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3 - EXPERIENCE - KNOW HOW - THE EXPERIENCED ITALIAN KNOW-HOW INNOVATION - RESULLTS KNOW-HOW ITALIANO SPERIMENTATO A LUNGO DEVELOPMENT - E MIND meets the needs of development of its clients by using innovative and exclusive tools for business training and consulting. E MIND soddisfa le esigenze di sviluppo dei propri clienti con l utilizzo di strumenti di formazione e consulenza innovativi ed esclusivi. Driving feelings and thoughts towards success. Objectives of E MIND training Orientare emozioni e pensieri verso il successo. Obiettivi della formazione E MIND To promote individual and organizational growth To turn corporate potential into tangible results To develop technical and social competences through a continuous improvement process To explore possible risks and the unknown to allow excellence and creativity to emerge Promuovere la crescita dell individuo e dell organizzazione Trasformare il potenziale aziendale in risultati concreti Sviluppare competenze tecniche e relazionali attraverso il processo di miglioramento continuo Esplorare i rischi e l ignoto per far emergere l eccellenza e la creatività E MIND 1

4 If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him. Seneca Nessun vento è favorevole per il nocchiero che non sa dove dirigere le vele Seneca Principles of E MIND training Principi alla base della formazione E MIND To improve corporate performances by harmonizing technical, production and relational needs To create a balance among rational and emotional components of people and organization To make the organization the leading active player of the change To trigger motivation to achieve results Migliorare le prestazioni aziendali allineando necessità tecniche, di produttività e relazionali Creare l equilibrio tra le componenti emotive e razionali dell individuo e dell organizzazione Rendere l organizzazione protagonista del cambiamento Attivare la motivazione per il conseguimento dei risultati INVOLVEMENT AWARENESS RESULTS EXPLORATION THE VALUE OF TRAINING MOTIVATION 2

5 Key elements of the E MIND training approach Elementi chiave del metodo formativo E MIND Organizational analysis focused on strategic, functional and psychodynamic aspects Active techniques of experiential learning Comparison with previous knowledge, mental representations, attitudes and social skills implemented in business contexts Transformative and continuous learning Analisi organizzativa focalizzata sugli aspetti strategici, funzionali e psicodinamici Tecniche attive di apprendimento esperienziale Confronto con le conoscenze pregresse, le rappresentazioni mentali, gli atteggiamenti e le modalità relazionali messe in atto nei contesti professionali Apprendimento trasformativo e continuo EXPERIENCE METHOD AWARENESS LEARNING 3

6 E MIND uses experiential training tools such as interactive classes, analogical or demo exercises, personal cases history, group activities, simulations and role playing, self-diagnosis tests and development plans. E MIND utilizza strumenti della formazione esperienziale quali lezioni interattive, esercitazioni analogiche o dimostrative, studio di casi e attività di gruppo, simulazioni, role play, test di autodiagnosi e piani di sviluppo. But it stands out for the creation and use of two new exclusive tools such as: Mind Beyond Experience Training tool focused on the analysis of personal components that play a role in working relationships. Through the analysis of business case histories, the action of the group favours the awareness of experience and change. Dream Beyond Experience Used in consulting activities to promote change and facilitate innovation and organizational climate analysis, to develop the ability of a group to trigger lateral and synchronous thinking, by means of sharing, in a social context of dreams and free associations. Inoltre, si distingue per la creazione e l utilizzo di due nuovi strumenti esclusivi quali: Mind Beyond Experience Strumento di formazione orientato all analisi delle componenti personali che intervengono nelle relazioni lavorative. Attraverso lo studio di casi professionali l azione del gruppo favorisce la consapevolezza dell esperienza e il cambiamento. Dream Beyond Experience Adottato nella consulenza per promuovere il cambiamento e facilitare l innovazione e l analisi del clima, per sviluppare in un collettivo la capacità di attivare il pensiero laterale e sincrono, attraverso la condivisione, in un contesto sociale, di sogni e associazioni libere. TOOLS & INNOVATION 4

7 Clima e cultura aziendale Project Management Comunicazione Negoziazione Assessment Sviluppo EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZZATIVO Intelligenza emotiva Formazione ECM RISORSE UMANE Relazione d aiuto SALUTE Stress da lavoro Self Empowerment MANAGEMENT Leadership Problem Solving creativo CONSULENZA Trasformazione del conflitto Cultural Crossing Teamwork Analisi organizzativa Coaching Benessere organizzativo Cambiamento MARKETING LATERALE KEYWORDS Creatività e innovazione Customer care Sistemi di vendita Comunicazione telefonica 5


