakes of these companies. These initiatives enabled Intertecno to take an active part in the fast moving real estate market and industrial sector of these nations as well as to act as a bridge towards these countries for Italian companies. The first skyscraper built in Warsaw after the fall of the old regime is Italian, and Intertecno plays a leading role in its design and construction management. In the early 90s, with the opening of the markets within EU countries, Intertecno promoted the set-up of the first EEIG European Economic Interest Group among Engineering Companies in Europe. It is called TOP E and is based in Brussels; it includes 12 important Engineering Companies from EU countries. During those years, when market globalization was at its dawn, Intertecno s initiatives abroad enabled it to build a sizeable network of cultural exchange and commercial support in Europe. This helped it to expand its horizons in the following years to increasingly far-away and difficult markets. FROM THE YEAR 2000 TO DATE In the first years of the new millennium, two new young Shareholders joined Intertecno, Alberto Romeo and Enrico Bonetti, thus confirming its philosophy and its mission of being a Company that is independent from industrial or financial groups and entirely owned by its Management so as to ensure services to its Clients exclusively in their best interests. In these years, Intertecno consolidated its leading position amongst Italian companies active in the hospitality sector, a field the company had already been operating in with several significant projects in the previous decade. FOTO 1 OUR PRESENT-DAY HEADQUARTERS

8 THE FIRM OUR HISTORY 3 In the luxury hotels field Intertecno worked with prestigious international chains and Italian customers, successfully applying the methods of Project and Construction Management to building and renovation initiatives, often concerning historical buildings, of hotels and resorts all over Italy and abroad. Hotels like the Danieli in Venice, the Principe di Savoia in Milan and De Russie in Rome are just a few of the prestigious examples of hotels where the competence and professional expertise of Intertecno contributed to the refurbishment of the property, by carefully respecting their architectural history. Intertecno s market leading expertise and know-how of integrated engineering design, alongside its ability to lead and manage complex projects with many professional figures as well as its capability as a project and construction manager, allow the firm to be employed by major Italian and foreign real estate operators in some of their most important developments. Some of these are located not only in Europe but also in Africa and in the Middle East, where Intertecno confirms its cooperation policy with local professionals already tested in Europe in previous years. Today, Intertecno is present with offices in Milan, Rome, Venice, Warsaw, Budapest and Tripoli (Libya), this attests to its increased ability of operating both domestically and internationally as well as to its capability of gearing its services and competences to the constantly changing needs of its clients while maintaining its key values unchanged over time: independence, high ethical standards, mindfulness of its employees and of the community settings it works in. These values, alongside with its dedication to Clients, its capability of endorsing their challenges, and its goal-oriented attitude have enabled Intertecno to keep growing over the past forty years and to expand its Customer portfolio as well as to retain a very good business relationship with its existing customers. THE TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT IN MILAN THE TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT IN ROME

9 THE FIRM TOP MANAGEMENT 1 PIER PAOLO VECCHI CHAIRMAN AND CEO Mr. Vecchi has a degree in Architecture read at Milan s Politecnico University in 1970, and he is registered at the Architects Board of the Province of Milan. He has joined Intertecno in 1987 as General Manager and he is currently the Company s Chairman and CEO. Under his management Intertecno has consolidated its organizational structure and has developed in particular its integrated engineering capabilities as well as Project and Construction Management business, becoming a market leader especially in the hotel sector. Mr Vecchi is a member of the Board of Directors of Assolombarda (Entrepreneurial Association of the Milan Region) and Vice President of OICE. He is one of the Company s shareholders. ALBERTO ROMEO GENERAL MANAGER Mr. Romeo has a degree in Civil Engineering which he read at Turin s Politecnico in He then read a PhD at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) in 1995 and is registered at the Engineers Board of the Province of Turin. He has been working with Intertecno since 2001, initially as Project Manager, then becoming the Head of the Project Management department. He has been the Company s General Manager since 2010 and is one of the Company s shareholders. PAOLO ZUCCALA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Mr. Zuccala has a degree in Chemical Engineering which he read at Milan s Politecnico University in 1978 and he is registered at the Engineers Boards of the Province of Milan. He has been working with Intertecno since 1990 and is today its Sales Manager. He is one of the Company s shareholders.

