TAL LIVELLO A2. Test scritto in 5 parti ( 50 minuti) Prova d ascolto (10 minuti) PARTE I: Comprensione del testo. PARTE II: Cloze test

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1 TAL LIVELLO A2 Test scritto in 5 parti ( 50 minuti) Prova d ascolto (10 minuti) PARTE I: Comprensione del testo PARTE II: Cloze test PARTE III: Grammatica PARTE IV: Scrittura guidata PARTE V: Scrittura Prova d ascolto

2 PARTE I Leggi il brano e completa le frasi che seguono con la risposta esatta, scegliendo tra quelle proposte. Segna la lettera corrispondente sul tuo foglio delle risposte. When we think of shopping, we traditionally think of going to the shopping area of our town on a Saturday afternoon. But with more and more people choosing to shop online, could all of this be about to change? As we move further and further into a culture of convenience, we expect services to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There are certainly many benefits to online shopping. Those who live in rural areas or have families with small children may find it difficult to get to shops. The same is true for elderly shoppers who have limited mobility. Online shopping can be a benefit when we consider that, in less time than it takes to find our keys and get out the front door, our online purchases can already be on their way. Buying online literally takes moments and becomes as simple as a few clicks of a mouse or a couple of taps on a smart phone. There are no crowds to contend with when we shop online. Our choice of items will be far greater and costs can be easily compared by visiting the price comparison site! It certainly looks like online shopping will become the way to shop and will replace all the other forms of making purchases. 1. From the first few lines of the text we understand that a) everyone prefers traditional shopping. b) everyone prefers to use the internet to shop. c) the use of the internet to make purchases is increasing. d) everyone shops on Saturdays only. 2. According to the text, at the present time people are beginning to a) like the idea of buying things at any time and on any day. b) shop only in the morning. c) buy online in the evening after work. d) think convenience has little importance. 3. Those who live far from urban areas a) make purchases only in rural areas. b) have no problems reaching shops. c) will probably find online shopping beneficial. d) will never shop online. 4. According to the author a) using the internet to shop saves time. b) we have a wider choice with traditional shopping. c) many people do not know how to use the internet. d) shops have more expensive items. 5. Finding products that cost less a) takes a long time online. b) is not difficult online. c) is simpler with traditional shopping. d) is not possible with any form of shopping.

3 PARTE II Leggi il testo seguente e completalo, scegliendo di volta in volta l opzione corretta tra quelle proposte. Segna la lettera corrispondente sul tuo foglio delle risposte. McDonald s is the 6).. chain of fast-food restaurants in the world. It has become a 7) of America s modern popular culture, but does McDonald s 8). the best that the nation has to offer? McDonald s fast-food menu remains 9). in fat, salt and sugar, even though it has made menu 10) to increase the nutritional value of its meals. A great deal of the food offered is 11). what you should not eat. If eaten regularly this 12). of food results in weight gain. It is 13) better to buy and consume 14).. vegetables and fruit, fish and meat. It is important to remember that the best and most important things in life (including meals) take 15)! 6. a) largely b) some c) largest d) any 7. a) symbolic b) symbol c) symbols d) symbolics 8. a) represents b) representative c) representatives d) represent 9. a) high b) highs c) the higher d) the highly 10. a) thing b) changes c) idea d) people 11. a) yet b) fast c) exactly d) exact 12. a) kinds b) one c) first d) type 13. a) many b) little c) much d) once 14. a) freshes b) fresh c) freshly d) freshed 15. a) day b) daily c) times d) time

4 PARTE III Completa il brano seguente mettendo i verbi tra parentesi al passato semplice (simple past). Scrivi il verbo corretto in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. This morning I (16) (not get) up when I (17) (hear). the alarm. I (18) (feel) so tired that I (19) (stay) in bed for some time and (20) (think).about the day ahead. Metti gli aggettivi tra parentesi nella forma comparativa o superlativa. Scrivi la parola corretta in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. 21) Beer is. than wine. (cheap) 22) Cedric is probably the. student in the school. (bad) 23) John is.. than Cedric. (good) 24) Are women.than men? (intelligent) 25) Etna is the..volcano in Europe. (high)

5 PARTE IV Completa il testo con parole che ritieni appropriate. In ogni spazio va inserita UNA SOLA parola. Scrivi la parola in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. Dear Mark, I am writing this note (26). you because I need (2) information about our English lessons. When will (28)..begin? How (29) times a week will the lessons take place? I (30).. always enjoyed our English classes.

6 PARTE V Completa le domande a tuo piacere, tenendo conto delle risposte. Scrivi il completamento delle domande in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. [n. 2 punti per ogni risposta corretta] 31. How long..? It takes ten minutes to get to the post office. 32. What colour? My new coat is dark blue. 33. When? I m leaving in five minutes. 34. How much.? That car costs ten thousand euros. 35. What time..? I got up at seven o clock yesterday.

7 PROVA D ASCOLTO Ascolta le seguenti frasi, lette due volte da un lettore madrelingua e trascritte qui sotto. Ad ogni frase manca una parola. Scrivila in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. 36. It s a good film. You must go to see it. 37. The weather was fine last week. 38. Their house is one hundred years old. 39. I feel better today than I did yesterday. 40. My parents haven t left the house yet. Ascolta il seguente brano, letto più volte da un lettore madrelingua e trascritto qui sotto. Nel testo mancano alcune parole. Scrivile in stampatello sul tuo foglio delle risposte. Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families and (41) friends to get together for a (42) special meal. People (43) often eat turkey, stuffing, vegetables and pumpkin pie. It is a time for many people to (44) give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving has been an annual (45) holiday since 1863.