9 Project Title Persuasive Communication Client Coca Cola Hbc Italy Description & Goals Produce and execute a comprehensive development plan for increasing group work efficiency, persuasive communication techniques and sales skills, and promote positive intracompany relations between cross-function teams and employees. Details The project produced an empowerment process for all teams and improved organization, communication flow, relationship management and emotional health. Some of the themes developed include: Effective communication, Need understanding, Empathy and attraction development, Persuasive communication skills, Improve personal relationships and proactive approach, Negotiation skills, Communicate strategically, The individual and group roles in a team atmosphere. Methodology The project was developed across three steps. 1. Consultancy & Analysis The goal in the first step was to develop the necessary capabilities in resource management: Development of an agreed evaluation standard for process and results Assessment of potential and prospective professional growth 2. Training Five training sessions focused on the construction of cross-functional team communication and the optimization of resources through the use of persuasive communication techniques 3. One-on-one Coaching Individual coaching session to guarantee that participants acquired maximum benefit and familiarity with the techniques and tools developed during the training and analysis steps. CASE STUDY n. 1 - COMMUNICATION 7

10 Project Title The Expression & Execution of Ideas Client Telecom, Italy Description & Goals Develop a creative workshop to empower participants to generate and develop creative ideas, subject ideas to group evaluation, and assess their feasibility. Methodology The project was developed across four distinct phases that mark the evolution of a creative idea. Organizing a creative session Free latent creative talent Generate new and practicable ideas Evaluate and select the best ideas in a team environment Details The focus of the workshop was the exploration of potential creative skills and the experimentation of powerful techniques for idea generation and project development. Workshop focus included: The creative pause Mental maps and idea development and evaluation tools Focus & Challenge The Concept Fan Intentional provocations Casual entry Awareness and sensibility CASE STUDY n. 2 - CREATIVITY 8

11 Project Title Ingredients for a Successful Team Client Europcar, Italy Description & Goals Develop an outdoor team building program to support the working integration of two middle management groups from separate organization areas in order to promote positive internal relations, trust and the creation of a new team. Details Shopping for the ingredients: Resources, Strategy, Knowledge, Group Awareness, Expectations, Work Quality Creating a menu: Role assignment, Group direction, Trust, Integration, Objectives The scales never lie: Rules, Collaboration, Sharing, Stress The Chef in action: Achievement, Support, Work, Coordination, Motivation The transformation of the egg: Change, Proactivity, Hardships, Contingencies, Values The taste of success: Empowering success, Everyone s contribution, Individual growth, Group evolution. Methodology The project was developed through the use of a kitchen metaphor to enhance and promote team building exploration and learning in a familiar idea setting. By integrating experiential activities with rigorous debriefing, participants developed team building principles and values: Internal cohesion and positive teamwork environment Promote and develop effective teamwork skills Relationship management: empath and active listening Support value and culture integration processes for teams involved in merges and acquisitions Generate positive motivation and facilitate the creation of mid and long term development paths. CASE STUDY n. 3 - TEAMBUILDING 9

12 Project Title Enhancing cross-cultural teamwork Client Babel TV, Third-party Channel on SKY Italy Description & Goals Babel TV made use of our consulting services to support its consultants in their abilities in leading work groups within which it was possible to share needs, cultures and expectations of each member and to facilitate effective negotiating relationships. Details The focus of the training activity has amplified the comprehension of cultural dimensions pertaining to the phenomenon of integration and disintegration within the work groups. It has been directed at: Constructive and interdependent relationships aimed at the valorization of diversity The nature of potential conflicts, negotiating capacity and cultural integration The distinctive qualities of the cultural crossing approach and the stages of life of a team The role on the inside of an organization The relational dynamics: multi-directional way to make effective the leadership and the membership within complex working groups Work instruments for business development of organizations simultaneously global and local Methodology Our operation has stimulated collaboration among the members of the group with the aim of integrating the different micro-cultures, it has allowed the passage from the viewpoint of single individuals to a point of view which is oriented towards realizing as best as possible the firm s goals. The training course has been arranged for stimulating the adoption and reinforcement of personal and professional abilities useful for planning, the carrying-out of duties and the management of relations in work groups characterized by cultural diversity. CASE STUDY n. 4 - CULTURAL ISSUES 10

13 Account Management Client s interview in order to explore its requirements First consultancy proposal Account Management Raccolta delle esigenze formative Prima elaborazione del progetto: macroprogettazione Consultancy Study of client s performance Individual interview or group conversation within the organizational framework Detailed consultacy proposal Training activity Indoor and outdoor experiential learning workshops Coaching Evaluation Feedback analysis Follow up & Managerial review Final report to the client Consulenza Analisi delle prestazioni del cliente Approfondimenti del contesto organizzativo: interviste individuali e gruppi di consulenza Proposta dettagliata di consulenza: microprogettazione Attività di formazione Moduli di formazione esperienziale indoor e outdoor Coaching Valutazione Analisi dei feedback Follow up e Revisione manageriale Relazione conclusiva al cliente CONSULTANCY PROCESS 11


15 BUSINESS CONSULTING & EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING Maria Lettieri Director Alfredo Veneziale Head of Project Development Italia E MIND Training Via Campo Barbarico, Roma Italia Hong Kong E MIND Training Ltd. 20/F, Central Tower 28 Queen s Road Central - Hong Kong Mobile: Mobile: Quality Management System EA - 35, 37 certified by Cermet / Accredia authorization n A Organismo accreditato da ACCREDIA Body accredited by ACCREDIA