10 THE FIRM TOP MANAGEMENT 2 GIUSEPPE BAUDILLE VICE PRESIDENT AND TECHNICAL MANAGER Mr. Giuseppe Baudille has a degree in Electronics Engineering which he read at Milan s Politecnico University in 1968 and he is registered at the Engineers Board of the Province of Milan. He has been working with Intertecno since 1982, acting as the Company s Chief Operating Officer until Today he is Vice President and one of the Company s shareholders. DOMENICO BAUDILLE MANAGER OF THE ROME BRANCH Mr. Domenico Baudille has a degree in Civil Engineering which he read at Milan s Politecnico in 1972 and he is registered at the Engineers Board of the Province of Rome. He has been working with Intertecno since 1989 as Manager of the Rome Branch. In the capacity of Project Manager and Site Manager, he has worked at prestigious projects especially in the tourist and hotel industry sectors. He is one of the Company s shareholders. ENRICO SERAFINO BONETTI MANAGER OF THE CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT Mr. Bonetti has a degree in Civil Engineering which he read at Milan s Politecnico in 1979 and he is registered at the Engineers Board of the Province of Milan. He has been working with Intertecno since 1986, where he has mainly taken care of the construction sector which is in charge of important construction sites in Italy and abroad. He is one of the Company s shareholders.

11 THE FIRM OUR STAFF A crucial element to ensure the success of the projects we carry out on behalf of our clients is our team. The constant search for the best specialists in all the different disciplines we operate in is our permanent goal, alongside with the training of our younger staff. The high competence levels of our specialists is guaranteed by their continuing education and training. At present, most of our staff members have degrees in technical and scientific disciplines. We believe that the keys to our success lie in enabling our staff to work, within the range of their abilities, as independently and responsibly as possible, as well as favouring team spirit to support professional and personal cooperation within our organization and in the relationships with our Clients. This has allowed us to keep growing professionally as well as to increase our staff s loyalty to the Company. These are the values that our organization has always promoted and sought for, aware that Intertecnos people have been and always will be the foundations on which our Company lays.

12 THE FIRM MISSION Intertecno s priority commitment is to maintain and strengthen its Project Management and Engineering competences in order to adequately meet the constant needs of both Customers and markets. To achieve this goal, Intertecno is continuously engaged in, amongst others, the following: Offering its clients the best solutions for their projects in terms of quality, sustainability, scheduling and budget compliance. Increasing its competitiveness by offering to clients its experience and know-how with an effective cost/benefits ratio that enables Intertecno to be their ideal Partner. Becoming the point of contact of its clients by developing longlasting relationships and offering them assistance for all their needs. Expanding its business across new geographical areas as well as in new sectors where the company s distinctive competences can be successful. Being always aware of its social responsibilities.

13 THE FIRM CODE OF CONDUCT Intertecno operates in strict observance of the codes of ethics that guide the professional activities it carries out. Since July 2009, it has adopted an Ethics Code and a model of Organization Management and Control pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the above documents are intentionally included in the Italian version only.

14 THE FIRM ASSOCIATIONS ASSOLOMBARDA Since 1975 Intertecno has been a member of Assolombarda, the local association of the entire entrepreneurial system of the Milan Region. Assolombarda is part of Confindustria (Italian Entrepreneurial Association). Pier Paolo Vecchi, President and CEO of Intertecno, is a Member of the Board of Directors of Assolombarda and member of the Council of the Innovative Tertiary Business Group. OICE Since 1978 Intertecno has been a member of OICE, the Italian Association of Engineering, Architecture and Technical-Economic Consultancy organizations that are members of Confindustria. At present, Pier Paolo Vecchi is the Vice President also in charge of the Market Development Area. ANIMP Since 1999 Intertecno has been a member of ANIMP, the National Association of Industrial Plant Engineering. The Association pursues the goal of representing and promoting plant engineering as well as the relevant cultural, scientific and knowledge sharing activities. GBC Since 2010 Intertecno has been a member of GBC (Green Building Council), a non-profit organization that promotes the independent building certification system LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

15 THE FIRM CERTIFICATIONS DNV Since 1997 Intertecno has a Quality Assurance System complying with EN ISO 9001 certified by the independent body DNV Det Norske Veritas -. Since 2010 this certification has been complying with ISO 9001:2008.

