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1 1 REsilienceLAB is a network of people working on sustainability issues, adaptation, urban and territorial resilience with different looks and approaches The network aims to support the promotion of actions and strategies of resilience

2 1_ timeline

3 3 Climate change Urban Planning/design 2_approaches Risk management social inclusion & participatory planning Resilience green infrastructures & ecosystem services Green/environmental economy Practices of resilience promote a multidisciplinary network to disseminate issues related to resilience, sustainability and climate change [integrating social, environmental and economic]

4 interested people + associations (environmental/social issues) + Public Administrations 43 people (Active members) whit different background, professional positions and skills senior practitioners and consultant in the field of environmental planning, biodiversity, landscape and risk management. young researchers: PhD students or young practitioners in the fields of sociology, geography, engineering, ecology, planning and architecture senior researchers of different universities: Bologna, Politecnico of Milano, Politecnico of Torino, CURSA. and research centers Coordiantion cometee (6 Active members + 1 coordinator) 4

5 5 4_ REsilienceLAB network: innovation and identity Network for the promotion of urban and territorial resilience strategies. Innovative aspects of our network are: open and dynamic network of people: the idea is to organise a network without a bureaucratic and fixed structure. REsilienceLAB is integrated and supported by existing associations network collaborative: REsilienceLAB is developing initiatives with existing networks of cities, universities and other associations in relation to specific activities ; flexible in the resilience concept definition: the goal is to maintain open the debate sharing different positions and approaches to reinforce the richness of debate; operative oriented: REsilienceLAB is an operative network supporting resilience and sustainability initiatives and focussed on sharing practices and knowledge diffusion; social oriented and no-profit network: the initiatives are non-profit actions. They also involve nonprofit associations and NGO s; European networking: national network is linked to European networks on resilience (as RRMS of AESOP, URB-NET )

6 6 5_ Action domains Activities domains of the network are: comparison of experiences and proposals (with a theory-practice-theory approach) through the organisation of seminars, workshops... promotion and support of resilience initiatives (community involvement, support actions and initiatives in transition, operationally initiatives that can involve the citizen towards sustainable patterns and behaviours and / or adaptive / resilient) training and information of "technical" (public and private) audiences, public administrators... training and information for citizen, population, schools... networking activities: establish a connection with and between territorial entities that are already implementing practices of resilience in their territory.

7 7 6_ Initiatives ( ) seminars and meetings: we have already organised several seminars on urban resilience (hosted by Politecnico di Milano). During seminars we also discussed on the structure, contents and aims of REsilienceLAB and we were able to involve new members. workshops on urban resilience (January-September 2014) organisation of four research workshops (mostly involving the national Italian context. The workshop are organised with the DAStU Dep. (International Cooperation lab) of Politecnico of Milan. The workshops have the general title of Urban resilience: a conceptual reframing and action instruments. The 4 workshops title are: 1_ urban resilience and rural vulnerability (January 2014) 2_ resilience and new urban agenda (March 2014) 3_ urban resilience and regeneration processes (June 2014) 4_ resilience in a local/global prespective (September 2014)

8 6_ Initiatives ( ) International conference The international conference on Water/Energy/Food: nexus in peri-urban territories is promoted by Politecnico of Milan (international cooperation lab of Department of Architecture and Urban Studies). The REsilienceLAB is involved in the organisation of the conference Training and involvement Series of seminars on urban and territorial resilience - Fondazione Cariplo 4 events on the topics of urban resilience about the Capacity Building program, for those who wish to participate to "Resilient Communities" announcement by Fondazione Cariplo website and communication: REsilienceLAB is working on the website implementation: a first basic version of the website is already on line (www.resielincelab.eu) but we are planning a new version (able to include more contents and catch wider range of people).. 8

9 9 7_ iniziative Protomoteca Campidoglio Quaderno di Fondazione CARIPLO (in lavorazione ) Temi e struttura di giornate formative

10 10 Osservatorio pratiche di resilienza 7_ iniziative 2015 REsilienceLAB e Fondazione CARIPLO Da (e per traguardare) le esperienze del Bando comunità resilienti di Fondazione CARIPLO Osservatorio Nazionale delle pratiche di resilienza

11 11 Osservatorio pratiche di resilienza Avviare una mappatura delle iniziative di resilienza a livello nazionale Sviluppare un insieme di strumenti e criteri progettuali a supporto della diffusione di pratiche di resilienza Il percorso delle pratiche o la mappa della resilienza. Il percorso metodologico o gli strumenti della resilienza Promuovere un avanzamento scientifico delle/sulle pratiche di resilienza e di transizione basato sulla ricerca applicata al territorio e alle Comunità Promuovere la creazione di una rete di soggetti e attori (networking) Il percorso culturale o il pensiero della resilienza. Il percorso del networking o i soggetti della resilienza

12 riferimenti 12 Angela Colucci REsilienceLAB MOB_ Angela Colucci Le città resilienti: approcci e strategie