16 SERVICES PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1 Intertecno coordinates and manages Projects during their whole lifecycle. We have a staff of competent, professional and motivated project managers who are able to comply with all the obligations, with the requested quality level, with the Client s deadlines, with the approved budget and with the environmental sustainability and energy performance goals. Our project managers work on the basis of the operating procedures that have been developed during our many years of experience as well as on the basis of international standards. OUR SERVICES The main activities in the field of Project Management are the following: TO ACT AS AGENTS ON BEHALF OF CLIENTS Acting as agents on behalf of Clients in the management of contracts. STRATEGY CONSULTING Setting up work strategies, defining and sharing goals with Clients. OVERALL COORDINATION Coordinating all the players involved, such as consultants, designers, firms and suppliers across all the phases. PROJECT PLANNING AND TIMELINE CONTROL Defining the overall project schedule, controlling deviations, implementing correction measures. PROJECT BUDGETING E COST CONTROL Defining the overall budget of the project, controlling deviations, implementing corrective measures.

17 SERVICES PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2 CONSULTING IN RELATION TO CALLS FOR TENDER AND PROCUREMENT Determining tender strategies for works and services and the most appropriate contractual instruments. Prequalification of contractors and suppliers, and preparation of tender packages. Management of calls for tender and evaluation of offers. Assistance in construction contract awarding. PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Drawing up project reports, constant liaison with the Client concerning the progress of the Project; provision of forecasts and timely notification regarding decisions the Client has to take. PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT Spotting the potential risks involved in the project and defining risk reduction and control measures. VALUE ENGINEERING Consulting on optimising project solutions in order to minimise time and costs maintaining the same performance and quality level.

18 SERVICES ENGINEERING & DESIGN 1 The Intertecno Technical Department has strong design competences in the various disciplines of engineering and technical architecture (building services, foundations and structure, façades and roofing, internal distribution, space planning, finishes, outdoor landscaping, etc.) as well as safety and security systems. Our flexible organization can provide complete and coordinated multidisciplinary design as well as disciplinespecific design packages in coordination with other professionals. In addition, our experience allows us to undertake projects that are particularly complex due to their size, logistics, multidisciplinary approach, the linking of their phases, etc, such as: refurbishment works with or without activity interruption, large-scale urban development projects, projects under difficult conditions, and much more. Special emphasis is laid on the issues of energy efficiency and sustainability also in relation to the various certification protocols. The technical design services are made to measure. Intertecno s approach is to provide these services with a Project Management methodology to ensure the utmost efficiency and Customer satisfaction. OUR SERVICES The main services of Intertecno in the field of engineering & design are the following: PRELIMINARY DESIGN In this phase our designers assess possible design alternatives according to operational, economic and regulatory constraints, providing Clients with the necessary instruments to decide which technical solution best suits their ideas and needs.

19 SERVICES ENGINEERING & DESIGN 2 FINAL DESIGN AND PLANNING FOR OBTAINING PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATIONS In this phase the basic elements of the project are pinpointed regarding all its technical and economic factors, and the necessary programs are worked out to obtain all the required authorizations (Building Permit, Fire Department, Health Department, Fine Arts Office, etc.). PREPARATION AND FOLLOW-UP OF ALL THE ADMINISTRATIVE AND AUTHORIZATION PROCEDURES Our project managers take care of the preparation, submission and follow-up of the technical and administrative documentation up to the obtaining of the relevant permits or authorizations. DETAILED DESIGN In this phase all the facets of the detailed design are analysed. All the issues concerning the projects are studied in order to reach a completed definition of the design and commence construction: this allows the Client to minimize the risks of future claims or potential litigations during the construction phase. DRAWING UP TENDER SPECIFICATIONS, CONTRACT SCHEMES, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS, BILL OF QUANTITIES, ESTIMATES AND PRICE LISTS H&S DESIGN (SAFETY COORDINATION IN THE DESIGN STAGE) DRAWING UP PERFORMANCE-RELATED DOCUMENTS FOR THE MAINTENANCE AND USE OF BUILDINGS AND BUILDING SERVICES VALIDATION OF THE EXECUTED BY THIRD PARTIES Intertecno provides technical validation and verification services for private clients through the application of protocols codified within the quality assurance system.

20 SERVICES ENGINEERING & DESIGN 3 PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT (PROCUREMENT AGENT) Intertecno operates as Procurement Agent for direct purchasing by the Client. The services are mainly related to but not limited to Hotel FF&E and OS&E, and M&E main equipment. The Project Procurement Plan includes a number of services along the whole lifecycle of the supplies, from pre-selection of vendors to final acceptance.

21 SERVICES CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 1 During the construction phase, Intertecno offers and delivers for each project services which are functional to the contracting strategies. These can range from entrusting the works to a single General Contractor, to a series of separate contracts with qualified companies and suppliers. Our Construction Management department is staffed with construction managers, site managers, discipline specialists and assistants who are able to manage complex construction sites. They operate on the basis of special procedures that we have developed and codified over many years, as well as of international standards. OUR SERVICES In the field of Construction Management Intertecno can provide, amongst others, the following services: CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION To assume the role and responsibility of the general construction site supervisor, as well as the role of supervisor of each discipline. TECHNICAL CONSULTING REGARDING BUILDING SITE STRATEGIES Analysis of possible alternatives for the optimisation of the construction process based on cost-effectiveness goals and realization timeline. COORDINATION OF SUB-CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS Coordination and harmonisation of the activities entrusted to different sub-contractors and of the possible direct supplies according to the principles of Construction Management, in particular according to procurement models with separate contracts.

22 SERVICES CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 2 SUPERVISION AND CONTROL OF ALL CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES The construction supervision and control activity is performed with the help of well-tested management procedures. These concern, among other activities, all the operation phases, all the procedures aimed at the delivery of quality results, the proper information flow and the continuous updating regarding schedules and progress. VERIFICATION AND CONTROL OF THE PROGRAMMES FOR THE TIMELY COMPLETION OF BUILDING WORKS VERIFICATION AND CONTROL OF THE CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION BUDGETING AND COST CONTROL QUALITY CONTROL AND ACCEPTANCE/DELIVERY OF THE WORKS EXPEDITING Intertecno performs inspections at the production facilities of contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers in order to verify the quality and correct timing of the supplies and the parts of the works built offsite. MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE ORDERS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS AND LITIGATIONS FUNCTIONAL TESTS AND INSPECTIONS DURING THE WORKS, ACCEPTANCE TESTS Technical and administrative inspections, inspections on structures, functional tests concerning the building services, verification of the required performances indicators, acceptance tests. ASSISTANCE IN OBTAINING FIT FOR USE CERTIFICATES

23 SERVICES CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 3 ASSISTANCE IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE WORKS AND THEIR COMMISSIONING Intertecno provides services for the supervision and coordination of precommissioning and commissioning so as to ensure the proper process in the acceptance and use of the works. SAFETY MANAGEMENT Assuming the role and responsibility of Safety Coordinator during the construction works and acting as Safety Manager.

24 SERVICES CONSULTANCY 1 Intertecno supplies a wide range of technical consulting services combining specific consulting competences with the professional know-how of the different activity sectors (Project and Construction Management, Engineering), in order to produce documents that are complete, exhaustive and coordinated in technical, economic and managerial terms. OUR SERVICES In the field of Consultancy Services, Intertecno can provide, amongst others, the following services: TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY STUDIES TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE TDD (Technical Due Diligence) services for real estate sells and acquisitions. BUILDING SURVEYS AND VERIFICATION OF CONDITIONS OF A PROPERTY S SERVICES (FINISHES, SERVICES, STRUCTURES, ETC.) ENERGY CHECK-UP FOR BUILDINGS Services for the verification of the energy consumption of existing buildings or building complexes, aimed at determining the measures suited to reduce running costs and increase energy efficiency. CONSULTANCY REGARDING ENERGY REDUCTION ISSUES ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION FOR ANY KIND OF PROPERTY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS OVERALL PROJECT MONITORING Overall Project Monitoring on behalf of Clients and investors to ensure that works are properly carried out by all the parties involved in the operations process.

25 SERVICES CONSULTANCY 2 RISK ANALYSIS DRAWING UP BOTH SHORT AND LONG TERM MAINTENANCE PLANS SERVICES OF PROJECT VALIDATION AND VALUE ENGINEERING Intertecno supplies services for the validation and supervision of projects, and proposes technical solutions aimed at time and money saving thus ensuring equal performances. TECHNICAL CONSULTING AND PROJECT MONITORING SERVICES ON BEHALF OF BANKS AND INVESTORS COORDINATION OF TENANTS FIT OUT WORKS FOR SHOPPING CENTRES AND PRODUCTION FACILITIES (PILOTAGE) Intertecno has developed exhaustive experience in the field coordination of tenant fit out works for shopping malls and production facilities, interacting with the technical departments of the different tenants and ensuring a coordinated development of fit out works. ASSISTANCE IN MANAGING CLAIMS Intertecno has developed specific competencies in technical claims management of construction projects. This activity, that was once carried out mainly as part of Project Management services, is now also performed as a separate professional service.

26 SERVICES EPC CONTRACT Besides offering professional engineering and P&CM services, Intertecno can also operate as EPC Contractor (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). As EPC contractor, Intertecno is the Client s only point of contact for technical issues in the realization of construction works according to contract types adjusted to special needs, such as: TURN-KEY CONTRACTS OPEN BOOK COST-PLUS-FEE CONTRACTS This kind of contract is particularly suited to high-tech or complex projects, without weighing on the Client s management structure. The unitary management entrusted to Intertecno of the design, procurement and construction processes ensures the proper result and quality, maximum timeline optimization and a transparent cost management.

27 SERVICES SUSTAINABILITY Intertecno has always been committed to developing innovative environmentally-friendly energy- and resource-efficient projects. Over the years we have selected and adopted the most reliable and bestsuited reference methods in the sector. Hence, we are able to offer professional services in the field of sustainable engineering; these services are provided by our qualified engineers with dedication and commitment, but also with the necessary pragmatism to choose the most viable alternatives and ensure to our Clients sustainable solutions not only in relation to the environment, but also from the technical, economic and programmatic standpoint. OUR SERVICES Intertecno can provide the following services: DEFINING THE REFERENCE PROTOCOL (LEED, SBC/ITACA, BREEAM ETC.) CONSULTANCY FOR BUILDING CERTIFICATION ACCORDING TO THE CHOSEN PROTOCOL SPOTTING BOTH TECHNICAL AND DESIGN SOLUTIONS TO ACHIEVE THE BEST POSSIBLE MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES (ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, WATER) AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY DEFINING THE CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES AND SELECTING THE MATERIALS (ECOLABEL) PREPARING THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE CONSTRUCTION SITE AND BUILDING

28 FIELDS OF COMPETENCE 1 HOTELS Intertecno is Italy s leading engineering company in the hotel field. Over the years we have managed several projects on behalf of the most prestigious operators, each with its own peculiarities, but all sharing the same high quality of the final product and strict process control so as to ensure delivery within time and budget. Therefore, we have developed special design and project & construction management methods that are particularly efficient in projects, often involving the refurbishment of buildings of historical and architectural value, and often requiring that the premises remain open to the public during the works. OFFICES We have been working for many years in the field of office and commercial properties, where space planning, optimization of the building shell, the microenvironment conditions, the choice of efficient and comfortable building services solutions, the reliability of the communication and building management systems, the safety of the working environment must comply with the latest quality standards. Our references from both Italian and international Clients speak for themselves.